“3 Deuces & A Four Speed…” 1965 Pontiac GTO


This incredibly dusty garage find comes with very little information, but it sure is interesting! It’s being hidden from view in Hanford, California, which gives me hope for a solid body, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is starting at $4,500 but there’s no reserve, so bid to win if you’re interested!


“Three deuces and a four speed, and a 389,” went the song! And yes, I know that is an earlier GTO on the record cover. Nonetheless, I’m always wondering if that magic combination will show up in a barn find. Maybe this is the one?


There are only four pictures, and this is the clearest one of the four, at least regarding condition. It does look like you have a relatively solid body to work with, certainly compared to some recent GTO’s that have been posted on Barn Finds.


Hmmm. There are floors here, as opposed to rusty remnants, and apart from the steering wheel things look, well, not quite intact but at least workable. And there is that magic third pedal. We can hope for a four speed, right? But what about under the hood?


Well, what do you know! Three deuces on top of a 389 V8! I believe we have our song, Ronnie! Things under here don’t look too bad, either, although the car has obviously been off the road for a very long time. It’s a real shame the seller doesn’t include more information. I did find the last time they listed the car here. The description is just a little less cryptic, stating that it needs to be restored, has a 389 with three deuces, a four speed and a positraction rear end. Last time they didn’t get any bids at $3,500, so I’m surprised they are starting $1,000 higher. Of course, the car is listed as having only 17,000 miles; I’m pretty darn sure it’s got at least 117,000. That being said, it is that magic combination and Ronnie and the Daytonas sang about. Do you want to “turn it on, wind it up, & blow it out?” If so, this may be your car!

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  1. mark

    Why is it that people list things like this for sale and then list hardly any information on it? If they want to show how it looked the way it was found then do so but is it too much to ask to at least clean the dust off it or maybe even rinse it off and wash it. Why are people so lazy.

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    • JW454

      I believe that some people think by leaving it looking “as found” it will be worth more money. I’m not one of those people. One picture as found and then wash it off.
      I will also say, a dirty car does not constitute long tern storage. My buddy parked his Blazer in a barn for about 6 months this year while some other work was being done at his house. When we went to bring it home, I couldn’t believe how dirty it had gotten in that short time. If I had not known, I would have guessed it had been there of several years.

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  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Quite a few more pictures in the ‘ended’ auction. Unless I’m totally off-base, looks like a decent project. 389, triple carb 4 speed? Yes please.

  3. RandyS

    That rear glass is crystal clear :-)


    What’s a “Pausy” rearend?

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    • Terry

      Kinda like turbo lag. Very rare option, actually.

      • AMCSTEVE

        Yeah sure, along with the sphincter gasket.

    • Dirty Dingus McGee

      It’s what you have when the pinion gear has a busted tooth

  5. George

    something must be really wrong if this didn’t sell… if only things were different for me right now…

  6. JW

    Another car I wouldn’t mind having if I could get it for $4,505, my very first musclecar was a midnight blue 65 GTO 389 4 speed car. I should have kept it but had nowhere to store it. The 3 deuces might be a plus ( eye candy ) but what guys I’ve known who have had multiple carbs are always messing with them, I like a single 4 barrel myself. JMHO !!!

    • Angrymike

      I’m with you, the eye candy is nice, but unless your an expert on Rochester 2 barrels, and I had a heck of a time with just one 2 barrel on my Pontiac, give me a Holley 780 with vacuum secondaries !
      I had on on my 383, 340, and my 427 Chevy and they performed flawlessly ! 👍

  7. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Looks like someone opened up the hood scoop to get some fresh air into those three deuces. Something after market has been added in the dash to the far right, but cannot tell what it is. If this GTO is as dry as it appears, it’s a bargain at the current bid.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Do you think there was a need for the air freshener ?

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  9. Rolf Poncho

    Cant go wrong its a Pontiac

  10. Marty Parker

    This style valve covers wasn’t used until ’67. Also, the throttle cable bracket on the intake doesn’t look right. Not sure this is the original engine.

  11. Pablo

    It would be nice to see it restored ! seems a lot of work still and missing parts

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