Nicest On The Planet? 1989 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

The Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe remains on my bucket list of cars to own, and I would be content with either the turbocharged version from the mid- to late-80s or the supercharger-equipped models of this generation. The only deviation I’d make from an example as pretty as this one here on eBay is to find one of the elusive cars equipped with three pedals, but this one is otherwise tough to beat.

With just under 30k original miles, the seller believes this could be the nicest Super Coupes still on the planet. I personally don’t care for the aftermarket wheels, but that’s an easy reversal back to stock, as those OEM “slicer”-style wheels were just so damn pretty. This Thunderbird sports silver paint with a gray cloth interior, which falls short of what I perceive as the ideal color combo of red on black. Still, with no rust or body damage of any kind, this Super Coupe is also super clean.

That continues to the interior, with clean cloth bucket seats and unmarked door panels. The dash remains in nice shape as well, and thankfully from an era where they had less tendency to crack over time. The SC-specific steering wheel remains in place, and still one of the prettier OEM steering wheels I can remember. The seller notes that despite living in Ohio, there’s no indication underneath that it lived anywhere near snow.

The supercharged V6 has been massaged slightly, and the aftermarket work includes an upgraded supercharger with overdrive pulley; an upgraded cam, cold air intake, roller rockers, and a set of custom headers to round it out. There’s also a shift kit to snap off firmer shifts via the four-speed automatic. Overall, there’s little to fault here, and I’d simply throw on the stock wheels to preserve a somewhat sleeper-ish appearance. Could this really be the nicest Thunderbird SC on the planet?


  1. Rosko

    This is nice. Those wheels really look great. I think the wheel openning to fender proportion relationship is near perfection on this model.

    I lust after the last T-Bird version with these or aftermarket 5 spoke wheels but never see it done. Pitiful selection of aftermarket rims available for the latest birds. Am I missing the obvious? Might Mustang rims fit????

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    • Ryan Hanks

      With a hub swap, mustang wheels and others fit!

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    • Miguel

      Those look like the rims that came on my new 2005 Mustang GT.

  2. Skorzeny

    Ok, here we go again, another automatic. Nope… For people who don’t know how to drive…

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    • TimS Member

      Or for people who physically can’t shift their own gears. But I guess we should all be disposed of, right Otto?

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  3. Keith

    Too much money…..

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    • PatrickM

      Right. Half that is still too much…for me, anyway.

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  4. Ike Onick

    Nicest On The Planet?

    Taking “One of One” to the next level. BF headline writers need to take a deep breath and say “It’s Only a Car” five times out loud before keyboarding.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I had a 91 LX which is the same body without all the frills. It was a fantastic car to drive. The V6 wasn’t the fastest thing in the quarter, but it loved windy roads. One major issue was the difficulty changing sparkplugs (particularly the drivers side rear) which I’m sure would be worse with the supercharger on it. In fact when I did mine, I had to draft my daughter who was around 10 or so at the time to start the plug in the hole as I was unable to get to it without a lift.

    Overall, the one listed looks to be in great shape/condition and I’m sure will serve someone well for many years down the road.

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  6. scottymac

    Nitpicking, Jeff, but the turbo 2.3 cars were Turbo Coupes, not Super Coupes. And no, not the nicest, that title belongs to a black Super Coupe that was on display at the Indy World of Wheels in February.

    Rosko, like the style of these wheels, but IMO, this car needs 18 or 20″ combos, this rear set look like they’re lost in the wheelwells.

    One of the few of Jack Telnack’s later designs that I actually liked. Always thought these were Ford’s answer to the BMW 633/635 coupes.

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  7. BruceB

    Nice car, but would be a great car with a five speed. Back in 1991 I was looking at the Super Coupe versus the Taurus SHO. I opted for the SHO because we had two young boys, and the fact that they were heavily discounted at year end to $15,900. I loved the SHO, but always liked the look of that era Tbird, I think they were one of the best looking cars of that generation.
    If this was a manual, I might be tempted.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice car. I prefer the stock wheels but these don’t look bad. I would only be interested in a 5 speed. Seems lots of these were silver. The design and styling has aged well, in my opinion.

  9. Bob McK Member

    This was nothing special in 1989. Still nothing special…. to me anyway. But I bet there is someone out there that loves these. Best of luck to the new owner.

  10. Jim

    Had two of them an 89 T Bird in the same silver and a black 90 Cougar XR 7 with the rare 5 speed. Both were a pain to work on. The 3.8 was good for blowing head gaskets and it took nearly a day of wrenching just to get to the heads. The sounded awesome when the super charger spooled up but they were simply not worth the aggravation to me so I sold them both.

  11. W9BAG

    It if were only a 5 speed…. Great car !

  12. Joe Haska

    I have to laugh,at the comments,” if it were only”, black, if it was only a 5 speed, if only, if only! Guess what it’s not, its a plus 31 year old car, that you would be hard pressed to find a hand full as nice. I have a 34 Ford Coupe, I bought when it was about 30 years old, its a 5-window, if only it was a 3-window, if only it was a roadster, its not and I still have it. It is probably one of a handful that has,as good of a of documented pedagree, as it does! Is it worth a lot more money, probably not, but way more than the $650,I paid for it. If only I had bought a Dusenberg, instead of a Ford!

  13. Miguel

    WOW, that is a really strong ask on the price.

    I see them all the time for around $2000 USD in very good usable condition.

    $16,000 for any Super Coupe is asking a lot 30K or not.

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