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32k Mile Survivor: 1969 Chrysler Town and Country

The Town & Country is mostly remembered for being a large station wagon, but it has also popped up as a 4-door sedan, 2-door hardtop, convertible, and a mini-van. And, in most cases, the T&C had real or imitation woodgrain siding dating back to the 1940s. The 6th generation ran between 1969-73 and was the biggest wagon in the Chrysler Corp. portfolio. This example from ‘69 is a one-family transport that’s said to have just 32,000 miles on the odometer. Located in Santa Barbara, California, this mega-hauler is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $10,700.

In 1969, all Chryslers adopted a fuselage-style design, including the luxurious Town & Country wagon. The T&C used a unitized body and chassis with longitudinal front torsion bars, rear leaf springs, and a 122-inch spread between the front and rear wheels. All T&C’s came with simulated cherry woodgrain side paneling and loads of standard convenience items. Chrysler built 24,516 of the wagons that year out of total production of 260,771.

The seller provides four photos of this ’69 Chrysler, but they’re all the same image, so we don’t get much of a look at this wagon. Besides a low reported mileage, the green paint may have held up okay, but the paneling is showing its age, especially from the driver’s side rear door back. It has a 440 cubic inch V8 paired with a TorqueFlite, so there’s plenty of power available to propel a near 5,000-lb. vehicle. Because the seller doesn’t give us more to assess his ware, we’ve borrowed a couple of photos of a similar T&C that we covered here on Barn Finds last year.


  1. Mark

    Ad says 112K?

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  2. Dave

    Seller doesn’t provide the VIN, but weren’t the dual snorkel air cleaner housings found on the hi-po models? 375 vs. 350 horses.

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    • Steve R

      The picture of the engine was not from the sellers ad, it was added when the story was written.

      The seller is sabotaging himself. One picture and a less than informative description are going to cost him money. If it’s as nice as suggested, it’s a bargain. Someone will likely make the truck from LA to Santa Barbara this weekend and buy it if it’s in good condition, if it’s still listed next week, I’d have more doubts as to its overall condition.

      Steve R

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  3. L.McDonald

    I love old Mopars but this is another great example of the market leaving the less financially secure behind!
    I remember in the 80’s 500 dollars would be spending a lot for one! Many could be had for fifty or one hundred dollars with blown timing chains in far better shape then those now going for more then ten thousand dollars today!
    I am regulated to buying motorhomes and pickups to get my Mopar Fix. In a lot of ways pickups are starting to move out of my affordability range. Motorhomes usually come with a low or free buying price but insane tow bill.

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    • Joe Sewell

      Yep. I recall an elderly neighbor buying an immaculate, low mileage ’73 Newport in 1980 for $600. Not uncommon.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    OK, this is good opportunity for this old goat to spout off about FB Marketplace: I hate it.

    I just can’t understand the logic in posting a car for sale, and then NOT responding to interested buyers. OR, if the seller does respond, the answer is usually one or two words, and there is no elaboration. QUESTION: “Is this a 440, does the car have rust, can I come this weekend to see the car, and do you have a valid title?”. ANSWER: Yes.

    And thus begins an arduous and never-ending stream of messages (if you are lucky enough to have the seller actually respond) to get the specifics you want and arrange a meeting. I give the sellers my phone number, but have never had one seller ever call me. It’s maddening. but it isn’t as bad as my experience with OfferUp, that is even worse .

    What is wrong with people?

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    • Skorzeny

      FB is to be avoided at all costs. Stop using it. That’s how we make garbage like that go away.

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    • Eric B

      LOL ever see the movie Idiocracy? If not, don’t. It’s where we’re headed. This is why I love BAT, at least for seller transparency, communication and presentation. Problem there is that deep pockets infiltrated it a few years ago and they hardly ever feature projects anymore.

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  5. Tom May

    Where did the other pictures come from? The seller says the car has 112,388 miles, not a 32k “survivor”.
    Is the author here confusing cars?

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  6. angliagt angliagt

    I’ve also noticed a lot of misinformation –
    “automatic”,when it’s a manual transmission,
    & “2WD” when it’s 4WD.

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  7. Jay E. Member

    When growing up, friends of mine had this exact car. Used it to tow their boat up the long I-50 pull to Tahoe. Gas mileage was abysmal, but stomp on the gas and she goes “Wahhhhh”. Man, it had power.

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  8. Joe Sewell

    A piss poor ad. Appears to have been ordered and used by some sort of government official. I want to love this car but the horrible ad turns me off.

    Afraid to even phone them as I’ll probably get someone who doesn’t have a clue. I’m on the east coast so it’s not a driveable trip just to check out the car. Could be a scam – I just got scammed by a ‘handyman'(?) recently fired from a landscaping contractor I use. A $190 lesson I absorbed.

    Com’on people….

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  9. ADM

    A woman in my town had a ’69 T & C. She drove down her driveway, across the street, over a stone wall, and straight down, about 10-15 ft. She was OK, and the wagon was repaired. Tough car.

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  10. dadley77

    I agree FB and Offer UP are junk.I just bought a vehicle off Craigslist and had a good experience.

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  11. Don

    To enter a crapshoot on buying a car Craigslist is WAY easier to get scammed not responded back to or flat out get robbed compared to Facebook Marketplace. People are people but you do have much more information about the seller on Facebook Marketplace.

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  12. George Louis

    What is the deal with the dual spotlights? Are these from Unity in Chicago, il? Unity was the Spotlight supplier for Chrysler Corporation for years. I can not tell about the interior pictures for this ride, it appears by the pictures supplied this has a blue interior which would be a real rarity for a vehicle with a green exterior.

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  13. MarkReynolds

    My parents had one of these, and I learned how to drive on it. Parallel parking was a nightmare! Drove the wheels off ours, 120K miles and three teenage drivers before it was retired.
    Too bad about the color, ours was red,

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  14. D.H.

    The Facebook ad says it has 112,000 miles…

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