23,000 Original Miles: 2000 Volvo V70 Wagon

After having my first child last year, I’ve quickly realized my daily driver sedan is not long for this world. Man, you haul a lot of stuff with kids in tow. I’m not inclined to adding one more CUV to the roadways, so a station wagon is where I want to be. But a station wagon with a manual transmission is near impossible to find these days. Perhaps an extremely low-mileage Volvo V70 from the early 2000s would do the trick? Find this 23,000 mile example here on eBay and bids over $4K.

If I could get over my hatred of automatics, I’d be giving this one a serious look. The seller says cosmetically it’s above-average, and I’d go so far as to say it looks better than that. No obvious paint damage or body dents, and unmarked bumpers front and rear. As a wagon that quickly became the preferred vehicle to pass down to kids when they left for college, very few of them have escaped years of neglect and outright abuse.

The interior is immaculate, and in my experience, this generation of Volvo cabins does not wear very well. The fact that the heated leather seats are still nicely bolstered with no obvious tears and the fake woodgrain trim is still lustrous are two major points in the Volvo’s favor. The seller notes it was owned by an elderly couple who used it sparingly and took it to Volvo of Greenville for service appointment, big or small.

The turbocharged 5-cylinder makes a wonderful noise, and although it will always feel somewhat muted behind the automatic transmission, it’s a fine commuter vehicle that can easily get up and go. The engine bay shows as you’d expect a sub-30,000 mile car to present, and the spotless valve cover is a rarity even on low-use cars. With no rust and careful owners, there’s no doubt in my mind this V70 will go to lead second, third, and fourth lives with subsequent owners.

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  1. Pat

    Nice, I love these cars; I had an s70 glt from new, kept it until it had 300k. Car seemed to be indestructible. We Still have my wife’s c70 convertible with much lower mileage. I see this v70 has the same issue with the interior door panels separating. The panels are no longer available, but there are many fixes posting on Volvo forums.

  2. Daved

    Nothing but love for this long roof!

  3. Pete

    I love me some long roofs, however, give me a early 80s 245 brick instead of this. The year that they switched to these HIDEOUS tail lights, I immediately fell out of love and never looked back.

  4. CanuckCarGuy

    Sweet wagon, if only it was an R model it would be perfect.

  5. George

    That wood is real.

  6. Dick Johnson

    “YEWW DON’T know NUTHIN’ !!” — Hillbilly from “DELIVERANCE”

    Congrats on your first child. With our first child we had the 1600 roadster as a primary vehicle. Then the 100LS which ment the roadster was still the pimary vehicle.

    Now, 49 years later, the Greats have shown up. I never knew that infants and toddlers have to have a long roof’s amount of cargo space just for one great-grandchild, let alone four. Plus two toddlers, and one more g-gc on the way. We feed ’em surgar and expresso for dinner if the parents don’t show up on time to pick em’ up.

    Too bad that cars like these are so rare around here or I woulda’ bought one. So now if you leave your child, you leave your van or crossover as well.

  7. Tin box

    I picked up a white V70 t5 when my daughter was born, ran to 200k with no issues…could carry so much, and still the most comfortable seats ever.

    • Daved

      You are so right! Those seats and the ones that came in the S60/V70 afterwards are nearly reason enough to own one. If anyone hasn’t ever sat in any, do yourself a favor and find one for a few minutes of seat time!

  8. Seth KARPEN

    If you buy one of these the timing belt needs to be replaced every 10 years or 100k miles

  9. Superdessucke

    $5,900, and the auction isn’t over! This might be a new record for one of these. I’m sure the Volvo faithful are watching this one very closely. This one could be a market setter. The Platinum standard for 850 values.

  10. Seth KARPEN

    I know that it is,low mileage, we paid apx 8k for a 2006 v70 xc. I think that this car will be going for more than book value

  11. David Miraglia

    Not collectible but a good daily driver with plenty of life left in it.

  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    Fine looking car there. Friend has a 2018 5 cylinder turbo, think is a something 70 sedan and it’s a fine running car. If I was in the area in need of a dd even though it has a sunroof, I’d give it a serious look.

  13. P Wentzell

    I looked at one of these last year a neighbor was selling. He recently had been ‘flipping’ a few cars and I was looking for a ‘weekend’ special (still looking).
    The wagon was the same model as this one, sunroof, rack, and other extras. It also had a shredded drivers seat, many dents and dings, faded paint, and all kinds of stains in the carpet, especially in the cargo area. I ran. I ran so far away.

    • Steve

      Did you run all night and day? LOL

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