1987 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 4-Speed

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Is there a formula for the perfect muscle car buy? I’m not sure “perfect” is a word we should ever use in the collector car hobby, but there’s certainly a recipe that’s hard to beat. In the case of the Fox body Mustang, a red drop-top GT with a manual transmission is a winning combination no matter how you look at it. The seller of this seemingly stock example here on eBay is a dealer that has so far attracted bids of $5,700 with the reserve unmet.

The mileage is reported as being just under 80,000, and this is a car that certainly looks better than what its odometer suggests. The cherry red paint, turbine-style wheels, white-letter radials, and taillight covers all combine to create what is essentially an 80s masterpiece. The seller claims only a few cosmetic imperfections, so this was most likely someone’s weekend driver before ending up for sale here.

Now, the interior is a bit of a let-down, revealing a few more flaws than I was expecting given how clean the outside is. It makes you wonder if it’s been resprayed at some point. The cloth buckets definitely need some love – particularly the driver’s seat – which appears to have some staining running through the center of the seat cushion. The carpets are soiled and the door sill plate trim has some blemishes as well. The aftermarket gauges on the A-pillar aren’t a great look for an otherwise stock car, and I’d ditch those before listing it for sale if it were mine.

The door panels look a bit better than the seats, and the seller reports that the Mustang is equipped with power windows, power locks, power steering, and air conditioning (which I’m assuming works since it’s called out in the listing). The listing also claims the interior is in “excellent” condition, which is a bit curious to me – but it’s just a quick trip to the upholstery shop or simply finding a good used seat to replace the weathered driver’s bucket. What do you think a fair reserve price is?

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  1. BA

    This guy always has decent cars at great prices I’ve looked at his cars & more times then not has a AMC something I want or the four door LTD from the 70s or whatever I just like looking at the cars he has & more times than not think about flying out there & picking one up! These guy knows how to pick cars & sells them reasonable I swear!

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  2. Scrapyard John

    Shouldn’t there be a stripe on the molding done with colored tape? Usually on the red Fox body’s it was sort of an orangey color. I had an 89 GT, red over gray, with the orangey stripe on the gray molding when I was around 19. Wrecked it, unfortunately. Would love to find another one. I dig the old turbine wheels, but upgrading to the pony wheels seemed to be the trend.

    I’m betting this one has been painted. Would be a fun car with the drop top, 5 speed, and some Flowmasters. I think the foxbody Mustang made Flowmaster famous!

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    • Ray

      Given the aftermarket gauges, lack of engine photos, and notorious body flex of the fox body convertibles, I would assume it was abused and check for twist or cracks in the floorpan and torque boxes.

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  3. Davey Boy

    Had an 89 lx hatchback with cobra drivetrain and suspension. So much fun. Transmission went out and found out it wasn’t your typical 5 speed. Unfortunately there was a fire where I was storing it and burnt it to a crisp. Very sad day

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Another Country Classics car. This is typical of their inventory: used, but usually not abused. If you are willing to do some work (in this case, interior, headlights, maybe some other items) this could turn out to be a nice driver Fox.

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  5. CCFisher


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    • flynndawg

      scroll on down thru the ad… lower down it reads 5-speed…

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  6. Big C

    The aftermarket gauges tell me this bad boy was involved in the stop light to stop light gran prix. So many Fox bodies were run hard and put away wet.

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  7. Stacey Hagan

    Not a bad deal. Used to stop by there just to look at the variety of vehicles they had. They are usually very reasonable or were before the big fire they had a few years back.

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  8. PRA4SNW

    They want $15,650 for it. Seems reasonable for a drop top GT.

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  9. Johnny Hickman

    Where’s the deck lid luggage rack?

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  10. SirRaoulDuke

    That’s a 5 speed, not a 4. 84’s and up are all 5 speeds…unless you were uncool and got the slushbox.

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