READER AD: 27k Mile 1973 Pontiac Grand Safari

What Makes It Special? This wagon was an airport hangar find! It has less than 27k original miles and was acquired from the family of the original owner in 2017. Apparently, he parked the car in his hangar after retirement and used it infrequently. The car came with the original sales order from Montgomery Pontiac of Steubenville, OH, owners manuals, and sales literature. It still has an oil change reminder from Montgomery Pontiac dated 8-93 and the original mileage is verified by a West Virginia state inspection sticker from 2016.

Body Condition: The car still wears its original Mesa Tan paint over a like-new Dark Saddle interior. The chassis is unbelievably clean and documented in the photos on the BaT listing. There’s no visible wear anywhere in the interior.

Mechanical Condition: The 455 CID V-8 pulls like a train and the 3-speed automatic shifts are crisp. It rides and drives like a 27K mile new car. All of the power equipment from locks, windows, and seat to the AM/FM 8-track work flawlessly. The listing even has a video of the electric clamshell tailgate operating.

Seller’s Listing: Here on Bring a Trailer

  • Asking Price: $Auction
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Mileage: 26,769
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2P45W3X188302

List your car here on Barn Finds for only $50!



  1. Dave Rhodes

    pics ?

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    • Alex

      Haven’t I seen writers here complaining about ads with only one pic? Surely this is a mistake.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Click on the Bring a Trailer link above for plenty of pics.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      This is a reader ad so we only feature one photo and the text is provided by the seller.

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  2. Will Fox

    These `71-`76 GM B-body wagons have been underappreciated for years, but I think they are now being recognized, finally. decent ones like this that aren’t trashed are VERY few & far between. nearly 50 years old now, and less than 27K original miles? It begs for a Poncho enthusiast to provide some TLC. Heck–it can also be used to pull your trailer queen to the next show! Loaded with everything buyers look for in these, I’ll be surprised if this isn’t snagged within a week. I’m only sorry I can’t grab it myself!! Comfort, room for everybody, clamshell tailgate, torque for weeks, and instantly recognizable woodgrain sides. There IS nothing not to like here. Your chariot has arrived!!

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  3. Gunner

    Always had a thing for wagons and this Poncho in no exception. Beautiful styling. My wife thinks all wagons look like a hearse……lol. Other than gas mileage, they are very diverse and practical. Cruise America is this super sled and watch people twist their necks out of position.

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    • Jerry

      Sold for $36,000, IMHO that is insane but good for the family that kept it in this condition

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      • Fred Alexander

        Insane is a feeling one would not pay that kind of money – – – however – – not insane to one who REALLY wanted the car and would pay a ton to have it.
        DEFINITION OF INSANE VALUES: 1957 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible advertised for $300,000.00 some have sold for $200,000.99 + === I got the Loot – – I Want the Car – – – I’m Gonna Pay Da Man
        Just found one @ $85,000.99 —– all has to do with condition seller need to sell or not etc.
        Classic / Antique Vehicles is an interesting investment/hobby.
        Love it.

  4. local_sheriff

    I always doubt low milage claims, this is first time I actually believe it’s true. What are the chances a near 50year family hauler could stay this clean?

    Seller does an outstanding job presenting the vehicle (I really cannot comprehend why he doesn’t wanna keep it himself?), I advice everyone to check out the clip he provides showing the über-cool tailgate operation.

    15 years back this was a parts car regardless of condition – look at it now! Truly one of the last great wagons coming from GM. Someone will be a lucky winning bidder here and I’m indeed curious as to what it’ll sell for

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  5. 433jeff

    Cant touch this

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  6. Fred Alexander

    After squinting at the front bumper alignment in the only pic of this car on Barn Finds I magnified it 500x and it’s not a photographic illusion = = = the front bumper is out of alignment, and you can see that as the evident buckling of the corner filler garnish piece on the left side.
    Maybe this should have been in description – – or is it the reason there are no more pics.
    Buyer beware = = = something doesn’t seem to add up at this point.
    Nuff Said (for now)

    • Will Fox

      OK Fred, so you found a nit to pick; one that is easily corrected I might add. Unless I could personally inspect this wagon in person, I see nothing that leads me to believe it is anything other than described.The rally II’s are correct options on the Grand Safaris; all trim/nameplates are correct; whether cloth or vinyl, the seats should be the diamond pattern Gran Villes used, and the vast majority had pwr windows, locks and seats. The fact that it was stored in an airplane hangar tells me perhaps the orig. owner was financially comfortable, and could’ve had 1-2 other cars to drive besides this; maybe even his own plane so the mileage is believable. “Buyer beware”? Any potential buyer should do his homework, and will probably be driving this pearl home!

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      • Fred Alexander

        More To Say:
        Yes Will Fox – – the presentation of one pic tells us it’s a pretty yummy car believable mileage story etc.My point is that the description does not mention the front bumper so my comment “Buyer Beware” comes from many years as an appraiser and hobbyist.
        I never offered appraisals nor value opinions from pictures for the obvious fact that there are too many hiddens as you and others reading our comments know.
        My point is NOT to be nit picky – – rather to point out what is obvious and not noted in the dialog.
        Yes “easily” repaired for minimal $$$
        Also because there is only one picture what else may be lurking if other photos were supplied?
        Love this car, if it were closer and I had the coin it’d be in my stable – – – I owned a 1957 Pontiac Safari wagon all original 35k miles back in the mid 70’s way before the wagon popularity of today.(should never have sold it)
        Also a family 1960 Pontiac wagon and later a kinda family 1969 Pontiac wagon 427 turbo 400 c/w floor mounted 8 track player. Both special ordered right out of the factory back when we could mix and match options.
        Anyway – – my comments are never to knock or nit pick anybody’s vehicle.
        I appreciate them all.
        Thank you for your comments.

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    • AutoBot

      How about you just click on the link above that says “Sellers Listing”?? There are 97 full detailed pictures of the vehicle from pretty much every angle inside and out!! It would sure be a lot easier than trying to magnify one thumbnail image, no??

      Not sure why you’re saying anything about a bumper being out of alignment; this is a 70’s GM vehicle, not a 2000 era Lexus or MB; of course the bumper is out of alignment! It was probably just like that in 1973 sitting on a showroom floor. GM (and most vehicles at the time) always had alignment issues with bumpers, door panels, trunks….well, ANY vehicle component for that matter. I’ll bet the glovebox door has a huge space between the door and the dashboard on the lower right hand side – they all did! Sure does not raise any suspicions about this listing that’s for sure. Not to mention the nearly 100 pictures and the multiple videos of it.

      So again, the link is there above where it says “bring a trailer” right beside the words “sellers listing”. Much easier that way!

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  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Back in the late 70’s, a bunch of us had pony / muscle cars, and one guy had one of these, a hand me down from his parents.
    Initially, we thought it was kind of lame and wondered why he didn’t “upgrade” to a “real” car (muscle was cheap back then), but then he would lay out some long rubber patches with it and we had a whole new appreciation for that car.

  8. Del

    Nice car.

    Where is link to auction ?

  9. T Mel

    I doubt people who doubt low mileage claims.

  10. Fred Alexander

    Hey T Mel – – – – you doubt Me because I doubt low mileage claims???

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