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Could Be A Wedge: 1964 Dodge Polara

1964 Dodge Polara Max Wedge

I don’t really feel brand loyalty to any one make, rather I appreciate nearly every vehicle for what it is or was, but there are still specific cars that I would love to own. When it comes to Ford, I love the Mustang. Chevrolet Camaro, yes please! AMC AMX, why not? But when it comes to the Mopar family of cars, well I’ll take a Wedgie please. Wait, that came out wrong, I mean 426 Wedge! These pre-Hemi 426 engines were offered in several body styles, but are sadly quite rare and hard to come by. And that’s why this 1964 Polara caught my attention.

1964 Dodge Polara Interior

The seller doesn’t know for sure it’s a real Wedge car, but they believe it might be. I hate when sellers aren’t sure what exactly they are offering, but if this Polara really left the factory with the 426 Wedge head V8 it would be worth taking a much closer look at! The original 426 is gone, if it really is a Wedge, and has been replaced with a 440. That could be a serious problem, but at the right price, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. Rust is another issue that will need to be investigated and addressed.

1964 Dodge Polara

Part of me wants this Polara, but the missing engine is a major issue that won’t be easy to rectify. Wedge 426s aren’t particularly common and finding a real one could be tricky. Being a ’64, this car could have been fitted with either a Max or a Street Wedge. If it was equipped with a street going Wedge, which is really just a bored out 413 New Yorker, it could be much easier to source a replacement engine. I’m sure the 440 that’s currently in it is fun, but it just isn’t the same as having a Wedgie! So do you think this is a real Wedge car or just a gussied up Polara? If you’d like to take a closer look, be sure to take a look at the listing here on eBay in Forney, Texas with a BIN of $9,250.


  1. Mark

    Even if it did start life as a Wedge, it’s not one now. If it started life was the 426 whoever took it out ruined the value of this car. It’s certainly not worth the asking price now based on the engine being missing and the looks of the interior.

    At the present time there are no bids and the BIN price has been reduced to $8500!

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  2. piper62j

    Needs a lot of work.. That “A” pillar is rotted thru, so you can imagine what’s not visible with these photos.. This is a hot car if you have the time and money to bring it back to driver status.. Not worth the sellers cloud high value, but after restoration, could be worth a lot more..
    Great find and nice project to get into.

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  3. JW454

    I seem to recall a Dodge race car from the 60’s known as “Color Me Gone”. I believe it was the same model as the one featured here. Of course I may be mistaken. Anyway, all this one needs is time and money and it would put a smile on someone’s face again. Maybe it will be that little ole’ lady from Pasadena

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi JW454. I believe TLOLFP had a ’63, but it’s the 1st thing I thought of. The story goes, Jan was hauled into a police station for speeding, and when Dean came to bail him out, they noticed the cops bringing in an elderly woman in cuffs. When Jan asked what that was all about, the cops said she was clocked at 120 mph on Colorado Bl. She claimed it was her nephews car and was unfamiliar with the hp. Uh-huh. I don’t think the cops bought that story either.

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      • AMCSTEVE

        Ahhhh The Little Old Lady From Pasadena!

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    • DREW V.

      Roger Lindamood’s ’64 Dodge was a 330 model with acid dipped body lite weight bumpers and aluminum fenders and hood, lexan side window, Dodge A-100 van seats and magnesium front wheels…

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  4. Rocco

    I want to read more. Did these ever come with 413’s?

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  5. Steve B

    There’s a huge difference between a Max Wedge car and a Street Wedge. (Technically all Mopar big blocks except the Hemi are wedges). A street wedge 426 is basically an early version of the 440 just with smaller bores. 4bbl intake and heads were good but not exceptional. A 426 Max Wedge on the other hand has very different heads and rare and exotic manifolds. It shares the same block casting as a street wedge but not too much else. It’s a barely streetable race motor, predecessor of the 426 Hemi, The Max wedge came in B body cars like this one, and yes the first ones were 413 ci. True Max Wedge cars are 6-figure rare. But that’s not to say street wedge cars aren’t cool and valuable. The sweet spot is the HPP pickups, under 500 were made with the big 426 wedge.

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  6. erikj

    THIS REMINDS ME OF THE SPECIAL USED CAR DEALER IN N. SEATTLE-bill’s WHEEL HOUSE. THEY had the hottest and coolest cars around in the late 60s-early 80,s I and Wayne ,best friend would go by all the time to see what was new. I summer day we stopped and there was a 64 dodge with a hood emblem that said street wedge. got to see the the engine bay didn’t really know what I was looking at but 2 4barrels and a lot of motor. 19k orig.mile,white and red inside and perfect,price was something like 6500. that thing was so cool

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  7. Joe

    Have been searching block casting numbers and can not seem to find this one. Would anyone happen to know if this is a 413? Looks like 1851623, the 185 may be a 426 or 413.

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  8. piper62j
  9. Derik Lattig

    Ya they feature this car on the album cover of little old lady from Pasadena.

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    • Rocco

      Do you mean the “Color Me Gone” car, or a car LIKE these?

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  10. Daryl Wear

    could i get the vin for this car. looking for a specific one a customer bought new

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