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3-Wheeler From Greece: 1962 Attica Dimitriadis 200


This car is more than a little unusual! It’s called an Attica Dimitradis, and it was produced in Greece from 1962 to 1971. This particular one was sent in by reader Dimitris K., and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. It’s for sale here on Tootoo.gr for 2000 Euro.


I had to do some real detective work on this one, having never heard of it before! As it turns out, the Attica was made by a company called BioPlastic, who had tried enter the automotive market with a car of their own design. However, it was difficult to get approval to market a home-designed car in Greece, so they ended up producing a version of the Fuldamobil.


Image courtesy of microcarmuseum.com

This is what a Fuldamobil looks like. Featuring a 200 cc engine from various manufacturers, it was absolutely basic transportation! For the Attica, Sachs, Heinkel, and even their own Attica 200 cc engines were used. The seller of this Attica tells us that it’s complete and “driving ready.” I’m not sure I agree with that assessment based on the pictures. It looks as though the fiberglass body has been stripped for refurbishment, but there’s a lot of work left to do.


The seller doesn’t tell us anything about the mechanical condition of the vehicle. They do say that all parts are included in the price of the car, so I’m hoping that the missing glass and trim components are present. Are any of our European readers interested in this unusual vehicle?


  1. Donnie


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  2. JW454

    It beats walking. I like little quirky cars. Back when it was new, Europe was still rebuilding post WW II. People just wanted to get from A to B. That’s where cars like these came in. Cool car. Again, I doubt I could even fit in it but… still cool.

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  3. Gary I

    I think I will walk, thanks.

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  4. RON

    as funky as they get. i would not know where to begin but if it were together would like to play with it. have always liked mini and micro cars.. as i have said before if it has 2 or more wheels i like it

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  5. van

    Oh that’s what happened to Greese

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    • Jacob


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  6. John

    Look’s like a Greece trap to me!

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  7. John

    Looks like a Greece trap to me!

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  8. Strike

    We built 411 of this small vehicles in sweden between 1957 and 1961 I Believe it was.
    The fibeglass bodies were made on a small island called Ven, and the chassi were made by a bicyclefactory in the city of Helsingborg called Fram KING, and the name of the small car was FramKING Fulda The motor was a SACHS 200 cc ,9 hp and 4 speed both forward AND backwards! About 15 years ago I was going to buy one myself, the old man who owned it said Theres one thing that you need to drive this and that is GUTS!!

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  9. Roar

    This is a German Fuldamobil produced under license in Greece. It was also produced in Greece under the name Alta.

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