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Brown Barn Find: 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The second oil crisis hit America in 1979. While many drivers turned to compact and subcompact cars after the first crisis, there were also mid-size cars to the rescue with the second crisis. General Motors had downsized their mid-size offerings in 1978, so they were now about the size of former compacts. Oldsmobile sold over 563,000 Cutlass models in 1979, while over 459,000 were of the two-door formal coupe variety, the Cutlass Supreme and Calais. Here is a nice 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham for sale here on Craigslist in Charleston, West Virginia.

While not much information was shared about this car, the pictures present it as a very nice car. There do not appear to be any dents, dings, or rust anywhere on the all original car. The seller lists it as a one owner barn find, but doesn’t give us a story along with it. The car is finished in a very popular combination for the period, dark brown with a tan vinyl landau top with body-colored wheels.

About the only thing that distinguishes the Brougham from the regular Supreme model is the fancier “loose cushion look” velour seats that had been popularized with Oldsmobile’s own 98 Regency. It’s hard to tell if the seats are soiled or if that is the lighting, but they do not appear to have any rips. The dash also appears to be in good condition. The carpeting may have some soiled areas though.

Since the cars were downsized, smaller engines made better sense. This engine is the 305 V-8. This car has been driven 82,000 miles over the last 40 years. The seller is offering this car for $4,000. This seems to be a reasonably priced car considering its condition. So if this is the kind of car you would consider, this one just may be for you.


  1. Jeff

    I actually like this car, for what it is. Not that it’s offered near my hometown, and certainly not that it’s a lame 305 automatic. Something about unassuming, brown, RWD cars just appeals to me. Honestly, I like humble, daily-drivable cars, and I always like Olds grilles and taillights, for some reason. I think someone will grab this quickly.

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  2. LT1 Mike

    I dig it. Another car I used to see everywhere growing up and then POOF they were gone like so many others. If I saw this Cutlass Supreme cruising down the road, I would definitely be looking. It’s still hard to believe that the iconic Oldsmobile division is gone, so many good memories. Good luck to the new owner.

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  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    Had a red on red 79 Cutlass S, fine driving car. Not as nice as the 84 Cutlass Brougham I had later. If you’re looking for performance, this isn’t it. If you want a nice driving car, worth a look

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  4. Rudy C

    Ahhh, this car brings back memories; when I had driver’s education we drove a car identical to this one right down to the same color! Thanks for the memories!

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  5. Miguel

    This was my grandfathers Oldsmobile.

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  6. rmward194 Member

    My first new car was a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe. White, no vinyl top and a maroon cloth interior. Although mine only had the 3.8 V6. This brings back memories!

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    • Robert Myers

      How about recapturing those memories with the real thing. I have a 1980 cutlass supreme brougham coupe – white with blue landau top and dark blue velour interior. All original with 54000 miles. Always been in the family since new. Asking $6200.

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        @Robert Myers – Please consider listing it here on the site: https://barnfinds.com/sell/

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      • Roderick HAYNES

        Is this vehicle still available?

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  7. Terry

    I had one like this but it was triple black and the V6. I thought it was a really good car and I really liked it but…it was stolen twice in a year. Force the window back, pull up the lock and you are in, take the long screw driver and bust off the collar on the steering column and boon, slide the ignition and away you go. ‘That said, I am sure the car thief demand for these is low, so for 4000 you can have a good daily driver that is cheap to run and repair. good luck to the buyer.

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  8. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    This was a family car, at the time, and the best-selling car in the US! Four-doors were for salespeople (strictly called salemen at the time)!

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  9. 455bob

    Owned a station wagon of this vintage. Great memories also driving my young family around!! My first golden retriever, Sidney, enjoyed the roomy area in the back and it the interior matched the dog. My wagon was the V6 but, it performed fine with strong A/C… and slow.

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  10. JAYP

    Meh….see that rear bumper? It will fail. It start to say, then eventually…you hit a Railroad crossing and *BAM* you’re bumperless.
    Oldsmobiles from this era, although cute cars, were built like paper maches.

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    • Herbee

      Jay p you so wrong very durable cars not fast just reliable transportation.

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  11. Gransedan

    A Cutlass fastback coupe ( and sedan ) were also produced, the Salon and Salon Brougham. A 442 package was available on the coupe, presumably the Salon. The fastback styling proved to be unpopular. The fastback sedan was discontinued after 1979, replaced by a traditional three box design. The coupe lasted through 1980.

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    • nrg8

      They looked cool with that salon slant back. Think i had a hot wheels one like that. Neighbor bought a 442 slant back with a 4speed black on silver black interior probably the 260v8. I was always asking if he was ready to sell. Then I got my licence, and he came around the corner with the bumper dragging. Upon pulling into the drive way the bumper and 8 inches of rotten frame stayed at the curb. Tough pill to swallow. Don’t know why, liked the look with some boots on the factory mags. Dad had a 71 Cutlass s 350 that was going to go in it. The frame on the front of the axle was cracked all over, getting the strength from the body. He came and in 1990 dollars said 2500. Dad asked are you serious? There might be a little haggle room. So dad says My kid aint giving you his hard earned money for tha. frame rails and doors gone on the bottom and that v8 that was weak. I offered 8 hundred he said no. The 71 Cutlass s came home, mudded the quarters, new front end and fliuds and filters. New meant tight junkyard parts except thw ball joints. Masked it off in our garage. Got dads wagner a gallon of flat black tremclad cause well, i didn’t want to wait doing more bodywork and shiny black would have been really bad. It was a lt green inside. Thirsty, fast, and when the AC died. I regretted black paint.

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  12. Nessy

    Always loved the 78 to 80 Cutlass coupe body style. Here is my 1980 Cutlass Supreme Brougham, special ordered by the owner of a Cadillac/Oldsmobile dealership for his personal use. Loaded to the top including cornering lamps, fiber optics, two tone black and silver, twin power seats, never saw a passenger power seat before on a Cutlass and the most beautiful dark red leather interior I have ever seen on a Cutlass. 40k original miles. It’s a one of a kind I think. The best part? It’s a factory Diesel and still runs like new. 30mpg on the highway.

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    • Nessy

      Take a look at the red leather, not vinyl, interior.

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      • GP Member

        Nice car Nessy, I had a 1980 Supreme Brougham for about 9 years. It had cloth burgundy interior and white exterior, half venal roof and T- tops. It had the small 260 V8. A great looking car that I wish I could have back.

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