327-Powered Camper: 1967 Chevy Motorhome

This vintage Chevrolet C/10 motorhome has under 100,000 miles and is said to run quite well, thanks to its smooth running and numbers matching 327 V8. The seller notes the cab sports original paint and remains incredibly solid, noting it is one of the cleanest and most original cabs he’s ever seen. The best part? The sleeping and living quarters looks surprisingly clean. Find the Chevy here on eBay with bidding well under $1,000 and the reserve unmet.

Perhaps an R/V expert can tell us what this rear “stage” would be used for, but it could have just been retrofitted for additional storage. Overall, this rig is impressively straight up and down the sides. The cooling is a bit old-school, but replacing a standard A/C unit is generally easy and cheap. The seller notes no significant water intrusion, and the roof section does look sound. All windows are present, too.

When it comes to R/Vs, the interiors can be frightening places. This one is not that way, at all. The previous caretaker clearly enjoyed using this camper as intended – a pleasure craft, not a homeless shelter. The vintage stove looks super clean, as does the cabinetry and counter spaces. The upholstery on the sitting areas shows no major flaws, and the seller notes some of the wood paneling has been painted.

The driver’s compartment is really the only one with any cosmetic damage worth noting, as the seams on the front seats are split. The dash and instrument binnacle looks tidy and the original steering wheel appears uncracked. The seller notes it does not run on the huge main tank, so there may be a hose issue or a tank clean-out needed. While demand for this type of vehicle is low, it looks like a great foundation.


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  1. Chevelle guy

    thats gotta be the most stout C-10 I’ve ever seen …..🙄

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    • Douglas Potts

      Yeah because they never look to see that it’s a C/30 which equals a 1-ton.

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  2. Maverick

    Top speed is 55 60 mph .if it went any faster you could lose the camper.lol

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  3. Skorzeny

    I think with 8 lug wheels that may be a 20…

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  4. NovaTom

    Poor little 327….

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    • James Martin

      Wow lots of intelligent comments. First it is a one ton chassis. Second the 327 is plenty of power to move it.

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    • scottymac

      OK, Chevy boys, confirm something for a Ford man. Weren’t the truck 327s built stouter than those intended for cars?

    • PatrickM

      I agree. IMHO, a 454 would be a much better power/mpg option. If you would travel the place I would go (The Rocky Mountains), you would need that extra power with a 4 barrel. Yeah, I know, I live in Maryland. But, I have a lot of family in Wyoming. there appears to be quite a bit of rust but, that can be addressed later. Check for and repair leaks. Upgrade as time and money permit. Have some fun! Go RVing!!

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  5. Camaro Joe

    I can see C 30 on the front fenders, that makes it a 1 ton. Those campers are heavy, a 1 ton is not overkill.

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  6. Speedo

    We had a 1973 Tioga camper with a Dodge 360 with a two barrel carb. I added a 750 Holley four barrel carb, Doug Thorley headers and dual exhaust and improved the gas mileage by 3-5 mpg.

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  7. art

    Mustang bucket seats. Creative.

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  8. local_sheriff

    Personally I have no interest in dragging around with a snail-shell on my back. However when I first saw this vehicle I instantly thought car hauler potential! Driveline seems appropriate not to mention that long frame. Ditch the camper body and turn it into a period-looking team truck

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  9. the one

    Wow! I’m an RV kinda guy. We are taking our travel trailer to tahoe for six days next week. This one is pretty cool. The rear AC is definatly after market(duh), check how he has the RV plug monted under the hood. Not a bad idea. Lols of luv and elbow grease and you could have a pretty cool cruiser. Obvious stuff is just that.
    Ya gotta wanna…

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  10. canadainmarkseh Member

    If you want to keep up with todays traffic I’d suggest a Diesel engine and a 6 speed Allison transmission. Put in a roof top a/c unit and get rid of that old one off the back. I’d also get rid of that ugly rack on the back. The truth is unless your into vintage RVing this is just a big money pit, which leads to a narrow group of people that would want it.

    • Bill

      Putting the add-on cab a/c under the passenger seat leaves some foot room for the passenger in these trucks. Interesting idea.
      The kinks in the forward brake line are unique, too. Is that line aluminum?

  11. Richard Gugenberger

    My Dad had a similar camper mounted on a f350 Ford , 4 speed tranny also, no AC , we used it for years camping and hunting , fishing trips lots of fun back then

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  12. TimM

    Who wants to go “vintage camping???” It’s cool but it’s technology from 67!!! Putting the window unit in and out every where you go and did those come with power steering and power brakes??? It would be a plus if they did but if it didn’t it would not be to much fun pulling into a camp site!! Fuel mileage has to be pretty bad too!! To each his own but not my cup of tea!!!

  13. Mountainwoodie

    I hate to admit it but this is peculiarly attractive to me. But the Stars and Bars front license plate is just reinforcing the basic message this rig sends, that someone married their sister and lives in a holler.

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    • Todd Priest


  14. ben Root

    mustang bucket seats nice touch

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