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1980 Porsche 911: Retired Driver


There are some cars that just feel good when you look at them. Take this 1980 Porsche 911SC here on craigslist for example. It strikes me as one of the more honest 911s I’ve seen in a while and appears to be a well-loved example that was recently retired when its older owner could no longer drive it comfortably. For $31,900, this looks like a fair deal for all involved given the insanity of recent P-Car prices.


With 114,782 miles on the clock, this 911 was not locked away in an airtight chamber since birth. It was used, driven, and enjoyed – all while keeping the body and interior in reasonable condition. According to many experts, the 911SC represents the last of the affordable Porsches with an air-cooled engine over the rear wheels. Given recent pricing behaviors, however, you’d be a fool to expect that to last much longer.


The sound that 911s of this vintage make is like no other car on the road. Obviously, you have the phenomenon of engine noise behind your head, but it’s also the blissfully naked mechanical noise that is synonymous with air-cooled clatter. That’s one of the single greatest joys of riding in my brother’s 1986 911, a quality I’m sure is well-preserved in a car that appears so honest and loved.


At just a tick over 2,700 lbs., these cars are light on their feet with good power to match. Like so many German vehicles of this vintage, they’re needy to a point – get them set up right and an early 911 will treat you well for a long time to come. The seller has disclosed there are numerous service records with the car, indicating a no-expense spared maintenance history. I’m guessing this one will be gone by the weekend.


  1. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    This seems like an honest and well cared for 911. It also looks like it’s probably already sold (Dec. 6th) because the listing has been taken down already. Not too surprising, since these SCs are about the best liked and most reliable 911 model ever produced, not to mention the most affordable. I just hope it wasn’t taken by a flipper and doesn’t reappear on CL or Ebay next week at 1.5 or 2 X this price.

    I test drove a few SCs and Carreras a few years ago and had a very different take than Jeff….but that’s what makes cars and car fans so interesting—–they are both many and varied. I couldn’t see myself in an SC or Carrera because of the VW Beetle-like clatter, the uncompliant suspension, the close windshield, and the odd/awkward shifting mechanism. And that was back when they were selling for 1/2 what they sell for now. I decided to stick with another German brand as a DD, with its far more compliant and effective suspension and much more appealing mechanical noises from the front.

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  2. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    If this actually went for the asking price it may well be the last best Porsche deal on the continent.

    And if it did you can bet the farm that it will reappear shortly with an inflated asking price.

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  3. Avatar photo Keith

    Naaaaaaah………I like this one better, it’s worth more!

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    • Avatar photo Jack

      This is what I think of when anybody mentions the word Porsche, only smoke the best!

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  4. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Too right – gone

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  5. Avatar photo rancho bella

    The wing in incorrect. What I don’t understand is when I was doing 911’s these were 10 to 15K all day. And now look. All of a sudden they are twice as good as they were?……….nonsense

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    • Avatar photo saabseller

      Supply versus demand, simple. These are great cars and have been a bargain. The spoiler is a 3.2 Carrera.

      KJ in Oz

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      • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

        I don’t buy that at all. Not one bit.

        For certain models, perhaps low mileage or ‘special’ colours maybe that applies. Otherwise there is a limitless supply stream of 911s entering the market.

        This is a simple case of Tulip Mania.

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      • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

        Eh, I don’t know about you but there aren’t too many cheap 911s popping up on my local craigslist these days…

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      • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

        Jeff, of course not. What is that supposed to prove?

        The first thing ANYONE does these days to establish a value on something is to check eBay. A couple sales is all it takes to set a ‘trend’. This is clearly seen if you check the 911 sales history which I was shown a couple years back. There were a few sales in a short two or three month period that were unprecedented.

        The value of a vintage car is a complicated topic itself, but looking at the immediate spike is quite telling.

        BTW for anyone trying to research prices using eBay, the ASKING prices for something that sits unsold for months should clearly indicate that the VALUE is less than the ASK.

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  6. Avatar photo The Poker Meister

    I think it’s scam – same car just showed up in my neighborhood (DC). Unless there’s an identical twin in Chicago, it’s TRAP!

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  7. Avatar photo Lewis

    The same car is listed here too, or they forgot to take down this listing.


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  8. Avatar photo Thorsten Krüger

    The drivers door also don’t fit.
    I bought same model (’83) in guards red with only 45k, (confirmed by several paperwork) first paint, mint condition over all, engine perfect w/o leak.never seen any drop of rain. Seller as an elderly couple who owned the 911 since 1986.
    Price was 30k.

    8 weeks ago.
    that was a fair price!!!!

    The offered one here is mini. 8-10k too expensive compared with the 911 I purchased.

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