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32 Of 90: Hugger Camaro Survivor


This Hugger Camaro began life as a way to fund a racing team. This one is #32 of 90 produced and has obviously been loved since its creation, having only covered 29,807 miles since new. It’s listed here on eBay and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


These Camaros have an interesting background. Tom Nehl was a racer who was trying to find a way to pay for his race team to compete in the 1980 24 hour race at Daytona. He proposed something called a “Twenty-Four Hours Of Daytona Dealer Driveaway” program to the Jacksonville, Florida zone of Chevrolet dealers. He would get funding for the race team, and they would get a special edition Camaro to sell. Nehl contracted with Special Vehicle Development (SVD) and Bill Mitchell (NOT the famous GM designer) to modify approximately 90 new 1980 Camaros and make them look like his race car. There were some performance modifications as well.


Decals were produced for each car and they were numbered consecutively. The idea was that the dealers would send someone to pick up the cars at the race, and they would all perform a pace lap prior to that.

Picture of the pace lap courtesy of bangshift.com

This particular car has low mileage, all documentation, and is being offered by a Chevrolet dealer. I’m thinking the buy-it-now price of $339,000 is either a typo or is to gather publicity, as I think that would be an insane amount to pay for this car. (The buy-it-now price was a typo and has been corrected to $33,900) However, I can easily see a collector being interested (for a lot less than that!) in a car with such a detailed history and with all the “Hugger” features still present.


The interior looks every bit as nice as the exterior, It’s a shame about the automatic transmission, but apparently only one had a four speed. If you want to read more about Huggers, try here and here.


Naturally, the engine looks great as well, although maybe not quite to the standard of the rest of the car. If this is your dream car, I doubt that you’ll find another one so nice and original. I can’t see it being worth the buy-it-now price, but I’m not going to focus on that here. Would you be interested at a more reasonable price; say $33,900?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    BIN is now $33,900.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Thanks, Jim, I’ll fix the post when I’m off this flight (boarding now) :-)

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      • Avatar photo jim s

        have a safe trip.

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  2. Avatar photo dj

    A Z28 with stripes, a number and different wheels. Some cars are a limited production but doesn’t make them worth a lot. I think this one meets that. I had a 1995 GMC Ducks Unlimited Truck I bought new. How many of you have heard of them? They made about 50 of them here in the South. Is it rare, sure. Rare as hen’s teeth. Is it worth a lot of money now. Nope.

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    • Avatar photo The Walrus

      Totally agreed. Rarity often causes what I call “Antiques Road Show Syndrome”. If you ever watch the show, you know what I mean… “I am so happy you brought this today. I’ve heard about them but never seen one. These are incredibly rare. I’ve consulted with some of the other experts and we are in consensus that this is likely the nicest candle snifter by this maker in existence. We value it at $100.” The look on the owners face at that point is the only true priceless commodity. Because $100 for a candle snifter is a lot of money, but it’s still a candle snifter and won’t fund their retirement like they had told themselves it would.

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    • Avatar photo Mark E

      Now, now…you’re discounting the Koni shocks, Hella lights, special spoiler and let’s not forget that incredible Grant steering wheel, woo-hoo! o_0

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    I’d say hype then, and hype now. Had it been a highly optioned car to begin with, that would be a whole ‘nother story. You know, big block, 4 spd etc.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    i think it is a nice low miles car that would make a fun driver if you can live with the automatic. it is still only 1 of just 90 built in a time when it was very hard to build anything different or unique. great find.

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  5. Avatar photo Gary I

    Maybe in ten years it will be more valuable, when 80s cars come into favor. I still don’t see a $34,000 Camaro. You can get a nice 1969 Camaro for that.

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  6. Avatar photo piper62j

    It will sell.. Nice machine..

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  7. Avatar photo Third tbird tony

    Nice car , not as wild graphics as trams am , decent performance, not collectable but different
    Worth 25k?

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  8. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    I myself get more excited when I see a late 70’s Macho T/A. Now the Mecham brother’s,they built some badass machines.

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  9. Avatar photo Mike

    I never was a big Camaro Fan, (Sorry if that offends anybody!!!!) but I have always been a GM fan. That being said I saw one of these once in a dealer showroom in Tennessee, and always wonder the story about it, now I know. Thanks for the info.

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  10. Avatar photo jim s

    reserve not meet at $ 18055

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  11. Avatar photo Tim Davis

    For the record. I built the yellow Hugger which was featured in Super Chevy.

    It sold at Mecum for $34k and that was an off color car. The Hugger Orange cars are worth more because nobody knew of the 10 off color cars.

    This is a pace car that was modeled after a race car instead of the pace car from the race. It has only been done once and this is it.

    Enjoy the photos and if you have the time and money, own one and see the reactions you get driving it around.


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    • Avatar photo john

      Hello Tim I have # 50 and trying to find some parts. if you could help please email me at john@diamondhomesinfo.com thank you

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