Royal Ram: 1984 Dodge Ramcharger Prospector

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This 1984 Dodge Ramcharger Prospector is on eBay with a current bid of just over $5,100 and there are eight days left on the auction. It’s in Meridian, Idaho, just west of beautiful Boise.

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This truck is loaded with names, it’s a Dodge Ramcharger 150 Royal SE Prospector Edition! This is an incredible example, the seller says that it’s all original other than a portion of the seat fabric being replaced and a small accident repair on the left rear quarter. They say that the accident may be the reason that the original owner sold the truck, possibly being a bit too old to be driving anymore.

062616 Barn Finds - 1984 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE - 3

This is the color you want if you’re going to have anyone try to match your paint. This truck looks as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen on a Ramcharger. I had a 1976 Ramcharger in the early-1980s and it was the worst vehicle that I’ve ever owned, but it sure didn’t look anything like this beautiful example.

062616 Barn Finds - 1984 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE - 4

Wow! That’s one bright interior! But, I’m a big fan of red interiors, or any variation of red, so I like it. I’m surprised to not see power windows on a vehicle with so many names and badges and packages as this one has. It looks as perfect inside as it does outside. When these first came out, in 1974, the standard Ramcharger only included a driver’s seat, all other seating was optional! The thought was that some owners may want to use them as delivery vehicles to replace a van, and being 4WD they thought that camping/fishing/hunting enthusiasts would be snapping them up.

062616 Barn Finds - 1984 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE - 5

This one has a 5.9L 360 V8 with 175 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. I had this same engine, or a similar 360, in my ’76 Ramcharger and I got 3 mpg. Three! I realized that the choke linkage was all carboned up and after having that fixed, for $200, the mpg doubled to 6! I’m guessing that this fantastic white Ramcharger seen here gets double that mpg, maybe 12 in the city? This looks like as nice a Ramcharger as you may ever find, I wonder what this one will sell for? Have any of you had a Ramcharger or are you a Bronco or Blazer fan instead?

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  1. The Walrus

    I doubt it gets anywhere close to 12 in the city; 8 or 9 tops. It might squeeze 12 on the interstate, but I would more expect 10 or 11. I have an ’85 short bed 4×4 Dodge pickup with a 318 2 bbl, which is a little lighter and a little less thirsty and those are the numbers it pulls…

    This one’s a beauty. They did such a good job on the seats, its a shame they didn’t search out the correct material. Otherwise, aside from the single broken grill slat it looks terrific. I’m looking for one and will be watching this one.

    About 3 years ago there was a blue on blue ’87 Ramcharger (non SE, but with 360 and A/C) on eBay with a claimed 13,000 original miles. It was owned since new by a dealer and there was some supporting documentation to back up the mileage claim. I regret not being in a position to buy that one. After 2 listings on eBay, it sold for $13,500, which in retrospect was a huge bargain. 70’s and 80’s American SUV’s have been strong since then, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one, being a color combo with broad appeal, bring low-mid teens.

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    • David Mercer

      My 79 SE 360/727 full time got 10 at 60mph. I’ve since swapped a magnum 360, NV4500 and 35s/4.56s. It gets 13.

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  2. Kevin

    My grandmother had one of these when I was a kid. Hers was an 86 model in brown/tan two-tone paint with a 318. It wasn’t fast but it’d crawl damn near anywhere you wanted it to. We used it to go camping because our camp site had a super steep driveway and our 86 Chevy Blazer couldn’t make it out, even with 4wd. But the old Dodge always managed to heave itself back out at the end of the weekend!

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  3. Kincer DaveMember

    This is an exceptionally nice old Dodge! I don’t think I’d want it but for someone that really likes these this is a very nice example.

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  4. Chebby

    Those Diplomat wheel covers are correct, but they are ugly in general and especially awful on a truck. Ford and Chevy made similar ones. Plain and depressing. Put some nice wheels on this ASAP.

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  5. seth karpen

    Had a 1895 ram career snowcommander with a 318 that would push two feet of snow. Pulled several of my son’s friends broken vehicles out of the woods

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  6. CarGuy

    I had a brand spanking new 1974 with the SE pkg, a 360 automatic, with all the seats and a steel removable hardtop. There were no frames around the front door windows in 74, so it was a true convertible. Took the top off, threw a tarp in the back and drove everywhere without the top until the snow came. Ditched the wheel covers and white walls and went with white steelies and 60 series radials. Didn’t worry about mileage. I was young and single and it had a 35 gallon gas tank. Still dream about that green over white ( with green interior) truck. Absolutely loved it.

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  7. Paul

    I’m on my 3rd Ramcharger. I don’t have a Pentastar tattooed on my butt, just love the way they would plow snow!
    My 1st was a very early production “74 model, a true convertible as CarGuy put it. It did come with a passenger seat but I had to buy a rear seat. It also had the swing-away outside rear tire carrier. The 318 was amazingly stingy, in spite of the 3.91 gear sets front and rear, easily gave 18+ mpg on the highway. at about 225,000 miles I sold the rusty remains on to a buddy for parts.
    My 2nd was a ’79, same 318 but 3.55 gears. Mileage was awful, never more than 13 mpg. Pretty anemic overall but still would plow snow like nothing else. I scrapped it in 2010 when the rust was so bad I couldn’t keep cats out!
    Presently I have a ’92 318 powered Canyon edition, 1st year of the fuel injected units. Mileage is great, averaged 19+ mpg driving it back to Ontario Canada after buying it in Florida in 2009. It was/is almost as clean as the unit here. The driver’s seat needs some new upholstery but other than that it is still awesome. I wrestled with my conscience for 6 months before installing the snowplow but it has performed marvelously, and |I expect will for as long as I need it. Funny, the speedo works but the odometer quit when we were half way home from Florida, still shows 146,511 miles!

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  8. Mark

    I agree with the author of the vehicle description: had a ’79 Plymouth Trailduster (same vehicle, different nameplate) and it ‘was the worst vehicle I ever owned’. Actually have had bad dreams about it. No thanks!

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  9. bob

    had an 86-looking for one to rehab. an awful lot of them were crushed during the guvmint “cash for clunkers” program. it was a great vehicle.

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  10. guggie

    had a 78 Ramcharger for 9 years 318 w/ barff injection ,15 mpg was tops . could plow snow better than any thing I have ever owned .

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  11. Mopar Morgan

    Hey that’s a nice Mopar!! I’m looking for that steering wheel! I assume that it is part of the Royal SE Interior design but if anyone has any information on it or may know where to get another I would be eternally grateful! Don’t know why the image is inverted sorry!

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