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1986 Buick Regal With Only 776 Miles!


This could be the nicest ’86 Buick Regal still in existence! Apparently, it was purchased by a man in New Jersey for his wife. She then proceeded to racked up only 776 miles before selling it back to the dealer. For some reason, it was never resold and is still in the first owner’s name. I’m not sure why that would happen, but the car does look amazing. It will be auctioned off in December and you can get more information here on Raleigh Classic Car Auctions.


It really is still like new. The interior doesn’t show any wear or use, but it really shouldn’t given the mileage. There’s still the question of why the original owner took it back, did she not like the interior? Or was it a matter of just not liking the Regal in general? I wouldn’t call this the fanciest interior, but it looks comfortable and representative of most cars built in this era.


There’s no denying that the engine bay looks like that of a 776 mile car. That sure is a mess of hoses and wires though, but that’s actually how it came from the factory. I’d hate to try and track down an electrical issue under here. It’s a V8, no word as to which model (I’m guessing it’s the 307), so it really shouldn’t be hard to work on. It’s said to run and drive like new though, so hopefully it won’t need anything but regular maintenance.


I know it isn’t a GNX or even a Turbo model, but I’m alright with that. The fact that it’s a one owner car with just 776 miles is cool enough in my book! The V8 might not offer the kind of punch the turbo charged V6 does, but this isn’t the kind of car you’re going to take drag racing anyways. It’s a super low mileage survivor that really should be preserved and protected. Although, it would be fun to drive a brand new 1986 Buick Regal! So what would you do with this Regal, would you drive it or keep it protected away from the dangers of the open road?


  1. Bingo

    I love it!

    I’m a big Monte Carlo, Regal, Cutlas and Grand Prix fan of this era. I’m a 1986 HS grad so it has sentimental value.

    I want.

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  2. PaulG

    Funny, this is another G body that looks good, and will sell for a reasonable amount. However, the low miles could hurt the value somewhat.
    My brother has a showroom new 88 Monte Carlo SS (silver/gray like this Regal) with 2700 original miles, everything original except the battery. He cannot get offers above 13K, so it sits in his garage, driven a couple of miles a year…

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    • e55

      @PaulG, if your brother’s car is an aero coupe, I would be interested. How do we connect?

      • PaulG

        e55 Sorry, it’s not the aero coupe, but thanks for asking.

  3. Eric

    Bucket seats full center console floor shift that’s as rare as finding one with 700 miles on it! Wow

    • Pontiactivist

      Plain Regal with bucket seats is rare. Have only seen a couple over the years. Have owned over 50 g-bodies, mostly Grand Prix’s. Great cars for drivers and take mods real well. This one is gorgeous but I buy cars to drive them. Would kill the value. But might be the perfect Regal to photograph and document for future restorers. Think about all the guys restoring 60’s cars. Paint daubs chalk marks part tags. Some day that might be considered useful info for someone might

      • Tevv94

        Hey young buyer looking to do the same as u just drive a nice older g body car to work every now and then if u have anything for sale that’s just turn key please contact me at 6318770212

  4. Charley

    Nice car. Olds 307 with highway gears wasn’t great off the line and was barely better than the Buick V6 but was so much smoother. If it has the 700 R4 it will be quite good on gas too.

  5. Glen

    The interior seems to be identical to the 85 Monte Carlo I once had. I tried to save it ,but I had to get rid of it (scrap it) since good old Mom and Dad didn’t want it sitting out the back. I have to admit, It was rotting away.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    You’d have to want it, wouldn’t you – amazing that it could happen tho’

  7. Vegas Vic

    What a curious story! Buy it for the time capsule factor, plush interior and relaxing ride. Wouldn’t pay more than 10k…. Why now is this beautiful Buick being sold?

  8. Dan D

    Really sharp… You’ve been featuring some great stuff lately, even if they aren’t really ‘barn finds’….

  9. JW454

    I have to drive it some but, every mile would be added begrudgingly. I had an 1984 Regal when it was new. It rode and drove well and never left me stranded. Gas and scheduled maintenance was all that it ever required.

  10. Jeffro

    Buying this car and not driving it…is like getting your wife a boob job and never touching them! I’d love to have this car.

    • Howard A Member

      that’s hilarious!!

  11. Joe

    I’d worry about that GM engine, transmission and other systems sitting for 30 years with old fluids, never reaching operating temperature and no miles. Absorbing acids and water from humidity. Seals can be shot. Could be very expensive repairs in the first few years after you start to drive the car at speed. Better to buy an old car with at least 15or 20k miles on it, and some documented history of regular fluid changes.

    • Rob F

      had a few, they will run with 2 cylinders down blowing oil all over the place with 100+k miles, im sure this one would run great after a good going through first

  12. larry b

    I love g bodies I’ve got 2 Malibu’s they maybe 4 doors but they are under 100,000 this would be hard to drive with this low of milage they say it’s only new once. In my book this is brand new and you’d be hard pressed to find such a low mile example hopefully this goes to a collection, considering it would be loved more than going to a museum.

  13. Chris

    I used to have a 82 Regal, and never had a drop of trouble. I would love to have this car and just make it a weekend driver, take it to car shows, take the wife out on date night, etc. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  14. Ikey Heyman Member

    I like the car…… but I think I’d love it if it had a leather interior. After all, “Regal” implies there should be some degree of luxury above the ordinary.

    • Rando

      But back in 86 this furry interior was pretty dang “regal”… Love the car. Remember the mid 80s fondly, even though it was the mid 80s. My dad had an 82 with the diesel. A real slug til it got wound up. Then only a slight slug. My mom had a taupe V6 regal wth the heavily padded top and the pillow top seats in brown velour. It was truly awful. Performance and aestheticvally. Dads was at least white with blue interior/top and looked more like this one.

      If I had this one, I would drive it., A lot. Maybe some performance mods as posible – more sporting suspension first if it has that wallowing ride that my mom’s had.

  15. Howard A Member

    Well, certainly no question about the mileage with this one. It is a new car, although, there may be the usual issues with a car that was never used ( brakes, fuel system, etc) Still, for what it is, not overly collectible, yet, it would be a great way to drive a new ’86 Regal. These were really nice cars, kind of the last of the what I call “normal” cars. Comfortable, somewhat economical, and still a V-8, rear drive. I like it a lot.

  16. hans grafftenberg

    Buy it, LS truck motor with about an 85mm turbo and take it out for some thrashings. My current ’87 Regal Turbo T is almost this nice and only had 76,000 miles when I did the same treatment to it.

  17. jeff

    i had a 85 Buick Regal- Limited ( power everything ) — great car — 2 bbl —- Never had a problem with it and i fit comfortable in it — 6′ 3″ 225 —- great on the HWY — was great until some idiot pulled out in front of me on snowy afternoon — bent the front bumper in a bit and quarter panel — inherited a 91 Taurus from Grandpa and sold the 85 regal with 140K on it

  18. Chebby

    It looks great, but don’t overlook the fact that the mid-eighties was the nadir of GM quality, and they were churning out lemons left and right. That’s where the saying “Never buy a car built on a Monday or Friday” came from.

    That could be why they returned it to the dealer, and it was never sold or

    If there are build problems, they haven’t gone away. Maybe they’re easier to rectify now with 30 years of technology on your side, but if it’s poorly assembled you may have to do the whole job over.

    I’d take it on a long test drive and have it inspected carefully.

  19. Stiffler4444

    Damn nice looking survivor. I’m shocked that all of the ‘bullshit’ vultures aren’t out. Maybe taking a night off…….or maybe it actually looks like what it is!

  20. brakeservo

    I sold these when they were new – a fact I was not then, nor now, proud of. And I’ve never ever owned a GM car since. Draw your own conclusions.

  21. Johnathan lee

    This car is beautiful I had a 87 with the dashboard that lit up that said Regal and had a power sunroof and power man I wish I could get this car

  22. Ron G

    I want this car, I love 81-87 Regals and their turbo counterparts and would love to have something this clean. If I didn’t still owe a ton on my Altima, I’d sell it to help buy this.

  23. Johnathan lee

    i’ve got two grand nationals and a t type we4 and i still would love to add this regal and now i think about it had on like this bought for wifey in 93 but had a smaller engine it was from north carolina

  24. Prowler

    With 776 miles on the clock
    Only one thing to do…keep it pickled and move it once in a while
    Pretty rare air

  25. john Taggart

    being a buick lover and owner all my life growing up onDads electras and wildcats and moms sportwagon learning to drive on a electra and parallel park all I can say about this is WOW and I want it

  26. Ck

    I like these G body cars they look good ,ride pretty nice and are easy to work on .I’ve owned both a 78 Monte Carlo with a 305 an a 86 Olds 442 with the 307. The Olds was the nicer car by far. Unfortunately at around 100k the motor gave out .I ended up taking the 350 rocket that was in a 75 cutlass that I had and dropping into the 442.The kool thing was that almost everything from the 86 307 bolted on to the 350.So what what would I do with this Regal??? Drive it!! Take the kids out for ice cream,show it off ,take it to a car show or cruze nite. Just don’t let it sit in the Barn for another 30 yrs just cuz it has low miles .

  27. MikeH

    Mid 80s, GM–the absolute low point for the American auto industry.

  28. Jennifer Lynn

    Drive it definitely!!! This car is sweet and I want it!!!

  29. Johnathan lee

    You are right I let one slip away in the 90’s and had a chance to get back and didn’t I should have

  30. Paul. A

    I’d drive it then shoe horn a 350 rocket in to it

  31. Michael Leone

    I must admit that is a rare find, 14000 – 16000, I don’t think so. New in 1986 was around 7000. I can see 10000 even in today’s dollar. But keep in mind this car has “sat”. The buyer is going to put money in it. I am sure the engine has not been pickled, nor the transmission. Anything that need grease needs come apart and relubricated. I would offer $10000 for the car today, and would be willing to take the chance. The good news is I had 4 of them over from 1979 through 1986. Great car! From my standpoint that styling was appealing. One of the draw backs is that gas mileage was around 20 – 23 mpg. One of the benefits of today’s cars is that are almost twice as efficient. Great deal for someone who wants that car. It is a one of kind. Glad I got to see it.

  32. Mike

    Ah yes,love the g bodies.Purchased new for my wife and put away in 1992,the dealer wouldn’t give me dirt for trade- in value so I kept it.Tucked away for some future date(coming soon).My self created barn find!

  33. Jim

    I would offer that this is the nicest 1986 Regal Limited in existence. It has the original 307, tranny, better exhaust, rear suspension and sound system than the one in the article. Oh yeah and it’s climbed Pike’s Peak, crossed the country a half dozen times seen every mile of I-95 from West Palm Beach, FL to Freeport Maine, crossed the Rockies in 3 blizzards and a hundred other adventures in it’s 211,000 miles.

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  34. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Funny how this car still looks modern, at least to those of us who can’t believe 30+ years have gone by !!

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