20 Years In The Barn: 1952 Chevy 3600 Pickup

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The pictures for this 1952 Chevy pickup are the kind that gets barn finders excited to drag home a long-forgotten project. Although in this instance, despite being parked in this barn for 20 years, the long-term family owners likely didn’t forget about the trusty 3600-series pickup on their property but simply replaced it with something newer. Find this recently extracted pickup here on craigslist in Georgia with a $5K asking price. 

The price seems slightly optimistic to me, especially with rust in all four cab corners and floorpans that need replacing. The seller notes that it wears heavily faded green paint that would do well in a restoration that relies on keeping the roughshod exterior preserved, and I agree that’s the best approach. The original wood bed is still present, and pictures show it to be largely complete.

The interior is far from a lost cause, though you’ll likely want to give it a thorough cleaning before spending too much time inside. The Chevy is equipped with a six-cylinder motor that still turns freely and is paired to a 3-speed on the column. The dashboard needs some love and it looks like a hack job was performed to install an aftermarket radio, but glass and door panels appear to be sound.

The step side bed is a desirable feature for some enthusiasts, and this Atlanta-built Chevy 3600 hasn’t gone far from the assembly line considering it still lives in Kennesaw, GA. This part of the world is a fertile hunting ground for vintage trucks, so be sure to check out our recent Barn Finds Exclusive post for several truck projects we have on offer from the large Georgia collection.

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  1. MoparDude


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  2. Chevy Guy

    This is literally my dream truck, kind of like this one here

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  3. Mountainwoodie

    To put it politely, the seller is dreaming.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    I like what I see although the asking price is well out of my budget. Just the same it doesn’t look like a lot of bodywork will need to be done. A lot of cleaning up for sure. I’m a little surprised to see a three-speed on this truck as the vast majority of these ran four-speeds. I always like the granny low and reverse gears on the 4-spd. manual. I might add that with a 216 you need some extra gears to launch the machine. I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same transmission as you would have in a 1/2 ton. In fact I’d guess it to be similar to the one in the International 3/4 tonners of the same vintage. They were HEAVY, and consequently well-built…

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  5. John Oliveri

    If your into trucks, it’s cool, gotta be handy, cause restoration will put you in over what it’s worth

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      The way I see it, the vast majority of projects will cost you more to restore than they’re worth. You’ve got to love what you’re doing or it isn’t worth it…

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  6. Sandy Mitchell

    Seems like taking on any project that is burned or rotten is a tough place to start. I like projects where the starting point is basically sound. But if money and time are not important factors,…and the numbers match.

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  7. Ossie

    Why can’t a barn hunter at least NOT take a pik with his new found bargain on the trailer he snatched it from the previous owner? Reeks of look what I have just conned an old farmer out of, Now show me all your money! No wonder he pulled the add, he was probably getting more laughs than Billy Connoly in his heyday with that asking price!

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  8. Mark David

    I’m always surprised at the prices people ask for these barn-find haulers. $5K is, er, optimistic. It makes me wonder what I could get for my running, starting, stopping and beautifully worn ‘54.

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