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1979 MGB: Project, Parts or Race Car…


With a BIN of $1075 and ending here on ebay at 7:15 pm this Saturday, this MGB located in Otto, Pennsylvania should be sold soon!  The pictures show what you will get and you can see it is stored inside. It looks like it is missing a lot of parts, but seems to be solid. MGB parts are readily available and reasonably priced, so perhaps you could put it back together?

The body is straight for the most part.  There are more images with the listing.

There is some, what appears to be, surface rust in the “interior” surfaces, but it doesn’t look too bad.

There is again surface rust on the underside and a missing front bumper.

For $1,075 you even get an engine. We don’t know if it spins or not, but these engines are easy to work on. I’d be sure to contact the seller and ask them about the engine and rust. If the engine spins and you need one this maybe a great buy just for the engine!



  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Pretty tired. There’s plenty of MGB’s around, so this would be considered an ambitious restoration. The area that concerns me, is the front leaf spring mount on the rear. That’s where my MGB let go. What kind of SU’s are those? Is that an accelerator pump/ float bowl at the bottom? I thought newer MG’s went to a Stromberg carb. Parts car.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Howard, those are the latest twin SU’s put on B’s…they have an integral float chamber like a Stromberg. HIF4’s. I don’t think they were ever used on B’s imported here, but I may be wrong. I suspect these were shipped over and used to replace the single 175CD Stromberg that was there when the car left the factory.

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  2. Avatar photo shiro1303 Member

    stored indoors? maybe at the moment but this was recently yanked out of a field somewhere and shoved indoors
    pretty much a parts car of course in New England this is considered rust free

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  3. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    Ten years ago I would have easily said this is a 250 buck parts car,but in today’s world I just don’t know. It has definite negatives, rust and a rubber bumper MG, but nothing that is extremely hard to fix. Given some of the crappy 356’s and Alfa’s that have been rescued in far worst shape than this one I wonder if it is not a good car for someone on a budget or relatively new to the hobby. I think the price is still high for what you are getting but at 5-600 bucks it might make a good project to learn on.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    listing has ended. as close as seller is to carlisle ( ends today ) and hershey ( starts on 10/6 or 7,i think ) that might have been/be a better place to sell it.

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    • Avatar photo jim s

      carlisle end sunday 10/4

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  5. Avatar photo Carl W French

    HIF’s were used in the early 70’s after the HS4’s. Common change from the lousy Zenith. No pictures of the sills but outside of them look good. Clearly stored outside due to the heavy surface rust and embedded grass in suspension. Hacked up. The engine is so rusty, I figure full rebuild but it was interesting to see a fairly new looking heater control valve so maybe it was a runner not long ago. I think the asking price was a bit ambitious.
    I’m really tired of the “could be a race car” claim on tired old MGB projects. ’79 plymouth volares could also be made race cars. not much about a tired, rusty late model rubber bumper B says “race car” to me

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  6. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    Thanks for the clarity on the carbs, Carl!

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