45k Mile Survivor: 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

The early 1980s were not the best of times for American automotive muscle. But even as federal regulations choked the horsepower from offerings by the Big 3, iconic marques dating back to the glory days of the 1960s did their best to carry the flag forward. This 1982 Chevy Camaro Z/28 for sale in Connecticut and listed here on eBay with only 45,000 miles, is about the most pristine example you’ll find of that era and is worth strong consideration.

Few models exemplify the spirit of American muscle cars better than the Chevy Camaro. From its debut as a ’67 model, the Camaro and its GM cousin, the Firebird, have long been coveted by the automotive public. This car, an example of the first year of the 3rd generation of the Camaro, shows off the hatchback and the TPI (tuned port injection) fuel injection that was upgraded from previous iterations. This car is a beautiful survivor in unusually good condition, and though the brown tones are not as popular today, at the time they were desirable carryover trends from the disco era of the late 1970s.

The beige vinyl interior is nearly flawless, though an additional photo shows seam-splitting in the driver’s seat. Plastic parts, such as the seat belt buckles, exhibit oxidation and sun decay, but overall the cabin is in nearly like-new condition. An optional clock is mounted in the center console. The description does not mention whether it functions, but it is doubtful, as analog clocks in nearly all cars of the era were subject to failing in short order.

Few photos of the interior are provided, but the door panels are in very good condition and the graphics on the switches appear to be in very good condition. The embossing on plastic items in most Chevys of this era have long since rubbed away. Photos reveal this to be a heavily optioned car, with power windows and door locks, along with power mirrors. The original radio, which would have been only AM/FM, and perhaps a cassette deck added, has been replaced by a more modern aftermarket unit.

The engine bay is clean and corresponds with the low mileage stated. The 305 V8 wasn’t the most desirable offering, though it is an upgrade from the base 2.8L OHV V6. The more powerful L98 5.7L V8, commonly referred to as the 350, was also available at the time. With a $6,500 buy-it-now price, this is a car that someone looking for an inexpensive but impressive weekend cruiser, or even a daily driver, can be proud to own. Additionally, if past experience is a guide, the buyer could enjoy this car as long as they wish and, in all likelihood, get every penny of their investment back—and maybe even score a tidy profit.

A good rule of thumb when purchasing a desirable and attractive car is to buy the best example you can find. The adage “they are only original once” is undoubtedly true, and if you are looking for a reasonably priced 3rd gen Camaro it would be hard to go wrong with this purchase.

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  1. NotSure

    Probably the brown tones aren’t popular but on this car I would take it in a heartbeat. Today’s silvers and grays have gotten passé for me personally and I really don’t recall liking those colors on that many automobiles over the years. This would be a terrific example to own and conserve!

    • Vin_in_NJ

      We used to call this beer bottle brown

    • JoeNYWF64

      Oddly, TAN(as well as grey) cheap stucco BUILDING surfaces are all over the place these days, i bet, coast to coast. & i see plenty of them cracking after just a few years. I just shake my head at the quality i see, also wondering what the hell happened to building (&car) “design”.

  2. poseur Member

    this is a lovely Z in a great exterior color combination and a nice neutral interior to boot. so many cars of this vintage were saddle with abysmal red or blue gut. we went through a few new F-bodies as company cars & the build quality on the early ones was crap, even for the day.

    its worth noting that this one appears to have the LG4 4 barrel 305 with 145hp and would struggle to eke out a 16 second quarter mile run with its 2.73 geared rear and 3 speed auto. they sounded good though and felt torquey but ran out of breath by 4k.

    the “hot” motor was fuel injected but with the cross-fire setup not TPI. the improved injection didn’t show up until ’85 for the 5 liter and the 350 came along two years later, but only with the automatic.

    we had an L69 ’84 Z28 and it would eagerly pull past 5k with solid tire barks on the first two shifts. loved that car and would happily have one again if there was any room for it inside.

    • Larry Wahler

      I also noticed it had the Electronic Carb, a sad version of the Quadrajet. Those were a pain to work on since it was partially electronic. I also agree the TPI came on much later than the year of this car! The Throttle Body Injection was Junk, even when they had the Cross Fire Injection on the Corvettes! Nice that you noticed this Poseur!

  3. slickb

    you know, you say this time was good for muscle cars but that’s when you are comparing them to what used to be. at the time these came out they were awesome!!! and really are great cars! I have a firebird from these same years ( if i could show a picture I would but that option has been taken away?) great cars well worth a purchase. this one might be a little high but you can get them for very cheap and really have no problem

    • AndyinMA

      Agreed; I love this car and want it. Them were the days man, THEM WERE THE DAYS!

  4. 68custom

    sorry, no 5.7 was available in 82 the 305 crossfire was top dog. these cars are severely emission choked down, but nice if you love 3 gen camaros. I would rather a later 305HO with the T5.

  5. Tom Nader

    im pretty sure i know who originally owned this car and am trying to get in contact with them that car was babied from day one…If its the one i think it was bought new by a friend of mines grandma she drove it a bit and my friend wound up with it after she passed and he later sold it to get pilots license

  6. Steve

    As mentioned above, this is not a TPI engine. It is a single TBI engine. Those weren’t available to 1985. Huge improvement in torque AND reliability over the missfire, er, I mean crossfire injection.

    BTW, who in the hell would hae bought a brown Z28? Oh, someone’s grandma. Chevy shouldnt have even offered the Z in that color! Same with the brown 75 Corvette by brother had in the 80’s!

    • The Tower

      Actually, that’s a Quadrajet sitting on-top of this engine, making it an LG4 – a 305 with a 4 bbl.

  7. edh

    “TPI (tuned port injection) fuel injection”

    No, not this one.

  8. Bobby

    What a remember most about this generation Camaro is the huge dash. At 85 mph you could put a quart jar of cream and have butter in 50 miles they shook so bad. Had a 82 and a 85 both did this. Still a good price for this Z to bad not a manual.

  9. Greg

    Who writes this crap. So much disinformation even someone with basic f body knowledge can see through the BS.

    An 82 with TPI,

    A 5.7


  10. irocrobb

    I had a 1982 Z28 the same colour as this one. Mine was a 4 speed manual which was the last year before going to a 5 speed.It had a 305 4 barrel and it was pretty gutless but a fun car that rode well. I have been driving 3rd gens for 32 years. In a few more years I believe this will have seemed to be a great buy

  11. GTiDave Member

    TPI available in ’85.
    5.7 Litre in ’87 and I believe with auto only.

  12. Miguel Member

    That was the wrong place for the clock. I can’t imagine trying to focus my eyes on that while driving to see what time it was.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      A lot of gauges are in poor spots unfortunately. Every tach should be next to the speedo or on the hood. I consider the tach the most important. A simple solution for the clock is a hundred year old device, the wristwatch. I do not run anything with these, but I think the gauges mounted on the inside A-pillar is a great setup.

  13. RoughDiamond Member

    You need a T-5 trans behind a 305 TPI with a 3:42 posi bringing up the rear. As the owner of a stock ’91 Z/28 they are a blast to drive and quick in the low RPM ranges.

  14. Bodyman68

    Nice color rootbeer brown ,painted a few of them back in the day . My neighbor bought a 82 z28 with cross fire was a nice car as it was new. I had a base model 82 with 4cyl 4speed and it rode worse then a truck. Traded that in for a newer z28 tpi 5speed wasn’t bad for driver at the time, still wasn’t impressed with ride though . This car is nice brings back memories and not bad for price. The gauges on the post wasn’t an idea then, the clock well it wasn’t in any of the ones i had.

  15. jwzg

    Ok…a few facts here:

    The top motor for 1982 was a 165 hp Cross-Fire injected 305. It would be replaced by the L69 190 hp “HO” 305 in 1983. This one appears to have the LB4 305 worth about 140 hp. A total boat anchor it was.

    The 350 would not be available (TPI or otherwise) until the 1987 model year.

    • The Tower

      LB4 was a 4.3 liter V6 that came a couple of years later in G-body cars. F-bodies had the 305 with RPO LG4.

      And yes, it was a turd of a motor.

      • jwzg

        Fat fingers: yes it was the LG4.

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