1984 Buick Regal Turbo: Pre-GNX


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The Buick Grand National and GNX are the cars many of us think of when the words “turbo” and “Buick” are mentioned in the same breath. However, there was also the standard Regal equipped with the turbocharged mill that put Buick’s performance capabilities on the map in the early ’80s – and placed a target squarely on the Corvette’s back. This particular car on craigslist is a low-mileage, estate-sale example and is one of just over 5,000 turbocharged Regals made in 1984. It appears straight enough to back up the 40K on the odometer with clean carpets and the correct underhood insulation still in good shape. The seller says he is not a car guy and just wants cash – but is $20K a bit too close to Grand National money to make this an attractive buy?

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  1. jaygryph

    A red on red one of these came in to a local wrecking yard by my folks place in the early days of the new owners taking it over. As the new owners were (idiots) unfamiliar with anything besides chevy trucks, they drug it in without research, sent the title off to the DMV to be scrapped, and pushed it sideways around back with the bulldozer. It was a running car but the transmission had gone out…or was low on fluid. It honestly might have been low on fluid, they never checked stuff like that. Anyway, one of their (idiot) young relatives decided he wanted that motor for his Suzuki 4×4 so it got hacked out of the car. Later on I heard he couldn’t figure out the turbo setup so he took that off and put a carburetor on it.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    They hacked up a decently uncommon turbo car, and then took the turbo off the engine, so removed the performance bit from a low compression engine, to go backwards and put a carburetor on it. Then they crushed the car.

    That wrecking yard is out of business now.

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    • JeffAuthor

      That story makes me cringe. Wow. I’ve seen some ugly, stupid stuff done in wrecking yards, so it doesn’t surprise me, sadly.

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      • jaygryph

        It’s on the long list of dumb crap that yard did, despite all their friends and such telling them not to do stuff. They dumped a 55 gallon drum of copper in the tin bin. My dad gave it to them, had been saving it forever, to help them start out their new business venture since they were friends at the time. Right in the tin bin, got maybe another 50¢ in weight out of it.

        Dad never gave them anything ever again.

        I’m still upset they got a diesel 1959 Mercedes sedan, someone brought it in, straight car just dirty from sitting, all complete. I looked at it, thought it was cool, went to get a burger, came back, it was gone and they’d loaded it directly into the crusher because at the time they were getting $100 or so for crushed cars and they’d only paid like $50 for it so pure profit right?

        Watched a pair of 56 ramblers go in the crusher, more old ford and dodge stuff than I can remember. Honestly, a lot of the things I see on here they squashed because they didn’t think anything besides chevy 4×4 trucks were worth anything. They crushed a 240Z with a V8 conversion, but kept the 89 suburban beside it because it was a 4×4 with a running 305.

        Carma got back at them eventually, but it’s still sad. I saved a few where I could but could only do so much.

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  2. Chris

    This is a 7-9k car. For 20k you can get an 86 GN in decent shape.

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  3. DENIS

    WAAAAYYYY TOOOOO MUCHHHHHH…..I have had numerous Turbo Regals and Grand Nationals and love em, but 10g is the limit …This vintage is not the intercooled hotrod, so not near the performance or value….looks like a nice car though.

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  4. Chris

    Yep, was at Mecum last week and they had nice GNs going for that, and t-types (87) for about 14k.

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  5. The other Jim S

    Ah the 80’s GM velour interior.

    Has the incredible ability to look filthy 30 minutes after driving it off the dealers lot.

    At least it isn’t that horrible baby blue.

    But yeah… 20K is VERY wishful thinking.

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    • JeffAuthor

      I had the same thought about the color. ;-)

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  6. DJ

    I actually liked these cars better than the GN. At least you could get different colors. Here in Alabama, they sold one called the Somerset. It had all the T-Type stuff on it but with two tone paint. It wasn’t your Grandma’s Regal but looked like it. The seller has watched too much Mecum/Barrett Jackson. 20k is just funny I don’t care who you are.

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