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1985 Ferrari Mondial Garage Find!

It’s a strange thing: a few years ago, we would have scoffed at buying a Ferrari Mondial, as it has languished at the bottom of the desirability scale for decades. While it still may be the last “cheap” Ferrari, it’s no longer a model you can simply pick up with the change between your couch cushions. This garage-find example here on eBay is bid to $25,000 at the moment, and it’s a non-running example with an almost-guaranteed list of hefty maintenance items to address.

The seller found the car as part of an estate sale. The sellers claimed the previous owner was an enthusiast who dumped a boatload of cash into the Mondial, springing for new paint, interior, and an engine-out service before it was parked for an extended period. I’ll never understand how that happens, other than someone waits until their golden years to enjoy their project and never has the chance to do so.

….which is absolutely why you should spend the money now and enjoy those cars. Maybe it’s not the most sound financial decision, but hell, someone else gets to enjoy all of the work this guy supposedly had done. The interior is nice, with clean carpets and a crack-free dash, but the leather looks oddly contorted in spots. The Ferrari has been parked since 2013 and is sold as a non-running project.

Of course, even with a major service performed, you may still have to do the same work again. Ferraris, even the cheap ones, love engine-out levels of maintenance, and given the records are likely missing with this car, the prudent buyer would simply pony up and have the work done again. Like the 308 and 328, Mondials *need* timing belt and tensioner replacements, so factor that into the purchase price.


  1. Keith

    Magnum P.I. but as a soft top.

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  2. Sam61

    The 914 of Ferrari world except you can drop a built vw motor for a few grand…not sure what a Mondial motor/tranny rebuild would cost.

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  3. TimM

    Someone please tell me if I’m wrong but I believe Magnum drove a 308! Nice car though!! I would have thought the price to be more!!

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  4. healeydays

    Yup, he drove a 308

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  5. Joshua Mancuso

    Weird Science!

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  6. SMS

    On a QV like this one the timing belt and tensioners can be done with the engine in. Having small hands helps but not necessary. They are quite easy to work on. Helped a friend work on his and got to drive it around.

    I happen to like the looks of these and the sound is glorious. True today a Camry can blow its doors off but that misses the point.

    Would want to have a look as these got in the hands of owners who didn’t take care of them. If it checks out as good as it looks would be a great car to have.

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  7. Don Sicura

    God only knows what Enzo was thinking when he approved this design, about as appealing as a 67 Subaru 360.

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    • Luki

      That’s an insult to the 360.
      Which by the way is a beautiful machine.

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  8. Tempo Matador Ray

    This unit presents well with the H/D pics. provided. The ending bid finished @ $25,600. I would love to hear from owner/ drivers regarding the pros and cons of this particular model. Personally at this price and in this condition, I would have snapped this up in a heart-beat. Someone beat me to it this morning. I’m not afraid or do I shy away from mechanical challenges. Previous military training in aviation has provided me with practical and sensible critical thinking…As always, “continue to innovate not duplicate”

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    • SMS

      There are four different iterations of the Mondial. The last one the T is the best car for driving and the most difficult to work on. On the QV like this one my buddy and I could do just about everything. Parts were not overly expensive and could find them. On the boards there are listings of cross over parts from other cars that reduced the cost of service.

      The interior is above kit car and lotus but not what I was expecting.

      Some look down their noses at these. Mostly those that don’t own a Ferrari. As I wrote look hard at one before you buy it as many have not been cared for.

      Find one that suits you and you will have a blast driving, showing, and working on it. I made a note of showing it because that is one of the best ways to meet local fellow Ferrari owners and they love to talk, share, and support other owners.

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      • Tempo Matador Ray

        Hey SMS,
        Thanks for the credible insight to these units. One needs to hear from someone who actually owns and drives Ferrari’s. I like the fact that you mentioned the clever mechanical upkeep involved. As I stated earlier, I saw the ad. just a little after the bids closed. Great looking entry level sports car…

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    Grew up in Miami in the 80’s. This was the car of choice for drug dealers making that first big sale. I remember a kid pulling up to Club Z on South Beach in one of these…with vanity plates that read: F55MPH (the state did’nt have a full time censor back then) Middle-of-the-pack performance and unremarkable interior aside…I kinda liked it. Make sure to budget for a white linen suit with a pink tee and Gucci loafers if you buy it.

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  10. Marco

    Mondials were much worse than a 308 or 328 when it came to maintanence for some reason. This car? Run away!

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  11. t-bone Bob


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