1987 Shelby GLHS Survivor: Black Beauty!

Having owned a regular, non-turbo Shelby Charger at one point and enjoying it a great deal, I vividly recall the first time I saw a GLHS and was blown away by it. If you share those feelings, you can easily rekindle them by taking a look at this beautiful example listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is up to $5,600 as I write and it’s located in New Baltimore, Michigan.

Even if you aren’t a GLHS (Goes Like Hell–S’more?) fan, you can’t argue about the quality of this car. This is number 223 of 1000 produced according to the listing. Only 36,500 miles have rolled under the tires. It’s hard to believe that someone didn’t have more fun than that!

It’s just as clean from the rear. I can only think that the car could never have been driven in the snow, despite being in Michigan. In case you are wondering, the GLHS was only made in 1986 (500 were produced) and 1987 (1000 produced). There’s a neat video of the car here that shows it off nicely.

Naturally, the interior looks every bit as nice as the exterior. Yes, it’s a little plain, but the GLHS was about go, not show. With 175 horsepower and 175 foot pounds of torque, it handily outperformed most of the muscle cars of the day both in a straight line and around corners. And I can attest that the seats are as comfortable as they look.

One of the day’s more advanced turbo engines, this 2.2 liter four cylinder looks like the low mileage claim may just be accurate. I know this, I would dearly love to be the one that put my foot in it after purchase! How about you? Doesn’t this seem like a bargain compared to some of the Camaros, Mustangs and other muscle cars we’ve featured? It sure does to me, especially if the auction stays down this low.

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  1. Mitch

    These were beasts straight off the showroom floor. I forget their 1/4 mile times but they were impressive.

    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

      upper 15 secs for a 1/4 mile

      • Mark

        they were quicker than that off the showroom floor.. upper 14’s is more like it. :)

      • glhs0075
      • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

        You will have to show me a time slip, 14.7 is not an off-the-showroom 1/4 mile .

      • Ram Rod

        14.5-7dead on for a glhs. A 146hp Shelby Charger ran 15 flat to 15.5. They are two different cars. One yr 83 non turbo and 84 to 87 146hp turbo1 and 87 only glhs 175hp.

  2. Jesse Staff

    Josh and I actually test drove one of these three other day and it was nutty. I’m not sure if it was modified, but hell really did break loose when that turbo kicked in. I wanted it badly but ended up passing because the price didn’t leave room for the body work that was needed. Someone else bought it later that day and I’m still kind of wishing I’d bought it.

  3. LAB3

    Had one of these off the showroom floor. Another one was posted on here not long ago, the reasoning behind my next comment is written there. This car is a total POS!

  4. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    At 6K right now, for a real-deal mint Shelby
    That number is sure to double soon enough.

    MSRP Low Retail Avg Retail High Retail
    $12,995 $6,975 $11,900 $23,100

    And Jesse, that car was probably not modified. I had an ’86 non-Shelby GLH-T and that thing had ba!!s.

  5. shannon

    I would buy this car in a heartbeat! I remember these cars in high school. I thought they were sharp but they were front wheel drive 4 bangers so I didn’t know they were this fun till I bought an 87 Shelby csx and that car makes me grin every time I drive it!

  6. shannon

    Jesse was that car you drove in new Mexico? I saw one on Craigslist the other day


    I have posted about it more then once but these really put Chrysler back on the high performance radar. Sad to think that the majority of the Mopar crowd ignores their even existence and would rather soon forget.

    Wonder what the crowd will do then when Fiat wears out the horsepower race with themselves and people grow tired of buying limited editions of a Challenger? A recreation that has been around longer then the car it mimics!

    Enough of Fiat digging their own grave. I enjoy these 4 cylinders of turbo power and look forward to seeing an SRT4 on BF

    • Ram Rod

      14.5-7dead on for a glhs. A 146hp Shelby Charger ran 15 flat to 15.5. They are two different cars. One yr 83 non turbo and 84 to 87 146hp turbo1 and 87 only glhs 175hp.

    • Ram Rod

      Some mopar guys are like that. Myself I have a 74 cuda. I have a hot rod 01 dakota. Love the Dakota’s. I built a 88 v6 to run mid 14’s. Building a 95 4×4 with a warmed over 360 now that will have a modest 350hp. Driving a 2 wheel drive Dakota warmed over 4.7 with a 5spd. Have it in the 12’s with slicks. Mid 13’s without. It has no sense of traction on 50 series street tires. After the 4×4 is done I want to build a 426 stroker for her or a gen 3 410 stroker.

      I like the front wheel drivers too. I had a 82 charger with a 110hp ho motor. Got it in the low 14’s. Had the 87 glhs and 3 Shelby Daytonas all ran low 11’s. Warmed over a 97 neon coupe that would pull high 13’s.

      My son had a 11 second SRT 4. But the bad boy was a 98 sport neon he built. Naturally aspirated 2 liter. Tons of mods and a 2 stage 50/100 shot of nitrous. It was street legal but had to run leaded racing fuel. Thats expensive. It ran 9.8 through the qtr. No turbo. Now that was a bad nasty 2.0. He dynoed 486hp on the pavement

  8. Bob C.

    This was the result of Carroll Shelby s continued friendship with Lee Iacocca going from Ford to Chrysler Corp.

  9. navadisha

    Mid 90’s some nut job chased me around town in one just like this (yes Michigan). I’d loose him on every straightaway, pulling away until I had to stop or turn. In what? my 79 Chevy Blazer loaded with topsoil. So yeah….
    But it did make some fabulous screams behind me after every stop. Eventually I just slammed on the brakes……..

  10. Ram Rod

    Mid 14’s stock. I owned one. 175 horse. Wasn’t a true t2 car. Had a t1 bottom end with a t2 top end. Ran a 525 tranny with a torque plate on it and 3:86 gears. The better 555 was in the Daytonas. Had alot of fun with that car. Got it in the mid 11’s fairly easy. Shame a semi truck ran me over in it.

  11. Ram Rod

    A friend of mine has an 83 Shelby Charger. Far from stock and fast as hell. He runs a 2.4 status motor with a SRT4 top end. Huge turbo. Massive injectors. Gargantuan intercooler. 30lbs of boost. 2 stage nitrous system. Tons of other mods. 3spd auto with full manual valve body with reverse shift pattern. Car is street legal with air and runs 9.2 in the quarter. Bad a$$.

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