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33 Years Stored: 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite

Austin Sprite

After being off the road since 1982, this Austin-Healey Sprite is up for sale here on eBay, with bidding currently at $1,100 without a reserve. The car is located in Novi, Michigan. Although this car was originally white, apart from the paint it does appear largely original, with correct underhood appearance and the correct 948cc A-Series engine. Even the side curtains and bumpers are still in place, although the front overriders are missing (available here). The seller is quite detailed with the rust description, although I wish interior photos and closeups of the rusty bits were included. The seller does tell us that the starter turns the engine over freely and that one of the seat bottoms is missing (available here). While some work and money will need to be put into this Bugeye/Frogeye to make it a driver, Sprites are one of the easiest cars in the world to work on and almost anything you need is available. Anyone want to make me green with envy and bid on this one?


  1. David Wright

    Sometimes a car like this can be a trap, looks pretty good on the outside compared with the car that was here for 500.00 a few days ago but it could cost as much to restore as the scruffy looking car only with a much higher entry cost. It takes someone that knows what he is looking at to do a in depth inspection on both cars to compare the cost of restoration. I have done very well over the years with disassembled project cars and scruffy looking projects because the original costs were so low compared with an intact car that needs a lot.

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    • carey Member

      I did a real good inspection about a month or better ago had two legal paper pages of issues as bad as I wanted it I couldn’t justify it. I have enough rusty spits to contend with LOL.

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  2. sunbeamdon

    This is a sucker punch waiting for whomever buys it! The tin worm has won this battle – I agree the $500 version had fewer (although many) surprises in store for the unwary

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  3. Leo

    Biddings at 2400 n some change and its going to go for double that based solely on its surface apperance.. Shame… Ive been involed with Bugeyes for almost 30 years, restored and sold probably the nicest one in the US. I dont consider my self an “expert” on them in no shape or manner BUT this is NOT a car for the faint of heart to attempt a restoration on. It has SERIOUS rust issues and some of them are in very critical areas. Dont be fooled by whats up top on the outside!! This car will eat up time and dollars on just getting the chassis back to a good state. Sills, rockers (inner and outer), a posts (inner and outer), fresh air box/battery tray, (inner and outer metal), floor pans, door bottoms, rear quartes, bonnett corners and beading, rear body beading, oh yea.., dollars are flying out the door.. Definitely check the rear spring boxes before you hand over one red cent!! I will be willing to bet that one if them is seriously in need of structural work done in that area, all the signs are there for a knowledgeable person to see… Much better candidates out there in my opinion

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  4. Robert R. Member

    It appears the green paint is holding this rust bucket together.

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  5. Ian

    I agree chaps,this car looks like it has been in the water to me,definately not for the beginner and,I am willing to bet it is going to go for far more than it is worth,i already see e-bay madness in the bidding.

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  6. jim s

    i see parts car. this has a lot of rust and what looks like body filler on the body behind the rear window. i would love to have the side curtians, complete dash and hood. interesting find

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  7. carey Member

    I have been trying to buy this car for several years .that is until it was dragged from the barn skidding most of the tire’s the owners not being careful forced open the doors not allowing a thought to the froze hinges good by door posts and the same with left hood hinge . and the amount of body filler is hard to explain !!!!!!!!!!!!! the only real part is the owner who is past told me the engine was rebuilt prior to parking??????? the frame and belly pan looks to be in fair condition?i ran and whom ever buys this should really look close , I had a bugeye as a fist car in ca. 50 plus years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess ill go back to my spitfires and gt6s . ive rattled on enough .good luck

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  8. carey Member

    oh and the spot on rear deck is where the roof leaked your right jim paint and filler about 1/4 inch thick thanks

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  9. gunningbar

    Parts car. Too bad.

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  10. jim s

    sold at $4375

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  11. carey Member

    oh well hope whoever is pleased when they get to taking it apart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Mike

    I think I might have owned this car in the mid 60’s!
    I bought mine from a friend n Grand Haven Michigan
    My father and I painted my 59 the same color green.
    Wish I could get a look at the interior.
    My mother reupholstered the seats in a dark gray vinyl.
    Very fond memories of my first car, and yes, full of Bondo!

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Mike, I went into the completed auction listing and pulled this picture in for you. Not much interior left, and it looks black to me, but you’d know best!

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      • Mike

        Jamie, thank you for posting!
        My interior was a shade lighter.
        Same exterior color, with quite a bit of orange peel.
        Happy motoring!

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