$300 Project: 1965 Volvo Amazon


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When it comes to project cars, $300 is a significant number to me. Why? Because that’s the same price I purchased my project car for, and it leaves the door open for bringing even a long-idled car like this 1965 Volvo Amazon back to life. The seller is considering crushing this vehicle if someone doesn’t first pony up the money to take it away, so thanks is due to Barn Finds reader Robert J. for sounding the alarm. 


There’s no doubt this car is rough. The seller even notes the body has lots of bondo, so despite being largely rot-free, you’re still stepping into a potential hornet’s nest of corrosion and mechanical woes. But for $300, there’s enough value here in parts alone to keep another Amazon coupe on the road if the undertaking proves too overwhelming. The only readily identifiable rust is in the bottom of the driver door, according to the seller. A manual transmission is a plus; the sentimental side of me gets wrapped up in imagining this Amazon cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway in the years prior to ending up practically abandoned for scrap.


Though you’d think a California car would automatically be rot-free, it’s not always the case. Sometimes the car is left parked exposed to the ocean for long periods of time. This Volvo certainly bears the scars of being exposed to the sun due to the interior deterioration, but you could live with it while the mechanical hurdles are sorted out. However, if you’re thinking part-out potential, the seats and dash won’t be particularly useful to anyone. With no pink slip and the aforementioned cosmetic issues, the future looks grim for this Amazon – but doesn’t it deserve to be saved from simply being crushed?


The recent California license plate inspires some hope that this Amazon hasn’t been off the road for any more than the three years the seller references. You can see the rest of the photos here on craigslist where the extent of the bondo usage is obvious. The seller says he believes the car has been sidelined due to to an issue with either the ignition or coil but isn’t sure which; regardless, those are pretty simple anomalies to diagnose when chasing a no-start situation. While this Amazon is rough, it deserves to at least help another vintage Volvo live on – do you think it’s a fair deal for all involved?

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  1. Steven C

    I have always wanted one of these. I’d be all over it if i was anywhere near california. You can’t beat this price for a cool vintage project. Hope sombody saves it.

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  2. wuzsaabnowjeep

    Seems a bargain if the engine turns freely. I’m surprised it’s not gone

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  3. Jim

    The price makes it somewhat inviting as a project and it’ll fit in any garage. If you do the work yourself it could be fun. The bondo doesn’t scare me, I’ve bought and worked on cars where a DIY’er didn’t know how to straighten metal and just kept laying it on like frosting on a wedding cake. What starts out as a Frankenstein can sometimes be resolved without too many Tylenol. You’d have to blast this to see what’s underneath but who knows, Volvo used good steel back then, it might not be too bad. A late model drivetrain and enjoy!

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  4. Robert J.

    I would pick it up myself …if I wanted my wife to leave. :) I’m pretty busy already with my daily driver 1800ES, and this lovely ’63 that I’m putting a megasquirt B20F in.

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  5. Jim

    The 1800es is a nice looking car, kind of throwback styling but you see very few. Enjoy and keep driving it.

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  6. Jubjub

    These are fun to tool around in. A great slow car to drive fast!

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  7. JeffAuthor

    Those are the best kind, Jubjub!

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  8. Rich

    The ignition and the coil are connected by a cable wrap as an anti theft I think. Replaced a lot. Sometimes with a regular coil and extra wire and a toggle switch ignition in place of key.

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  9. Eric Barbosa

    Ad expired
    Where is it located?

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