26,882 Miles: 1977 Dodge D100 Adventurer

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You would think that a truck with the name “Adventurer” would have racked up a few hundred thousand miles and be on its second engine by now, wouldn’t you? Well, in the case of this 1977 Dodge D100 Adventurer here on eBay, you’d be wrong. With only 26,882 original miles, it hasn’t been on many adventures – well, at least not many that went too far from home. Although these trucks didn’t deviate too much from the standard models beyond some trim options, it’s still rare to find one in such unused condition. There’s no reserve at the moment, making this one extra compelling.

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The 360 V8 is stirred via a 4-speed manual transmission. Although the exterior bears the scars of the hot Nevada sun (and possibly a few sandstorms), the engine bay looks clean and wonderfully stock. For vehicles with strong low-mileage claims, a tidy engine bay helps allay fears of odometer fraud. The Adventurer didn’t get any extra power under the hood, but this example is still nicely equipped with power steering and disc brakes, as well as additional fuel capacity and a heavy-duty rear bumper with an integrated hitch.

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The interior is a bit of a let-down, admittedly, for the mileage. The bench seat is torn and it generally looks dingy, but at least the dash isn’t cracked. Does it ever make you wonder how a truck with such little use ended up looking this filthy on the inside? It’s too bad, since the interior is where the Adventurer package paid some dividends: wood trim, full carpeting, extra padding in the bench seat and other creature comforts. It also added the chrome grill on the front end and dual horns. This particular truck also wore a cap on the back, so the bed remains in excellent condition.

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Does anyone know if that rear bumper was a factory option? It certainly appears to be integrated nicely. The seller claims that this truck was sold to a dealer by its original Nevada owner just one week ago, so it will be onto owner number three shortly. I’m not sure where I stand on this D100 Adventurer, as there are features that seem to validate the low mileage and other aspects that just don’t make sense for a truck that supposedly received such low use. What do you think – is this a real-deal survivor or has it been around the block a few times?

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  1. jim s

    sold for $ 3102. someone got a nice work truck. even has shoulder belts so you can mount a childs car seat. great find.

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    • Greg

      Nobody should put a child in this.

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      • Mark S

        Why not?

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  2. Brad

    Was the dog included in the deal? Would be make or break for me!

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  3. grenade

    Now this, is a cool truck. I’d love to have that 360 engine and that 4spd in a Plymouth Trail Duster. Big fun.

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  4. TomMember

    Not sure if I am buying the low mileage. The bed would indicate that mileage but the seat and the door panels would not. the general condition of the vehicle is good but actually fairly beat up for that kind of mileage over 39 years. Do the math, less than 700 miles a year. Sorry, just does not line up for me. Lets just say the owner was not too worried about chips and dings etc. 77, we’ll assume no horsepower, torque is questionable. 127K miles in Nevada is more in line with what I am seeing here. even that is only like 3200 mile per year. Looking at the truck in a dry climate, sounds more in line to me.

    good deal for the 3K, that is about it.

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    • JCW

      My ex father in law bought a new w150 in 78 when he passed 2 years ago my son got the truck and it still only has about 61000 on it.

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  5. WLB

    Doesn’t a red on white in the tenth of a mile reading on the odometer reading mean a replacement speedo?

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    • John

      Red means it’s been around once.

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  6. Cody

    What do you think – is this a real-deal survivor or has it been around the block a few times?

    It has been around the block a few hundred thousand times. The inside of the box has been repainted. It’s way to shiny and glossy compared to the rest of the truck. Pretty cool that it has a hurst shifter. For 3100, it will be a unique and fun truck for whoever bought it.

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  7. skloon

    Calling that a 4 speed is funny L-1-2-3 I never used L on the road even pulling a 4 horse trailer with ours- good deal for somebody

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  8. dave

    Here is an 1970 with less than 13,000 miles that sold a couple of years ago

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  9. seth

    bumpers were not included with trucks in that era as factory standard items. We had a 76 Dodge D100mpickup that came without a bumper. I remember ordering one from JC Whitney and having it show up parcel post

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  10. M B

    Definitely not a factory bumper. I didn’t see an a/c compressor, just the idle pulleys where one would otherwise be?

    Back then, you spec’d out the front tires, the rear tires, the spare tire (if one was even desired!), the front bumper, and the rear bumper. The Adventurer package was the upscale trim option, which would have included a chrome front bumper, plus the upgraded interior trim.

    With that 8-10″ “drop” rear bumper and the trailer safety cable attachment eyelets, PLUS that extra gas tank door on the rh bedside, there’s no telling what it used to pull OR just how worn the drivetrain items might be (even if well-maintained). I’d be more inclined toward 100K+ miles, all things considered. In other words, what was being towed probably exceeded the factory tow capacity (all things considered) for an otherwise 1/2 pickup.

    With the suspected lack of any a/c system, that would also indicate more or a “work truck” than a “pleasure truck”. Reason, as I learned many years ago, was that during the summer, the “hands” would not sit in the truck with the a/c going rather than working in the heat (even in West Texas). Be that as it may.

    There used to be one of the black spacer washers in the odometer which would change colors (black to white?) the next time the particular drum went to the next number, IF the odometer had been “turned back”. But not sure for what particular model years that worked on.

    From the pictures, it looks reasonably decent for what it is and where it’s been. bur would take a good bit of work to get it spiffed up. Plus lose that back bumper.

    Just some thoughts and observations.

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  11. John H

    Absolutely an aftermarket rear bumper. If this truck had come with factory A/C, MB, the compressor would be front and center on top of the engine. Chrysler’s compressors were big things back then!

    I worked for a Dodge dealer when this style truck was introduced … and for the most part they were very underwhelming. We saw more with terrible build quality than good ones as they came off the carrier truck. The Club Cab models were the worst for misaligned body panels. They all looked good at 50 feet, but many times you didn’t want to look closer!

    Two added gas tanks and what looks like a repainted bed makes one wonder what kind of life this truck led, and if the mileage is really as low as advertised.

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  12. Danny

    Defiantly a good looking bumper/trailer hitch, but this is a one off custom fabricated bumper. Not unlike the one I fabricated for my E350 Ambulance. I had to fabricated because they don’t make a hitch for a 20,000# Econoline 8 axle Back Hoe Pro 12 ton trailer (that is 8,000# for the trailer and 12,000# for the loader.

    I would keep the hitch, but I agree this truck has seen over 100,000 miles.

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