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30K Miles? 1975 AMC Pacer

When I think back to all of the vehicles that I have owned over the last 45 years or so, it seems like a lot but then I think of all of the cars and trucks that I haven’t owned yet and I can see that I still have a lot of work to do. This two-tone 1975 AMC Pacer can be found listed here on eBay in Smithville, Missouri, there is no reserve, and the current bid price is a mere $1,365.

I really like the look of this car and of the Pacer, in general. This light two-tone paint scheme looks great and this car seems too nice to be below $1,500 in bids, doesn’t it? Hagerty’s at $2,500 for a #4 fair condition car and $5,200 for a #3 good condition car so there’s a bit of room on this one for the next owner to fix a few things and not lose their shirt.

There isn’t a good overall rear 3/4 photo here showing the iconic fishbowl look to the curved rear side glass on the Pacer sedan. The Pacer wagon didn’t have that feature but it did have more luggage room which was one complaint about the Pacer sedan. After three or four years of design and kicking around big ideas during pre-production beginning in 1971, the Pacer hit showrooms in early-1975 and they lasted until 1980. Actually, they have lasted for decades after production ended as they’re arguably one of the most recognizable cars of all time.

The seller says that this is a base model Pacer, so it’s not a D/L, an X, or a Sundowner, just a regular ol’ Pacer. It sure looks good inside, maybe a little dirty as is usually the case. Have you looked at your own vehicles? Mine usually need cleaning inside. There is a bit of rust in “the usual places” according to the seller. Some underside photos would really help. The owner lists 30,558 miles but we don’t know if that’s 130,558 or not. They do say that it has low miles, but for me, 300,000 miles is low miles.

Here’s the engine… er.. if there was a photo of it. It’s AMC’s base engine according to the VIN, a 232 cubic-inch inline-six with 100 horsepower. There is basically no information given in the ad as far as how it runs so you’ll have to get in touch with the seller about it. Does anyone know how rust would show up on the back of the rear seat in the above photo? I’m just wondering. This Pacer has a few needs but it looks pretty nice overall. Any thoughts on this one?


  1. Matt G

    Be still my heart, a 3-on-the-tree! Now I want it…

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    • Tony Primo

      Modern day anti- theft device.

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      • Bick Banter

        As is the styling in this case.

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  2. Tony Primo

    The rear seat folds flat for extra storage. Something damp must have been left on it to cause the rust.

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    • Anthony M.

      The shape of the stain definitely reminds of… human blood. Just chuck the body in the back and go, go, go!!!

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    “There isn’t a good overall rear 3/4 photo….”. Ain’t that the truth.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha! Touche…

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  4. Joe

    I don’t see two tone. It looks the same all over to me.

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    • Bick Banter

      It looks the same all over to me too. In the interest of being polite, I won’t say what that is here.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Dang, you may be right, Joe! I thought there was a distinct two-tone paint scheme but maybe the bottom portion is just in shadow? I stand corrected.

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      • Joe

        When AMC did two tone it was usually a vivid contrast on these. More often than not it was two different colors.

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  5. chrlsful

    nope, just the waggy 4 me, shucks, right motor (& no hood bump) too. If I could – I’d europeanize this one:

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    • Big Al

      chrisful. Now that’s a cool AMC Pacer !!!!

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  6. Pleease

    Now there’s a nickname that fit and stuck – the Fishbowl !!

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  7. Steve Clinton

    I had a ’75 two-toned Pacer that I loved. I’ve always had a proclivity towards odd-ball cars.
    It got a lot of comments, both positive and negative (I really got sick of the ‘fishbowl’ remarks!) Obviously, the negatives here outweigh the positives.

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  8. erikj

    All you lovers of the pacer-to each there own forgive me! The pacer is the most ugly,ackward car ever.I got a ride in one to p/u a car i bought from them. I felt like i was on disply and the front seat made me fell like I was sitting on a couch,just wierd.They say the gremlin was the uglist,I think they are much better then the pacer. BTW the car i bought from them was a 1970 plymouth cuda with a 440. It was faded gray but when i open the trunk-plum crazy purple was the original color. very nice except for the paint. I had it painted back to the fc7 purple.Only had 57k miles. The ride home much better.

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  9. BrianT Brian Member

    I had one, a 75, same engine, same 3 on the tree. Mine was a k8nda mustard yellow. That car rode and drove great.

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  10. Howie Mueler

    $5,100 now, no engine photos.

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  11. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Seller also has a 1978 Pacer D/L with 79K miles and more options, including a/c, and high bid is only $760 with auction ending same time as this one? Are bidders hating on dark brown?

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  12. R

    The most inspired car of the uninspired ’70s just as the ’66 Toronado was the most inspired car of the sixties and many other decades, second only to the Cord.

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  13. GCS Member

    Nice shape. My Mom’s Hornet I learned to drive on was near that color. I like the stick but it needs an 8 for me. I only take stove bolt 6 235’s in old Chevy’s…


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  14. citizenvetusa

    This glass-around design is what women want when backing out of a parking space. The fools that demonized this car are the same fools that destroyed the
    bathtub Packard design that later became the 1980 gumdrop fashion style. The aftermarket van confession industry learned to base it on a OEM window van with soft cloth interiors. The critics were a jealous group of trolls

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  15. joenywf64

    I would think most of these came with the optional ’60s style side vent windows, which this Pacer does not have.

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  16. verlin boes

    I live at Lake Weatherby about 20 minutes south of you I’m very interested in the car would you please call me I’ll come up and take a look at it the sooner you call I’m out of town tomorrow 816-223-7017 thanks in advance

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  17. chrlsful

    good luck verlin, it’s usually the other way round as he’s the seller, you is da buyer !

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    • Stevieg

      I don’t think Verlin understands how Barn Finds works lol.
      These are incredibly ugly, gawky & geeky cars…and I love them!
      The body on this one looks pretty nice, plus it is a 3 on the tree! I want it!

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  18. Dan Nuffer

    is this pacer still available?

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