1989 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park LS

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It’s hard for some of us to realize that a perfectly modern-feeling, easy-starting, luxurious car like this 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park LS is three-and-a-half decades old now, give or take. This is a car that you can just buy and drive today without any excuses or apologies. The seller has it posted here on eBay in West Bloomfield, Michigan and the current bid price is $2,750 with an $8,000 buy-it-now price listed.

Yes, sir/ma’am, this is, for all intents and purposes, a modern car. Some of you will scoff at that and say that it’s ancient in technology and certainly not as safe as vehicles available new today, and you’re right. I’m just comparing it to a 1973 Nova or a 1954 Packard or other “old” vehicles shown here. This sixth-generation Colony Park is 100% original and from Florida, so the seller says that it has no rust.

Plus, it’s beautiful. Or, since that’s a subjective word, I can say that it’s in beautiful condition. Whether a person thinks that a giant station wagon with fake woodgrain on the exterior is “beautiful” or not, is up to each of us to decide. I believe this color is Light Crystal Blue Metallic as it looks silver or light blue depending on the light and angle. This one also has the optional turbine spoke aluminum wheels, nice. This car is literally crying out for some whitewall tires, though.

The LS was the top-level version of this car, over the GS. As such, it has added features but leather seating was still optional, and this car has it. Nice. It looks great inside both front and rear, as well as in the huge rear cargo area. Hiding under that cargo floor is yet another seating area. Speaking of under, the seller isn’t kidding when they say this car is rust-free, it’s beautiful underneath, too.

The engine is Ford’s 302-cu.in. fuel-injected OHV V8, which would have been factory-rated at 160 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque when new. It runs great, as expected, and everything works other than the fuel gauge. Would any of you buy a 34-year-old car as a daily driver?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Looks like a clean, well-maintained Colony Park. Scotty put into words my first thought: “needs some whitewalls.” As to his point about it largely feeling like a new car, I would generally agree. I was having a similar conversation with a friend today about a 1965 model car she was considering, in this case how drastically different it would feel and drive.

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  2. Alexander

    The model/concept was 15-20 years out of date by the time that car was built. My understanding is that until the Dodge Magnum version, the Buick Roadmaster and Saturn SW station wagons were the very last American “station wagons,” not counting frossovers like Subaru’s Forester/Outback……..

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    • Billyray

      These cars were highly prized by business owners and contractors. I knew one that was extremely disappointed when they were discontinued and was forced to get the Buick wagon which he was no fan of. This car is a gem, and will probably reach its reserve.

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    • nlpnt

      I think the Ford Focus was the last real non-“lifestyle”/non-crossover wagon, it was offered through the 2006 model year and had the same cubic cargo volume as a Magnum on a much smaller footprint.

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      • Bobch

        How about the Sable station wagon? Built till 2008 or 2009?

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  3. mercedes 600

    Buy this and it is a given that at the grocery store there will be Babes waiting to talk with you. Of course they will be grandmothers with grandchildren. Works every time I know I have Country Squire.

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    • John EderMember

      I was a senior citizen before I realized that a dog was the ultimate chick magnet. At my age, my dog and I hang out in front of assisted living facilities…

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  4. Anonymous1

    None of the downsized wagons really looked as balanced as their predecessors.

    But for some reason, the big, upright windows, small body, no tumble home on the rear overhang, and a rear track about 4” too narrow made these Fords especially awkward to me.

    And yes, whitewalls would make a world of difference.

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  5. Tony Primo

    The owner of a company that I worked for as a student, bought a loaded one of these, every two years. It’s like a Lincoln that can carry a 4 x 8 sheet of drywall in the back. You don’t just go down to the corner tire store and buy whitewalls anymore. They are hard to come by and very expensive.

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  6. Jonathan A. Green

    Lucked out. This is just a few miles away, and it’s now at $5600.00 and reserve not met. Because at $3000 or less I’d be there yesterday!

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  7. Paul

    I would definitely buy one in a minute!! Gotta have the whitewalls on it so it can change the whole appearance of the station wagon. These station wagons bring back lots of memories. My wife bought a red 1990 Colony Park LS 10 passenger with the same wheels brand new.

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  8. Fred Gerber

    Had that identical car in the early 90’s, used it as a taxi and put 500k on the clock with no major issues. You could pack in the large groups with the 3rd row seats, great car just like driving a cloud.

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  9. jwzg

    The only things this car is crying out for is a 347, TractionLok rear end with 3.73s, and a Lentech AOD.

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    • MikeG.

      Yeah ! Right !

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  10. Peggy

    I love these older station wagons ! I had a ’72 Torino, which is the same frame as this car. Ford did a downsizing kick in ’73, so the mid-size Torino was then the full-sized LTD/Crown Vic/Colony Park. When the Torino bit the dust, I bought an ’85 LTD/Crn. Vic. When the wiring harness croaked on the ’85, I bought an ’89 Colony Park LS. All a 302 auto and every car averaged 235,000, 250,000 and 312,000 miles, before it died. Great cars and I miss them. I moved onto an F150 when Ford dumped the wagons. The wagons were more versatile. Miss them.

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  11. Clarke

    According to Craigslist, it sold on March 17th, for $7.580.

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  12. Denny N.Member

    A perfect demolition derby candidate! Those big whale wagons could take a beating, especially if you rammed your opponent by backing into his car, thus preserving your engine and radiator.

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  13. Bill West

    I’ve been driving the Panther chassis for many years now. Had an 87 Squire, an 89 Gran Marquis, a 91 Squire. All well excellent platforms! My current daily driver of 12 years is a 94 Lincoln Town car that I got for free with only 58k! About to turn 170k. Fuel economy, weight carrying capability and ease of most repairs on these converted this long term GM owner who still bleeds Chevy orange.

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  14. DRV

    It looks so much like a Chevy I’d bet some trim is interchangeable….
    The fuel injection is a huge benefit over the last carburetor version.

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