Factory Hurst 4-Speed: 1979 Pontiac Grand Am

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This 1979 Pontiac Grand Am is in Maryville, Tennessee and is listed on eBay. The seller has a Buy It Now price of $3,500 listed, or you can make an offer for this somewhat rare car. Oh yeah, it has a factory Hurst 4-speed!

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Other than some 37-year old rash and dings, and the wheels, it doesn’t look too bad so far, let’s see what the seller has to say. Well, they say that it’s “original, unmolested” and that it “runs shifts and drives good.” So far so good! It gets even better, it has “good brakes, factory tach, gauges, A/C, bucket seats and console.” Whoa, nice!

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Ok, the paint is faded and/or flaking off a bit, so you’ll have to budget a few thousand for a great paint job in the original Starlight Black and Burnished Gold scheme. The seller says that this car “should have gold Pontiac Rally II wheels”, so there’s another chunk of change. But, if that’s it, this car is a good buy, especially with that rare 4-speed.

071716 Barn Finds - 1979 Pontiac Grand Am - 3

Screeeeech!.. Well, alrighty then, there’s a green door there. That’s odd, but even odder is that the seller is offering to let you purchase a correct color door! They say that they “do have better hood, fenders and doors that can be negotiated before or after the auction (black and gold).” I’ve never heard of that before, selling something with an incorrect piece on it and then offering potential buyers a chance to buy the correct piece, which the seller has, instead of just putting the thing on in the first place. That’s a new one on me, anyone else? Let’s see what’s behind the green door..

071716 Barn Finds - 1979 Pontiac Grand Am - 4

Hey, this is a family show, what did you expect to see here?! Now, the interior looks like it’s in fantastic shape. Whew, that was close, I thought that this one had strayed off course but it’s back on track. And, there’s that Hurst 4-speed. 4,021 two-door Grand Ams were sold in 1979 and less than 500 of them had a Hurst-shifted 4-speed manual transmission. That alone makes this car worthy of being restored, in my opinion. There are no engine photos, but the seller says that it’s a 301 V8 and because this is a 4-speed car with a 301, it also has a four-barrel carburetor, so that’s even better news. It would have had 150 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. I think that this car has a lot going for it, even if it isn’t from the muscle car era. Does anyone else see the potential here, especially for $3,500 or offer and that rare Hurst 4-speed?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Nick Maher


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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    I had a ’78 Grand Am which was very close to this one. Mine was a 301/auto and it had a 4bbl. carb. For the most part I really liked it. No complaints about power; it could chirp the real wheels when you pulled away quickly. About the only drawback was that I owned it during the nationally imposed 55 mph speed limit. That car was miserable to drive at 55; it grunted and shuddered and got horrible mileage. Sneak up to 75-80 and it came alive. But I ordered it bright red (Roman Red they called it) and that was a magnet for every police radar within fifty miles. I finally sold it when my insurance company threatened to cancel my policy because of too many speed violations.

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  3. Steven C

    This is a new level of car part hostage holding, way to go taking that game to a
    new level.

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  4. A.J.

    Definitely weird about the green door but that could be a great HS car for some kid. There are very very few pre 1980 V8 four speed cars that are this affordable and not rot boxes.

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  5. Rock OnMember

    Pontiac 400 will bolt right in place of the 301. No you’re talking fun!

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  6. Van

    Shaker hood, 400 and walla Can Am.
    Yes it’s blasphemy but it’s cool.

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  7. billy bob

    Had a ’79 Grand Am, a two tone rust and gold, 301 automatic. Really enjoyed this car but, it had terrible fuel economy. Traded it for a new Ford Fiesta (needed to save $ for that engagement ring). The Grand Am is a rare car. At this point, I would prefer the ’79 Hurst Olds.

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  8. BillB

    Rode hard, put away wet. Wore the clutch and brake pedal pads clean off. He’s working on wearing out the metal on them now.

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  9. PonchoVilla

    I like the chrome reverses with baby moons but not on this one.
    And whats with the “Parts Hostage” situation ?? One false move and the door gets it ! Now pay up or else !
    I’m with billy bob on this one…the ’79 Hurst Olds instead.

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  10. Rando

    I worked on a local race car in late 90s. It was a retired Busch Grand National car with this body on it.Actually just the roof, nose and rear bumper cover. We scoured the junk yards for these, just looking for noses. Made “grilles” out of aluminum sheet.

    Good looking candidate for a first project? Since it needs paint, any real reason to negotiate the originals?

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  11. A.J.

    There is a big difference between this and the Hurst Olds and that would be the 4 speed. I wouldn’t take second look if not for that. It makes it 10 times cooler.

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  12. Scoot

    Had one of these back in the day. Automatic though. Silver and Red. Over heated all the time.

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  13. rich

    holly ship, that was my car back years ago, I bought it stuck in gear, the owner had broke the syncows beating the trans into gear, clutch was shot, and the driers door was caved in to the door panel, pulled the trans, my father rebuilt it with new brass, new clutch, tune up, I drove it with the door caved in until I found another grand am, green, for a 301 4 barrel she went good, pulled strong, I ended up trading it for a 70 chevy Impala with 22k on it, It was definitely one of my more fun cars,

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  14. Jeff

    We had one with the V6 man did that car smoke. Other then out sad motor the car drove great, I love the 4 speed, cool car

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  15. Grand Am Man

    Lay off the green door smack talk or I’ll put a red door on the other side, and maybe a white deck lid so you know I’m serious…. I’m headed out right now to flatten a tire……

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    • Homer

      Hey grand am man, we emailed back in 2016. Your webpage showed a barn with several cars sitting in front. Is this 4 speed. Car all you have left?

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    • Trever

      Is this car still available by chance?

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  16. TC

    Bolting in a 400, nice. Let’s try a 455 with that 4 spd…awww man! (Get RID of those awful chrome wheels)

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  17. Fiete T

    The 301 smogger V8? Absolute turd, junk motor…http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f53/pontiac-301-non-turbo-performance-work-79509/

    Nobody builds this junk. 400 or 455, post haste-

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  18. ScottyAuthor

    Auction update: this Grand Am sold for $3,000!

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  19. GrandAmMan

    Trever, This black 4 speed was sold and is now in the Philly area.
    Homer, I still have several Grand Ams, 4 doors, parts cars and a Carmine red 4 speed….and parts to build 5 more…kind of why I didnt take the time to swap a door…

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    • Trever

      Is the carmine 4speed for sale? If you have any 79 2 doors for sale please shoot me a message or call 510-672-7502

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    • Gary

      I’m looking to buy Grand Am Man.

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    • RyanJBuell RyanJBuell

      Same here. Looking to buy a 1978-80 Pontiac Grand Am 4 Barrel – preferably with Red Interior

      If anyone has any information/leads, please contact me. Thanks


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      • Steve Hartz

        I probably have exactly what you are looking for. Bought new in fall of 1977 & drove until 1984 & stored ever since. Never in snow & only in rain once. no rust ever & is rust-proofed. I was on this site to see availability of a 4-speed console Maybe at 73 time to have that almost GTO I never had. Looking at a mild 383 stroker although mine does have the 301 & 4 barrel & always happy with the mileage it got. Sounds good with a GNX dual exhaust. 42,000 actual miles.Headliner issue has just started.Just not sure what to do?

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  20. CT. John

    I knew this car when I was around 15 years old.A guy in my neighborhood bought it brand new at the local Pontiac dealer. It was a real beauty. I lost track of it but never forgot it.I found it again 25 years later by accident. I purchased it but unfortunately it wasn’t in the same shape as I remembered.I installed gold honeycomb wheels and had it running pretty good. I did a few more things to it but never had the time or money to put into it. Regrettably I had to sell it. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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  21. Danny R

    Hey Grand am man! I’m in need of a front bumper, GRAND AM any leads??????????????

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    • GrandAmMan

      Three 02 75three 111one

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  22. Bill O

    I had a ’79 Grand Am in gold that I purchased new from McNamara Ponitac in Orlando, Florida. It had matching color snowflake wheels, 301 4-barrel v8, 4 speed trans w/Hurst shifter and posi-traction rear end. VIN # 2G27W9P613596
    I kick myself every time I think about getting rid of it.

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    • john bolton

      I had a 79 grandam I wish I never sold . I put a 462 Cid (455 bored 30 0ver ) in it , 510 lift cam , 400 turbo with shift kit , 2500 stall speed Conveter , 411 rear gears in a 72 Chevele 12 bolt . Boxed controll arms . 33×12 slicks . It ran low 11s , I got divorced and had to sacrifice it !

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  23. Kent

    Try me at three 02 753 111one

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  24. Kenneth Bender

    I owned a 79 Black and Gold. Had a 327 in it with dual Holly 650 carbs and a tunnel ram sticking out of the hood. gentleman i bought it from was in the process of building it into a straight quarter mile car. Really wish i had not gotten stupid and sold it off when i did.

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