Barn Find Hauler: 32k Mile 1992 Dodge Ram D350

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Pickups come in many shapes and colors, so finding a spotless example with low miles and a rare mix of options is worthy of a closer look. This 1992 Dodge Ram D350 features a single cab, dually axle, Cummins Diesel, and a five-speed manual with just 32,500 original miles. The bodywork is laser straight with no rust and original paint with no clear coat issues, and the truck hails from the dry state of Colorado. The Dodge is barely broken in with those miles on this powertrain, and the single cab with what appears to be the standard bed is a great look. The truck is listed here on eBay with a $28,000 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit a best offer.

The proportions are certainly unique, especially since the dually rear axle is more commonly seen with an extended cab body. That’s just my opinion, of course, as I know you could certainly spec a truck however you want – it’s just that it seems most duallys come with four doors upfront. This screams of being a farm truck, both from the drivetrain and body configuration to the low miles and seemingly gentle use. The term “farm truck” can sometimes mean just what the farmer drove into town on occasion, and this Ram has the kind of mileage that speaks to infrequent use. The rear bumper appears to be askew and a previous owner added plenty of additional illumination out back.

The interior is in excellent condition, and what’s always striking to be about the final years of any model that’s stuck around for ages with minimal updates are the flashes of modernity. In this case, the updated steering wheel looks about ten years newer than the rest of the truck, but this is a scenario that’s been repeated across multiple models and manufacturers. I think of the late E23-series BMW 735, which was the first U.S. model that saw the airbag integrated into the steering wheel, and it was a hideous design – but the rest of the cabin still looked like the same car they sold in 1983. This Dodge may be the quintessential 80s truck inside, but when the interior is this clean, that’s hardly a bad thing. Check out that shifter!

The seller claims it is mechanically excellent, as it starts right up without issue and the manual gearbox shifts smoothly. No mention is made of any recent maintenance, but these trucks are so incredibly hard to kill when equipped with the Cummins that I wouldn’t sweat the details on a low mileage specimen. The seller claims “…this could be the one you’ve been waiting for,” and I would say for fans of the original Dodge Ram D350, that’s probably true. But here’s a question: is the single cab a turn-off for people looking for a heavy-duty truck like this, or is having more than one passenger overrated?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Nice, a real truck before they turned into “RAMS”. It’s a DODGE RAM,,,darnit, so little regard for history today,,sigh, anyway, nice truck, naturally, I don’t believe the mileage, this baby been around the block with a very meticulous owner, and pulled a trailer, to boot. As a resident of Colorado, I wish people would stop claiming “rust free from Colorado”, it just isn’t so. My GMC is a local truck from new, and is far from rust free. I think it’s the lack of humidity that doesn’t encourage total rust outs, but salt is indeed used here, and they don’t spare it. It also doesn’t snow everyday, like you may think it does, requiring daily applications either. Nice find, not AWD will hurt some sales, but will pull just about anything. Even at 132K, it’s still barely broken in.

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  2. Glenn C. SchwassMember

    Nice shape. I’d prefer an automatic for towing but I also miss shifting. Maunuals just aren’t as strong and are hard to find replacements. I had an 89 Chevy and needed a 5 spd. The rebuilt one they found had bad syncros and shifted hard into second…at $2300.

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  3. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking truck! I remember when the Ram truck looked like this. I agree with Glenn C Schwass, for towing, I would prefer automatic. But I also enjoy shifting gears. Nevertheless, for a truck like this, automatic is probably best, particularly for climbing hills towing a trailer.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    When you consider a similar new Ram would cost at least 3 times what the seller is asking, it ain’t such a bad deal!

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  5. TortMember

    Considering the cost of a new diesel dually today this is a bargain and the lack of a crew cab is the only negative. The last brand new truck I purchased was a 1992 Dodge 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive Cummins powered and with a manual transmission. A minimum of 22 mpg pulling a trailer. Great truck and only regret mine was a single cab also.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    This is actually quite a find although I’d have a problem with the asking price. Works on lots of these back in the day. Tough as nails although you’re severely limited in how much power you can get out of the VE injection pump. I might add that if this came my way I would immediately pull the pump and have the updates installed. I had a customer come in one time complaining of rough running. I told him that there were some critical updates that needed to be done. He refused, claiming that he could get a brand new one off Ebay for less than $500. I told him to be careful because that brand new unit probably didn’t have the updates either and it would STILL need them. It did, and he thought he had done the smart thing. He also sold the original pump off his engine, which I did the updates on for the new owner. The “NEW” pump failed miserably. It turned out to be an older unit (’90 and older) and he ended up getting hit twice. Sometimes I just loved taking people’s money…

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  7. WD Hays

    Nice OLD/NEW Dodge Pickup. Wish I had the coin to buy it.

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