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33k Mile 1997 Mazda Miata

Low mileage Miata

One of my buddies laughed at me the other day when I said that Miatas are now considered classics. 1990 doesn’t seem that long ago to some of us, but the Miata is now 25 years old so it qualifies as a classic in many states. That doesn’t mean they are all worth a lot of money. Luckily, they are still the most smiles per dollar sports car you can buy. Low mileage cars are starting to gain some traction among collectors though. We have watched a few sell for close to $10k, so this 33k mile 1997 Miata looks like it could wind up being a bargain here on eBay where bidding is at $5,500 with no reserve and only a day left! The only problem? It’s an automatic…


  1. Avatar photo RichC

    Automatic?? Ewww!

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Yep, not sure why anyone ordered these with an automatic. Sort of defeats the purpose of what the Miata is all about. You haven’t lived until you have rowed through the gears of that excellent transmission!

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      • Avatar photo jim s

        some people buy automatics because they need to convert the vehicle to hand controls. when mazda first came out with the automatic transmission for the miata there was a company that made the conversion kit.

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  2. Avatar photo Turretman1st

    Miatas about the best little sports cars to own from their start to mid 90,s because they were designed to b e worked on by the owner. The shop manuals were complete to the last nut and bolt diss asembly. They were easy to read and understand, with great tips and even complete electrical diagrams anyone could follow .
    They were step by step on any item. There has not been in my findings any like that since the 70’s.
    Just wish at this time since I now have a new home with two garages I could find one I could afford now. Used to refurbish and drive sunbeam alpines.

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  3. Avatar photo sir mike

    something looks wrong to me…sits to high…wrong aftermarket gas shocks maybe?? i work at a mazda dealer and we just had a 1991 in the shop..never modified.. and it sits a lot lower.just me or bad pictures??

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

      The very first thing that struck me about the photos was the ride height, particularly the rear. Certainly appears as though someone installed very high pressure gas shocks. Not a good look, IMO, unless you put on the big knobby tires for a bit of off-roading. ;-)

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    this is for someone who does not want to drive a manual, does not know how to drive a manual and is not willing to learn, and those who can’t drive a manual. the automatics still drive nice but not near as much fun as a manual. converting one to a manual is not easy or cheep. the seller should have detailed the engine area and provide photo of the trunk and underbody. it is no reserve and has bids. nice find

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  5. Avatar photo RickyM

    Automatic? Well, little old ladies should be allowed to drive MX-5 s (Miatas) too ! Nice car.

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  6. Avatar photo A.J.

    Eh, I see the appeal of the MGB but not getting it here. Especially with an auto.

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  7. Avatar photo The Chucker

    The poor Miata. Fans of these will argue with you all day that it isn’t a “girl’s car”. Then one shows up with a slushbox…..and….I…hear…..crickets.

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    • Avatar photo Will

      I agree. Miatas have been a girls car since a couple of months after their introduction. Many examples were sold with automatics for exactly that reason. Call it sexist if you want, but the fact is that the number of women buying a a particular model directly impacts the number produced with automatics.

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  8. Avatar photo Kyle

    Well, I guess all Ferrari’s are now “girl cars” they no longer sell a standard shift on any car.

    Good news, 2015 Miata still has one..

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  9. Avatar photo james g

    would you rather have the lotus elan or the miata the miata was designed off the lotus elan

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