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1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Survivor

Are you a good caretaker or like to maintain a very original car? This 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 may be of interest to you. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this 1981 Z28 is a 56,000 mile survivor. Painted in silver with a gray interior, this car looks almost new on the inside, outside and under the hood. The car is listed for sale here on eBay with 1 day remaining in the auction. The car is currently bid to $18,301 and has garnered 44 bids to date. The seller states that his reason for selling is that he has too many projects and wants to let someone else become the caretaker of this piece of history.

The engine compartment is immaculate and the Camaro Z28 is powered by a 350 cubic inch V8 engine backed by an automatic transmission. This was the first year for computer command control which didn’t really help performance. The 5.7 liter engine produced only 175 horsepower from the factory. If you ordered a 4 speed in 1981, your car would be equipped with the 305 cubic inch V8 engine with even less horsepower (165 horsepower). In spite of the low horsepower, Chevrolet made sure this car looked good. One of the coolest features of the this car is the functional air induction hood.

The silver/gray cloth and vinyl interior presents as new. The bucket seats, carpet, door panels and dash look close to flawless. The Z28 comes with a lot of the original paperwork. The seller includes pictures of the undercarriage of the Camaro, too. The car is heavily optioned with tilt steering, power windows, power locks. T-tops and air conditioning which still works.

This particular Z28 is equipped with the N90 aluminum wheels that look fantastic. The tires on this car are Goodyear Eagle ST’s which have to be40 years old. The seller discloses that he would not trust these tires or drive on them at high speed. Overall, this Camaro Z28 appears to be in excellent condition.  With over 126,000 Camaros produced in 1981, this car has survived.


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    Nice looking car, that is well optioned. There is lots of interest, rightfully so. The bidding isn’t likely finished.

    Steve R

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  2. Avatar photo Jerry

    I wouldn’t pay 18K for 175hp but its a nice looking ride.

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    • Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

      Some folks have paid $12,000 for a 1995 300 HP, 6-speed GM product. I just plain don’t get the interest in these cars. What is somebody getting for $18,000? Performance? rarity? Nope. And it sure as hell should not be called a Z-28. The last Z-28 was made in 1971. After that it was just a badge and stripes.

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        People are buying nostalgia, the Z28 and Trans Am were the go to performance American car of the late-70’s in many parts of the country. They never really caught on in California among the hard core car culture because nice muscle cars were still inexpensive and readily available. However, that option wasn’t available in rust prone states. This has always been the case, cars that were either popular or desired by the youth who were reaching driving age become popular 20-30 years later. We are seeing this play out with the late-80’s 5.0 Mustangs and IROC’s and will soon see it with mid-90’s Z28’s, Trans Ams and Firebird Formula’s as well as a slew of performance imports. It doesn’t really matter how well the raw performance numbers stack up, it never has.

        As for the last real Z28 being the 1971 model, there was no mechanical difference between that and the 1972 Z28, all GM did was change the horsepower ratings from gross to net.

        Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo DonziDon

    Its a clean low mileage well optioned car. The color isnt the greatest but it is still pulling strong money. Curious to see where it ends up!

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  4. Avatar photo ACZ

    Looks like a nice car, but my concern would be if it lived it’s entire life in Pennsylvania.

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    • Avatar photo Doc Member

      I have spent my life in PA. I have rust on me

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      • Avatar photo ACZ

        Is it repairable or do you require panel replacements?

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  5. Avatar photo Jasper

    Relax, all right? My old man’s a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

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  6. Avatar photo Steve R

    It was sold new in Billings Montana according to both the window sticker and build sheet.

    Steve R

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  7. Avatar photo Greg B Member

    Last year for this gen Camaro. Should be interesting to see what it brings. If it stays close to 19k now it would be a very good buy for what it is IMO.

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  8. Avatar photo John

    The pictures still show a Montana plate. I wonder when they were taken?

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  9. Avatar photo MDW66

    In Canada the four speed was available with the 350/5.7 litre engine. Still just the 175 horse power though.

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  10. Avatar photo KC John Member

    I graduated high school in 81. Lusted after it then. I can buy this for the price of a used camry? Why wouldn’t you?Sometimes ya buy stuff because ya want it. Not because it’s a great investment. I own a couple cars I’ve put to much in. Doesn’t bother me. Everytime I drive one of em I smile. Just sayin

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  11. Avatar photo JCA Member

    Check that Carfax… Looks an awful lot like the silver Z28 Jeff Spicoli sent airborne back in ’82. People on Ludes should not drive!

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  12. Avatar photo JOHN Member

    Not exactly my favorite Camaro, but this without t-tops and with a 4 speed would be a nice car.

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