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Two-Owner Car: 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

061516 Barn Finds - 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 1

Two 1980s Chevrolets in a row?? From Scotty G??! What a crazy world. Yes, two great ones, first a 1980 Citation X-11 and now this great 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This car is in Pensacola, Florida and is listed on eBay for a very, very reasonable Buy It Now price of $3,990 or make an offer. Less than $4,000? I likey.

061516 Barn Finds - 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 2

Is this is or is this ain’t a dang nice lookin’ car? This thing is fantastic! I absolutely love the two-tone paint scheme, it reminds me of the 1979-1985 Buick Rivieras that had the two-tone paint scheme and looked so elegant, or I thought they did anyway. The seller of this great looking car is the second owner. They say that “the original owner bought this off the showroom floor and drove it for untill she passed.” I hope not literally, but she really took care of this car.

061516 Barn Finds - 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 3

As you can see, the present owner is a Monte Carlo fan, there’s another one up ahead on the right. This two-tone car has been taken care of, the owner says that the “car has been fixed correctly over the years, never rigged back up.” They say that it could stand to have the fuel injectors cleaned and could use a brake job and the AC needs to be charged.

061516 Barn Finds - 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 4

Being the kind of guy that I am, I almost fantasize about cleaning this interior; crazy I know. I have a thing for clean interiors and engine compartments. I think that this interior would look amazing with a thorough cleaning. Not seeing power windows always looks weird to me, but that’s why people’s arm muscles were so much bigger prior to the 1990s, they had to crank their own windows up and down.

061516 Barn Finds - 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - 5

This is a GM Vortec 4300 V6, GM’s 4.3L engine with 130 hp, not a lot but up 20 hp from the 1984 models with the bigger 4.3L V6. The seller says that this car has “had a new OEM muffler and pipe put on. Last year we did a new fuel tank, fuel pump, filter. Also have done new master cylinder.” Are any of you Monte Carlo fans? If so, do you like these later cars?


  1. Kevin

    These Montes run deep in my family. My mother still has a blue 84 SS she’s had since 1992, my aunt had a burgundy 86 SS, my other aunt had a black 86 SS, and my grandmother had a white 84 LS with a brown landau top. You could say I’ve dealt with my fair share of Monte Carlos!

    As far as this one was concerned, I’ve never been a huge fan of the LS styling. This one looks to be in very presentable condition, so for somebody who does like the LS this would be a great driver.

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  2. nessy

    Are you sure we are looking at two tone paint? It was an option on this car but I think we just see the sun reflecting off the body lines. This is a striped down basic model with a plain interior, a V6, no white walls, a blah color and nothing to dress the car up. There is another Monte like this, same year, online for sale with T Tops, a V8 and power everything for 2500. I just do not see a 4000 value here.

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    • Scotty G Staff

      You may be right on the paint, Nessy!

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    • Cassidy

      do you have a link for this car?

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      • Scotty G Staff

        Cassidy, in the first paragraph there is a link (“on eBay”) to click on and that will open to the auction and car info.

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      • Cassidy

        Scotty, sorry, I was asking Nessy about the other Monte

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  3. Rock On Member

    How does one go about submitting a barn find to your site? When I click on the link it always sends me to sell your car!!!

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  4. Vegas Vic

    Great Monte
    Great price
    Lots of uses and donut solid styling
    Shane the engine do anemic

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  5. Rod_Munch

    I’m a little surprised about the comments regarding the 4.3 engine. My parents had an 1986 Monte Carlo similar to this (but optioned a little better) and it was a solid, dependable runner with a good amount of torque.

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  6. Paul R

    I like the old G body cars.
    Here is my 86 I drive daily weather permitting.

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  7. Mark S

    My favorite year was the 1977 they had the stacked four lamp headlights with sharp folded sheet metal on the sides, then in 1978 they looked like crap. And it took a few years for them to get back to a decent look which is what you have here. I liked these ones too they were reliable cleanly styled cars and were easy to work on.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Ahh, the magic words: “and were easy to work on.’ This was one of the saving graces of the GM G bodies: they were easy to work on. For GM’s early metric body cars these were well laid out and surprisingly simple to maintain and tune. Factor in the variety of engine choices across the various brands and it’s little surprise that The General sold as many of them as they did.

      I owned a 1983 Cutlass Supreme in the late 80’s with the 3.8L (231) V-6 and I was always pretty pleased at how well it ran and the reasonable performance it offered considering the amount of emissions hardware on board (it was still carburetted with the Rochester feedback 2V, which turned out to be a pretty reliable component).

      Overall, this car is a nice find. Like so many other cars of the era these were usually pretty used up, but this one seems like a well-kept original that’s been driven, which is how I’d prefer to buy my “finds”.

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  8. Terry Rideout

    I preferred the Grand prix interior was especially nice

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  9. KP

    Hey this was my old Monte Carlo. That was such a clean car, I should have v8 swapped and kept it.

    I’m glad you posted this.

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    • SeberHusky

      I’m glad it was sold so you couldn’t. People that engine swap cars should never own one. Especially not clean all original cars like this one.

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