2k Original Miles: 1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 Dale Earnhardt Edition

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How do you rate the greatest of all time in any form of motorsport? Pure, raw statistics seem most straightforward, but do they tell the entire story? Lewis Hamilton has won more Grands Prix than any driver in Formula 1 history, but many believe that Jim Clark is the greatest. However, the story is slightly different in NASCAR. Three drivers share the same total of seven titles, but one had a genuine presence that set him apart. Dale Earnhardt earned the title “The Intimidator,” and competitors knew they were in for a hard day when they looked in the mirror and found him on their back bumper. However, he was more than a racer because he was a dedicated family man and an intelligent business owner. That latter characteristic motivated him to produce twenty-five examples of the 1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 as the Dale Earnhardt Limited Edition for sale through his dealership. Our feature car isn’t merely one of them; It is the last one built. It presents superbly, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Mitchell G. for spotting a classic that needs nothing but a new home.

Chevrolet released its First Generation Lumina in 1990, adopting a smooth and aerodynamically efficient body shape. It remained in production until 1995 before being replaced by a larger Second Generation model. The gun offering was undoubtedly the Z34 variant, featuring an enlarged front bumper/spoiler, side skirts, a rear spoiler, and larger wheels. Manufacturers often introduce Special Edition vehicles to entice buyers into showrooms, but Dale Earnhardt played a lone hand with his Limited Edition. Sold exclusively through his Chevrolet dealership in Newton, North Carolina, he added unique stripes and graphics to the exterior. Twenty-five of these cars rolled off the showroom floor, and this was the last that saw his touch. Its presentation is flawless, which is unsurprising considering it has a genuine 2,000 miles on the clock. It wears Black paint that became the hallmark of The Intimidator’s racing machines, retaining a shine like glass. The contrasting Silver is spotless, and the decals are crisp and clean. The glass, trim, and wheels are beyond criticism, and the signed Dealer Invoice and other documentation add to its appeal for enthusiasts.

The inside of this Lumina is almost pure Z34, from the body-hugging seats to the sports gauge cluster and leather-wrapped tilt wheel. The Earnhardt Limited Edition added embroidered signatures in the seat trim and a dash plaque signifying the build number. The interior of this Lumina is as spotless as its exterior, with no visible wear or marks. The carpet is immaculate, and there are no aftermarket additions. The Red trim combination makes a bold statement, although it looks classy and has aged well. Occupants don’t lack creature comforts, with the Lumina featuring air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, cruise control, a trip computer, and a premium stereo with a CD player.

Buyers ordering a base Lumina received a four-cylinder engine providing respectable performance, but there was an option for those craving more. The Z34 package brought body enhancements and suspension updates, but what resided in the engine bay defined the Z34. Buyers received a 3.4-liter V6 featuring Twin Dual Cams that pumped out 210hp and 215 ft/lbs of torque in manual form. Buyers could order an automatic variant, but this dropped power to 200hp. This car features the Getrag 284 five-speed that helps propel it through the ¼-mile in 15.4 seconds on its way to 130mph. Potential buyers considering the investment potential will welcome the news that the odometer reading of 2,000 miles is documented and that this gem is in sound mechanical health. It is a turnkey proposition they can enjoy immediately.

I have often wondered how different the NASCAR world would have been if cruel fate hadn’t intervened on that February day in 2001. Dale Earnhardt was in the best form of his career. He was healthy, and he was happy with his lot in life. Many believe an eighth championship was there for the taking, but that was never to be. We can never change history, but this 1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 offers a chance for someone to own a piece of it. The seller listed it here on Facebook Marketplace in Pacifica, California. Their price of $19,500 is well above the market average, but that’s where things become interesting. I located a previous auction for this car when it sold in 2022 for $19,800. That demonstrates that people will pay for a slice of racing history. Will you?

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  1. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    Even over here we’ve heard of Dale Earnhardt, and that’s one cool looking car, (on the outside), definitely not a fan of the interior colour. And as usual, its FWD, so no matter how good it looks, it’s a NO from me.

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    • JDC

      Missing out on a lot of great cars by putting the FWD constraints on them.

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  2. Driveinstile DriveinstileMember

    If anyone is in the market for one of these. This would most probably be THE one to buy. Unbelievable how clean. I always thought the Z34 with a 6 and a stick would be a fun car to drive. I cant believe how remarkable the black paint and red interior looks. This was someones baby. I may be wrong, but I would think the 2000K miles were put on back in the early 90s when it was newer. Then stored away.

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    • Bamapoppy

      Earnhardt Chevrolet perfection.

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    • Steve R

      You are right, what makes it cool is the 5spd. Without it, it would be a bland, generic mid-90’s car with tacky graphics. With that one change it becomes a cool, other than the graphics, driver that would be loads of fun. This is something a Dale Earnhardt super fan would be interested in, with good reason.

      I never would have expected to see one pop up in Pacifica.

      Steve R

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  3. Big C

    Ah! Back in the days when you still could slap some stickers on a car, and call it a special edition.

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  4. John

    I wanted one of these Z34 Luminas back in the day as a replacement for my aging 87 MonteSS. And like many of you, I’m not a fan of FWD and the torque steer tendencies it has and living in Florida, we have no snow to justify the traction benefits of FWD however, consider that this car would smoke my 305V8 get better fuel economy, has more interior space with no tranny and drive shaft hump, has rack and pinion steering, 4 wheel independent suspension and 4 wheel disc ABS brakes and it’s clearly a superior street car.
    I would pull off the cheesy graphics and make it my daily driver no offense to the late great Dale. How often will you find an almost new car like this and with a stick no less? What would you pay for a new car with these credo’s in todays money?
    This is a bargain.

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  5. Nelson C

    This is a good looking ride. I can do without the graphics but it is part of what this one is. The second generation Lumina was not as pretty and the Intimidator was, well…

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  6. Uncapau58

    My ex-wife had a ’91 Corsica LTZ. If this Lumina is anything like it, the torque steer was so bad you could make a u-turn just by stomping on the gas.

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  7. Ted

    I owned a 1995 Brickyard 400 pace car I bought new and only put 600 Car Show and exercise miles on it in 12 years……Even though they only built 400 of them, I was lucky to get what I paid for the car after it sat in a classic car sellers’ showroom for almost a year. Just like the 25th anniversary Indy 500 pace car Corvette, these “Limited editions” don’t do well….Never again will I buy another

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  8. Oldschoolmuscle

    I had bought a brand new fully loaded black and grey interior. Let me tell you best riding car I ever owned!!!

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  9. notinuse

    I had a ’93 Z34 with the same interior. Mine didn’t look bright red as shown in these pictures, more of a maroon red. Similar to the interior pic of this article: https://www.curbsideclassic.com/uncategorized/cc-capsule-1993-chevy-lumina-z34-dale-earnhardt-signature-edition-kid-tested-mother-approved/

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  10. Joseph Haska

    STOP! Enough, I want this one too. I am a NASCAR fan ,so what, a little tribute to Dale when I go for a drive. I have to say again if you own leave it alone, it is what it is…….

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  11. angliagt angliagtMember

    And it’s just like the one Dale drove,right? –
    With a V8 & RWD?

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    • Nelson C

      No, that was a Winston Cup car. Not the same as the production car.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

        Anyone here ever drive a Winston Cup car? Probably not, but I have. You will be thankful that this is nothing like that, because as much fun as that was, it’s a track car and NOTHING like a road car.

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      • angliagt angliagtMember

        I was referring to the cars of that era that NASCAR racers
        were “based” on,like a 2 door Taurus.

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  12. CarNutDan

    Many people have long forgotten the Lumina z34 and eurosport versions. I had a 1990 eurosport coupe and can honestly say that it was a fun car with v6 power and a factory exhaust note similar to a Nascar. That being said m

    I bet most car collectors didn’t know these 25 special editions existed since the early 2000 era monte Carlos with 3333 Dale Earnhardt versions just under 3000 Dale Jr editions the blue with ghost flame Jeff Gordon edition and the Black with orange Tony Stewart editions came out and over shadowed these.

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  13. Chris In Australia

    Kudos for mentioning Jim Clark. The GOAT. I’m fortunate to live 10 minutes from Lakeside Raceway where he raced in the Tasman Series.

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  14. Greg G

    I loved the Lumina from the first time I saw it and this Dale Earnhardt edition is truly a special classic. As special as this car is it’s also another victim of Chevrolet’s decision to give it a fwd platform. What a shame but given it’s province this car should still command the attention a special collector car like this should. I hope it finds a good and worthy new owner.

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