25 Years of Hiding: 1970 Ford Mustang 428 SCJ

The seller of this 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ Drag Pack car claims it has been in hiding for 25 years. This is the seller’s first listing ever on eBay, and it seems they have discovered either the genuine article as far as Mustang barn finds go, or is incredibly skilled at staging an old garage to look that way. This example unfortunately is lacking its original powerplant due to an earlier theft, but seems solid enough to warrant finding the correct replacement 428 mill. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $19K and the reserve unmet. 

The Mustang is now on its fourth owner, and the third caretaker was the one who had the unfortunate experience of the car being stolen. The story, as told by the seller, is that it ended up in a chop shop with the drivetrain stripped and sold off. The car was recovered and returned to its rightful owner, but as the third owners of any car will often do, an easier and cheaper motor was sourced and installed. The Mustang now has the 351 and four-speed combo that the third owner procured to get the car back on the road.

The seller notes that there are 428 engines currently for sale on eBay, and this really is the way to go if you want to restore the Mustang correctly. A genuine 428 SCJ drag pack car will always be desirable, even if the motor is non-numbers matching. These models also featured locking rear ends, ram air induction, and heavy-duty suspension, including staggered rear shocks. The seller doesn’t elaborate as to how much of the original SCJ kit remains, and how far the chop shop went in removing the desirable bits. The interior looks quite complete.

Assuming the hood is original, that would make this a 428 SCJ with the optional Ramair set-up. Factor in that this is an original manual transmission car and you have one of the most desirable Mustangs ever built. Although its value will always be hampered by the missing original motor, 428s are special enough that the truly industrious restorer could set out to find the matching mill; in the meantime, a replacement 428 will only increase this car’s value further and ensure the next owner keeps it under lock and key.


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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    I had a major client who owned one of these with the Super CJ under the ‘Shaker Hood’, back in the 1970s, same colour and all.

    He had one speed, which was foot-to-the-floor, and made riding with him around SoCal rather ‘exciting’, especially as the dude was what was termed back then as a ‘functioning alcoholic’.

    In spite of that, the car was flawless…

    • Angrymike

      DrI almost pulled the trigger on a 1969 Mach 1 back in 1990, no shaker, but a 351 auto, slats, rear and front spoiler maroon with black interior.
      If it would have had
      A- a shaker
      B- 351 Cleveland (didn’t come out till 70)
      C- a 4 speed
      I’d have bought it, it was really really clean with just over 70,000 miles.
      The price ? $-5500.00.
      It was a beautiful car, but I wanted a 4 gear and either a big block or the stronger Cleveland engine.
      I still kicking myself for not buying it.

      I ended up with a 70 Camaro SS with a 69 Vette L68 big block and of course a 4 gear. Fastest car I ever drove !
      I will always love the 69-70 Mustang body style, but they are so far out of reach for me anymore, it’s a pipe dream !
      I did end up with a 06 GT convertible, but nothing beats the 60’s and very early 70’s styles of 90% of the cars !
      Simply beautiful !

      • Angrymike

        Here’s the Camaro i bought with the L68, the tri-power was long gone. I spun a bearing so I yanked it, rebuild and then put it in a 67 Chevelle SS. I’ll post both picture’s !

  2. Shayne

    Marti report states it’s a C6 auto car. Not factory manual. And not a shaker car. But it doesn’t hurt having it there.

    • Magstar67

      It’s an R engine code so it’s a shaker car, non shaker would be a Q code. Nice car it seems for a project if I was in the market.

  3. Part time

    Where’s the tachometer? Even if it really was the SCJ shown in Marti report I really think the assigned VIN kills the value.

    • Doug

      and automatic transmission too.

  4. Alan

    Regarding classic Mustangs I bought All original 1973 Mustang Hardtop coupe bronze ext color with brown leather interior All original 8600 miles 302 2B, Factory AC, Factory AM radio, manual windows. I paid 17K . here is link original AD by seller http://www.connorsmotorcar.com/vehicles/258/1973-ford-

    • Rick A. Loera Member

      That looks just like the Mustang that i saw in a wrecking yard back in 1984. It was being used to fetch small parts, and take customers out in the yard to find the parts that they needed. Huge yard. The car was actually very clean. Don’t even know why it was there. The thing that caught my eye was that this car had every option that you could get on a Mustang in 73. Including power windows, and AM/FM stereo, 351 V-8, Grande package etc. That Mustang deserved better then that. I thought that even back then when it was just another old car.

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Looks in great shape, but $17k for a 73? There must be something personally special about it for you. As long as the buyer is happy I suppose.

      • Alan

        Again Not alot of 73 Mustang coupes in All original condition and 8K miles since new with all documentation! to be honest he was listing car for 19K Since I was had already bought 78 Coupe DeVille before from him he accepted 17K

  5. Classic Steels

    Car is removed

    • dan

      no,no it’s not

  6. John Gall

    These stories always start off good, with nice photos, then they fall apart.
    Less drama and more facts up front please.

  7. Troy s

    Things gonna get real busy like with 4.30 gears whether it was an automatic or a 4 speed! Easy 13 second quarters with this, well, if you could get it off the line 😂! But highway cruising would not be a pleasure at all. The 351 Cleveland in it now probably ain’t too shabby either and actually probably burns as much gas as the 428 if not more. Interesting car, like the looks of it.

  8. Jose Delgadillo

    1970 Mustangs are my favorite first gen design. The fastbacks are the most desirable. I thought that I could do an end run on the high prices by starting with a salvage title but straight, six cylinder coupe. The 250 cid, six models carry five lug wheels and the same size drums as the base V8’s. The auto tranny has the same bell housing pattern as the V8 also. I pulled the wiring harness and repaired all the damage that had been done by previous owners. I fixed up the brakes and chassis, used 15 Ranger wheels and had it painted, Highland green of course! I did a little custom work on it with a new grille and tail light panel.

    Ran pretty good, but when I looked at adding a V8, disc brakes and some other upgrades I decided that I didn’t want to invest any more money in it. Next time I will start with a V8 car with disc brakes and A/C. And it will be a ’71-’73 coupe.

  9. Larry harwood

    In 1998 sold a 1970 Mustang, SCJ, 428, 4-speed, fastback, factory black on black Mustang with only 2000 miles. Was special ordered by speed shop owner and most miles were from flat towing to track. Interior was perfect. Body was perfect. Engine was gone. Would love to have it back

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