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27K Miles! One-Owner 1991 Acura Integra GS

After a couple of decades of being in hibernation, Acura reintroduced the Integra again for the 2023 model year. The model name went away for the 2001 model year and was replaced with the RSX. The seller has this 1991 Acura Integra GS posted here on craigslist in Bend, Oregon and they’re asking $18,500. Here is the original listing, and thanks to Kevin for sending in this tip!

Even though the name Integra isn’t what most of us think of when we think of an actual word, it’s so much better than random letters which is the norm today. Or, even back in 2001 when Acura replaced the Integra name with RSX for their fourth generation cars. It’s normal now for vehicles to have “names” that are random letters and sometimes a mix of numbers and letters but some companies still use actual words and names.

This example is a second-generation Acura Integra, known as a Honda Integra in other markets, and they were made from 1989 for the 1990 model year until the end of the 1993 model year. They’re related to the Honda Civic and for this generation, they came in both a four-door sedan and two-door (or, three-door) liftback (or, hatchback) coupe as seen here. This car appears to be in outstanding condition with just 27,283 miles showing on the odometer. NADA isn’t much help on the value as they list a high retail value of $2,500.

Acura offered three trim levels for the North American Integra in 1991: the RS, LS, and GS as with this car. For 1992 and 1993, they also offered the GS-R trim level which is arguably the one to have today. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a GS trim level, although some might argue with the four-speed automatic rather than a 5-speed manual transmission. The seats appear to be like-new both front and rear and there is a photo showing the sunroof from inside the car.

With glass headlights, you won’t have any yellowing or hazing to worry about. The engine is Honda’s B18-A series, a 1.8L inline-four with 130-hp and 121 lb-ft of torque. The seller says that this is a one-owner car with cold AC, no rust, no dings, no excuses, and no nonsense. It may be the best one out there but would the automatic transmission keep you away? Or, would you do a “pretty easy and inexpensive” manual conversion as the seller mentions?


  1. Avatar photo Rick

    This is a very appealing vehicle. If I had the room and the $$$ I’d have it in an instant.

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  2. Avatar photo Steveshow

    Nice cars, but dang that’s a ton of money. $18k!?!? I had an almost identical 91 RS. No sunroof, manual windows and locks. Otherwise identical interior. It was a little more silver though. Paid $800 for it. Also an auto trans at first. It had a couple hundred thousand miles when I bought it, but still in very good condition. The PO was in the Navy and drive it from home to base in Va for about a decade. It supposedly only had a blown head gasket, but when I went to replace it, two of the bolt holes had no threads. I swapped the B18for a JDM B16 and a five speed. Drive it for quite a bit til the wife convinced me I needed a “safer” car with air bags. Regretted it ever since.

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  3. Avatar photo GuernseyPagoda

    Had the exact same car, color, etc, Sold it here in Ohio with about 75k on the odometer to a college student. That enabled me to get my brand new 1999 Acura CL. Acura made nice cars back in the day, but can’t speak for them now. Sent this picture to my buddies asking them if it looked familiar, but sent it with a laughing/winking emoji with the $18k ask……….. Good luck.

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  4. Avatar photo SteveMar

    Lovely car. The automatic would definitely keep me from buying – and the asking price is just way out of reality. This is a $10-12 K car max.

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  5. Avatar photo Bick Banter


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  6. Avatar photo SirRaoulDuke

    I got excited, saw the slushbox, heard the sad trombone in my head.

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    • Avatar photo Bick Banter

      Yes too bad about the autotragic. But the good news is it probably would’ve been beaten into submission years ago had it been a manual.

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  7. Avatar photo Mikefromthehammer

    I like the RSX (Type S) 5-spd much better (other than the name – they should have kept the Integra name).

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  8. Avatar photo Homer Cook

    My son bought a used Integra with low miles 1991??? and beat it severly and it would not die. It had to be tough to survive his driving.

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  9. Avatar photo chrlsful

    wrkin on 1 w/bent8 (I think) right now.
    In 1 of the two lift bays but on the ground.
    Will do plugs TB & power steer hose.

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  10. Avatar photo Kim

    I bought one of the first second generation 1990 Integras in Toronto in August 1989…right off the showroom floor. I loved that car. It was truly a well engineered and fun and fast car which often garnered attention (back then). Mind you very early in my ownership it began to rust in one door jam and later in a rear fender lip…all repaired under warranty.
    It was one of the only Integras that in my opinion looked “exotic” and low slung. Miss that car NOW.

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  11. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    The seller has deleted the ad, which one of you bought this Acura?!

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