2,000 Miles From New: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

This 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 10th Anniversary edition has a mere 2,014 miles on the clock since new. The body, interior and engine bay remain in mint condition, although it is not the desirable and rare 400 mill. While the 403 may be less exciting, the car is still likely one of the best preserved examples in existtence. Find it here on eBay with bidding approaching $40K and the reserve unmet. 

The seller claims he has known the owner since childhood, and recalls the day his friend purchased the car new. The 10th Anniversary models featured silver paint with a matching interior, along with a special Firebird hood emblem, all of which appears unscathed on this example. The tires are original and uncracked and the seller claims the last time it was drive on the road was in 1985; it has been started periodically since then.

The interior is a time warp, going back to the day it left the showroom. The 10th Anniversary cars have set some records in the last few years, including one with 7.9 original miles that sold for $187,000 – but that was the ultimate spec, with a manual transmission and the desirable 400 mill. This 403-equipped car won’t sell anywhere near that amount, but it’s still making a strong showing thus far. What do you think the reserve is set at?

Under hood, aside from some dirt and dusty surfaces, the engine looks as you would expect for this kind of mileage. The engine runs out as it should and fires up with ease, notes the seller. The Trans Am’s A/C system has not been tested, but the compressor does still engage. The only deviation from stock is a replacement battery, sourced at the local GM dealer. What would you do with a time capsule like this that will likely always be display-only?

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    Beautiful car but sadly your buying milage on an odometer and the minute you start using it your values will drop. So what do you do with it treat it like a new car and drive it or leave it sit in your garage taking up space. Personally I’d drive it I’d take good care of it and I’d park it in the winter. Cars are ment to be driven and this owner has missed out on years of enjoyment. I’ll bet the next owner won’t.

    • Billy 007

      I am guessing the owner already has plenty of cars and money, so this was just put away as an investment. Regular people like most of us couldn’t do this, at least not financially. Don’t lose sleep over him not enjoying driving it, I doubt he had to walk to church all those years.

  2. Dale


  3. DerekF

    That’s strange- I was under the impression all 10th anniversary cars were 400 powered, regardless of transmission choice, and that Pontiac saved all of the remaining 400s just for these cars.

    Then why preserve this one?

    • Houseofhotrods

      Derek – there were 7500 of the 10th Anniversary T/A’s produced. Around 1800 of them got the T/A 6.6 220 HP mill, of which Pontiac has “saved” for these cars, the remaining gettting the Olds 403 185 HP variant. Not really a ‘rare’ car as many were stashed away, and huge price tags put on them from new. The desired power train obviously is the T/A 6.6 w 4 speed. :-)

  4. Jack M.

    How hard is it to test an a/c system? Slide the lever to cold. Sneaky way of not admitting that it’s not working. Plastic tarp would be more beneficial underneath the car than on top of it.

  5. David

    These cars are a tough call, as they say, you are buying low miles and as soon as you start driving it the value will go down. The 403 doesn’t help either. There wasn’t much horsepower to speak of the the late 70s and the 400 Pontiac was already gone.

  6. Mike74

    Awesome car is this similar to smoky and bandit?

  7. sir mike

    Bidding how much already?? And why?? Don’t get it…sorry

  8. Madmatt

    This is really nice,but I would have to drive it,
    at least to shows/meets,and for that kind of money,
    I would be afraid to drive it…! LOL….These are very Iconic,
    and I haven’t seen one in years.I think these style/vintage T/A’s
    may always be more collectable than the same vintage of Z/28..?
    most were Just plain cooler looking to me….as a teen..
    This sure is a nice example though…,very nice “find”

  9. Ken

    The 403 came in California cars to meet emmision laws.

  10. Neal Elden

    I dont get the price on this, it is a real shame it wasnt driven. I love that moment when you hit that point where you are just having a blast to drive what your in…..


      i’d pay full sticker price, no more!


    That interior is a rare color now as you don’t see them much. That color didn’t hold up and wear well. IDK if it’s being reproduced.

  12. gregwnc

    I’ve owned a few Trans Am’s, including a new ’80 and enjoyed each one. I hear what everybody says about not understanding how or why someone would do this to a car that, at the time, just wasn’t the special edition to have (not being the Poncho 6.6L 4 spd.).

    I think most people that do this just see this like any other investment that will sit on a shelf and not be used for what we know it should be used for. I’d much rather have a great car with miles on it that I can enjoy. I can’t afford a giant paperweight that even if i could afford to buy it, I could never drive it because it would instantly lose value. When i see these, I’m both happy to see such a pristine version of this classic and at the same time sad that this poor thing will probably never be enjoyed by someone as a real car.

    Stepping off the pulpit….to each his own.

  13. Oops unhooked again

    Let’s be honest?
    Old cars no computers in car system

    IE….did the speedo ever go unhooked to get your drive fix 👁

  14. Driven NOT Hidden

    A car is just an extension / example of whom we are and like as people, each of us is different and a car in my opinion should be driven and not hidden. I am an Australian whom has purchased and fully restored a 1971 Boss 302. Has the car been restored back to original specs … no it has an Australian XR6 interior, Color Grey and has been done up to my likes … there has not been any part that has not been, repainted or replaced, it is neither overstated or understated … it is a reflection of me and gets driven daily, wins many awards and I love it. If you dont like it so be it but why buy a car if you dont use it … what a waste of your money.

  15. Ching -A-Trailer

    Re: “Bidding” when Reserve not Met – we have to assume it’s the shills at work.

  16. Dave

    The market is very tight for a car like this, it’s almost 40 years old and near new condition, there are a few issues here, the age and all the dried up seals from sitting all those years, It is a limited market and it is a late 70s car, not much to speak of in HP, it would have helped if it was the Pontiac 400, still low on power. As mentioned earlier, as soon as you drive this car the miles go up and collectable value goes down. .

  17. Paul Clandorf

    What was the original sticker price.
    I would guess around $7,500.00.
    The bidding on this seems silly to me.

    • Bill Owens BillO Staff

      Window sticker showing on eBay pictures is $10,778.55. It would be a bargain at that price, but it’s up to $39,600 as I write this. Buy it now of $56,000 is in line with what I checked on NADA classic values at average retail, not high retail. May be a good buy at $56,000, but not for my wallet.

  18. Roy Hobbs

    Cars are only original once. An original 2k mile example is what collectors in this arena swoon over. Hard for most people to wrap their heads around it, but there’s something all too ethereal about seeing this everyday in your garage and being swept back to ’79. I do the same with my 10k mi 93 Alfa spider.

    Flame suit on…

  19. JohnD

    $187,000? Even $40k+ seems rather steep…can you say “T/A Bubble?”

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