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20 Years Away: 1968 Ford Galaxie Convertible


A true barn find, this 1968 Ford Galaxie has been hiding for more than 20 years in a barn. The dirt sure shows it, too! The top had just been installed, and then the car was covered with a sheet in the barn. It’s now been somewhat re-commissioned and is for sale in Oxford, Ohio, and listed here on eBay where the opening bid is $1,400 with a reserve.


I’m guessing this picture is the day the current seller “rescued” it from the barn. Since purchasing the car, they have gotten the motor running, installed new points, and state the car runs and drives both well and quietly. The seller says they see no rust or holes, and from the limited pictures we see in the auction listing I would say it’s believable.


As you can see, there’s a lot of cleaning necessary in the interior. This reminds me of a Jaguar XJS that I dragged out of a forest after ten years of being there that had mold growing all over the interior. It took a tremendous amount of cleaning and replacement before the smell wasn’t overpowering. I suspect the odor will take a while to remove from here as well.


The dash pad looks largely uncracked, but I’m sorry, the fuzzy dice have to go! The hardly worn pedal pads make the less than 72,000 miles believable, and maybe, just maybe, the carpet will respond to cleaning. If not, replacement sets are available for less than $200. The previous owner had the car for 36 years–in a situation like that, I’d try to get in touch with them to learn as much about the history of the car as I could. What about you–do you try to gather the history of the cars that you own? Would you like to add this one to your garage? Any tips on how to clean this interior up? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Truly a marvelous find, and in a good color, too. Looks like a 302, with BoatAnchor transmission! Hard car to find in Ohio.

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  2. Avatar photo randy

    Great find, I’m going to say it should easily go over 5K. Another great starter car for a young enthusiast. I’d be bidding on this if it were closer to home.

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  3. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    I was flipping bank repos back in the 70s’. picked up a 72 Comet 4 door sedan for $300. I thought the car was tan with a black interior. Interior was in similar condition, due to the dead rats under the front seats (they got caught up in the seat springs) and 3 brown lunch sacks of French fries picked up from under/behind the back seat. Never thought I would get the smell out. Pulled the whole interior, except door panels. Hit seats and hung carpets over a chain link fence and got out the pressure washer. About 5 hours later the seats and carpet were back to the original blue, and look almost like new. 2 Days with a buffer and DuPont #7 and the car was white, again. The interior on this Galaxie reminds me of the Comet. BTW sold the Comet for $2100.00, and the smell came out. If this interior is moldy, may have to start from springs and re-do the seats and carpets.

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  4. Avatar photo GeeBee

    Westley’s Bleche White white wall cleaner is great for seat covers and carpets. Just get a hose, lightly wet the surface, scrub with a brush, rinse a bit, then wet vac as much water out as possible. Then, park in the sun to finish drying. I ran a detail business for awhile, and got this tip from a used car dealer that was a client.

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  5. Avatar photo L J

    I had a convertible sitting for over ten years. The dash and seat surfaces gathered some mold. I used white vinegar and sunshine to get rid of the mold.

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  6. Avatar photo jim BROWN

    Love to know all the history I can on all my cars.

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  7. Avatar photo jim grossnickle

    i know the person that rescued this car known him for over 30 years he is very straight forward guy

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    Awwllrriigghht.. A little rot,, a little mildew,, overall nice find.. I could do this one..

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  9. Avatar photo Wayne

    As per the interior? A couple of large spray bottles of “Fabulous” Formula 409 and a case of paper towels. Trust me. Done there, been that…

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  10. Avatar photo Jay

    Love this car. My grandfather had a yellow 68 hardtop coupe with a 302 and a three on the tree manual transmission. It went to the junk yard in 1976 with a rotted frame. It was replaced by a Pinto.

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