$3,200! 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside Pickup

Thank to Pat L. for sending in this super cool 1962 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside Pickup! These trucks go for $10,000-$30,000+ in nice original or restored condition so this is a nice find. It’s posted on Craigslist with an asking price of $3,200 and can be found in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Boy, it’s bright out in Rapid City! The Corvair pickups were meant to compete with Volkswagen’s rear-engine pickups and vans. They were made for the 1961-1964 model years.

As you can see, this pickup looks pretty decent from this side and angle. That’s a big box there, but Corvair pickups and vans had the engine in the back so there was quite a lift to get anything in the box. They made two models of these pickups, the Loadside and the Rampside, as seen here.

Isn’t that handy! I could absolutely use this thing to death. It would be the perfect vehicle to haul vintage motorcycles to shows or, dare I say it? Take them to within ten miles of Sturgis and then park the Corvair and ride the motorcycle into town.. Ha, as if anyone does that.. (crickets). The top of the ramp has a rubber strip to protect it when it’s lowered to the pavement and this one will need that piece replaced along with doing more heavy bodywork than the other side needs.

Here’s a YouTube video of a 1961 Chevy commercial showing how useful these things are. Yep, I need to get one. This pickup runs and drives but needs a bit of carb work to help it run without needing to pour gas in. That would be super handy to not have to stand in the back and pour gas in the carb as you’re going 55 mph down the highway, no question. There are no engine photos but under that rear panel I believe that you’d find a 145 cubic-inch, 80 hp flat-six.

The interior looks like it would clean up nicely. The seat will have to be reupholstered, unless you want it to look like you sleep in there, which it does now. Of course, once it’s restored I would probably sleep in this one, they really look sharp and are super unique vehicles. Much more so than a regular ol’ pickup that everyone else has. Have any of you owned a Rampside Pickup? If so, what were your experiences with it?


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  1. Leaf36

    Agree! Love it!

  2. Vince Habel

    Too much for the condition.

  3. JW

    Pretty cool and if your handy with bodywork could be a fun project. I’ve only seen one at all the car shows I’ve been to and it was yellow. As far as price try buying any other classic for 3K which is what I would offer.

  4. Rich Truesdell

    If you want to see the potential of what this offers, check out these photos I took of a restored Corvair Rampside almost a decade ago for a feature that appeared in Cars and Parts.


    I think the price is fair, $3,200 for something like this that runs. Yes, the carbs will need to be rebuilt ($250 probably) but then you have something that can be driven while the bodywork and interior is addressed in stages.

    • JW

      Rich nice photography.

      • Scotty Staff

        Wow, I agree, this is how automotive photography is supposed to be! Well done, Rich! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Howard A Member

    These are pretty rare. The “rampside” was a novel feature, and I even heard of a “dual rampside” pickup, that supposedly was an option on these, but I can only imagine the flex in that. Not many dual ramps were sold, and this either, for that matter. I’d think the Corvair motor would have ample power, but these were pretty miserable to drive. Nice little city rig, which it was intended for. I read “Ma Bell” had a bunch of these. Quite a find, although, I see it’s been “out here” for a while.

    • Scotty Staff

      I didn’t know about the dual rampside, thanks for that tidbit, Howard!

    • Mike Moyer

      The only known dual rampside was built by one of its owners after an accident. I interviewed the owner some years ago for an article when I was editor for Corvanatics FC club.
      No factory dual rampsides have been documented.

  6. Moparmann Member

    Does the top of the ramp touch the pavement when down? I don’t see how the paint would survive, especially when used as intended. :-)

    • JW

      The top edge has a rubber strip to protect it as mentioned in a earlier post that needs replacing.

  7. dean H

    My grandfather had a ’61in metallic pea green!! That little truck was the coolest thing.I remember loading the Lyman 13′ in the back and taking it to the boat ramp and letting the ramp side down,off went the boat.Cool trucks.

  8. ben

    just bought one in washtington state for 600 in better shape it cost 1100 to ship it to fla should get it before Christmas nice gift going to use it every day around town hope all u guys have a great holiday ben in fla

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    not bad…..not bad at all…..agree….rare as most were crushed back when…

  10. Rustytech Member

    These were a quirky but fun drive. If the body panels can be sourced, it wouldn’t be a difficult. I have always liked the Corvairs cars, and would enjoy driving this, they have to be rare, I’ve only seen two recently, one was red, and the other in a blue like the one Rich T pictured above. Great buy for someone.

  11. Mkgroge

    Why is this option not offered today? This would be a huge seller

  12. Howard A Member

    Somebody made a boat out of one of these. Look at him standing there, LMAO. https://news.classiccars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/feature2-220×220.jpg

  13. JW

    Thanks for the info Howard, I’m lazy so I let others do my research. I bet the bootleggers back in the roaring 20’s would have loved something like that to cross from Detroit to Canada and back with their illegal booze.

  14. chad

    amphibous Greebriar-
    highly, HIGHLY modified. One available.
    I remember the tv adds back when…the GrnB vs Econoline (better sales figures). The Ford wuz frnt heavy & the GrnB had rear engine. It showed tracking thru the woopie-di-doos & the chebby out performed the Frd.

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