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1988 Buick Electra Wagon: Dying Breed

Buick Electra Wagon

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for some wagons! To kick things off, have a look at this Buick Electra woody wagon. Being built in ’88 means it was the last of a dying breed. It’s a big family wagon with a big V8 and faux wood paneling, something that you didn’t see often by the time it was built and something you didn’t see on many cars after. It looks to be in solid shape and the seller is asking just over $3k for, which seems like a good deal for a survivor with patina and 3rd row jump seats! The seller seems to be honest about condition, so if you are in the market for something a little different with a cool look to it you can find this Buick here on eBay in San Diego, California. So would you load your family up in this wagon for some family vacations or would you rather have more classic woody wagon? Special thanks to Robert R for this tip!


  1. JW

    IMO they didn’t die they just evolved from the station wagon to the minivan to the SUV, it changed with the times and to what consumers wanted, room for mom & pop a couple kids AWD or 4WD and somewhat better fuel mileage. The fake wood is definitely a thing of the past.

  2. rdc

    I had a 80s version of this. Wife’s favorite car. at a little over 100,00 miles it seems like every bolt came loose. Traded for a 1990 Plymouth mini-van that ate automatic transmissions. I still like wagons and we have an Explorer SUV for that reason.

  3. Tracy Carver

    Just picked up a ’94 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. The ’90’s fought back.

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  4. Ed P

    Every wagon with wood grain sides got to look like this one. Otherwise, this car needs a paint job and a new headliner and it is good to go. It would be a great grocery hauler.

  5. Keith

    Blue with woodgrain? Yikes! Normally color isn’t a major factor for me, but that combo is really off-putting. (Why couldn’t it have been white, tan, maroon – pretty much any of the other color options, really?)

    That said, I’d still take one. Just maybe not this one.

    Sad to say that I junked one about 10 years ago. Bought it for the fresh 307 that was in it – which was promptly dropped into my Regal, and the rest of the wagon dropped at the scrap yard. They were plentiful then. Now? Just another regrettable crushing.

  6. jim s

    yes the marshmallow man is on BF again. the last time i was on sellers site there was a volvo 264 with a manual fo sale. if you look at all the items for sale at seller store you will get a good laugh. this would make a good daily driver if it checks out. since it has a frame might make a good tow vehicle. nice find.

  7. Jason


  8. Grant

    Seriously? An 88 Buick wagon? I can see something cool from the 50s or 60s, or even a big 70s boat but an 88 Buick wagon? You have lost your way, Barnfinds. This isn’t a classic car, its an 80 era GM piece of garbage….

    • Jason

      Yep. We want quality over quantity.

    • MIkeG

      Just because you think it’s a piece of garbage, their are many who love odd survivors like this. So, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it!

      • Don

        I have a old Mercury 1989 Wagon very reliable

    • Al Christy Jr.

      I owned and drove a total of 5 full sized wagons spanning 20 years. They were the perfect cargo, kid, boat and trailer haulers. They were all V8s, from the admittedly anemic 5 liter mentioned above, to a 454 CID OPEC supporter. I drove the 88 Electra for 12 years, and it was my all time favorite. This auto was classified an Executive luxury estate wagon, cost $25,000.00 in 1988, and had almost every amenity available at the time. I’d still be driving wagons if they were still offered. Try throwing a 70 pound canoe up on the racks of your SUV.

      • Russell Casey

        Wagons from Volvo, Mercedes and Subaru, perhaps others, are still available, just nothing like the old wagons sad to say.

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    • Eddie

      It would seem that people like you do not understand that vehicles like this were hold-overs from an earlier time that not everyone wanted to let go of. Many of them are closet wagon lovers, of which I am one. Station wagons are the unloved and unrewarded heroes of the automotive world. They got used hard and then thrown away and have never been appreciated. I’ve had 4 Pinto wagons and one 1989 Crown Victoria station wagon. A car that my wife and I lovingly called “The Coroner’s Car.” Dark metallic blue, alloy wheels and it was a joy to drive. It had had some changes made. When the second owner got it the 302 was tired and the AOD 4 speed automatic was toast so he substituted a 5.0 HO out of a Fox body Mustang and a straight-thru 3 speed automatic. Horrible gas mileage. Horrible highway speed. But thrilling when it came to acceleration and show-off burn-outs at stop lights. We drove it until a winter accident destroyed the whole front clip. I wish I still had it.

  9. Chevy Beater

    All of you wagon haters, your prejudice = your loss! I have a 91 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon that has 70K on the odo and never gives me a minutes problem! This is a vehicle that is left at our second home and therefore gets intermittent use. Never ever fails to start, rides like you are riding on air, everything works, believe it or not the gas mileage is NOT bad, and the back folds down and has more carrying capacity than my Tundra! See attached pic. I love it and would never give it up!!

  10. George

    Big V8? It’s the standard 305.

    • Ralph H.

      Ah, no, it had a 307 Olds…

  11. Bradley Clark

    I look forward to see this posting every day. Great site. However, by all that is sacred & groovy, if I see the word “patina” again, I will puke on my laptop and charge you for the repairs.

    • Russell Casey

      Patina. there I said it. Some would say my 95 BMW e34 with mostly original paint has patina. I say it has nicks and scratches and a couple of dings. :)

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