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33K Mile Survivor: 1992 Ford F-150

When it comes to vehicles you simply don’t see in remarkable condition anymore, the base-model Ford F150 – I mean, really base, with a manual transmission and inline-six under the hood – is practically extinct. Yes, many of them are still on the road, but they are in awful shape because they thrive at taking a licking. This 1992 model is a true survivor, listed here on eBay with 33,750 original miles and bidding approaching $8K at the moment.

As you can see, there’s not much to fault on the exterior. The paint is a lovely “Jewel Green Metallic” and shows virtually no signs of any damage. The F150 was optioned with the long bed and duel fuel tanks, making this example equal parts simple and functional. The 4.9L inline-six may not get your heart racing, but it’s also one the most durable engines you can buy in an F150.

Even with under 40,000 miles, that interior is exceptional. It’s tan, for God’s sake – tan interiors simply don’t survive that well, even in vehicles not intended to for use as a work truck. I can only imagine how many single-cab, six-cylinder F150s were used at construction companies and other labor-intensive outfits, thus rendering most examples completely trashed by now.

If I were the seller, I would have detailed the hell out of that engine. It’s a let-down after seeing everything else so minty fresh. Yes, I would have liberally applied Armor All or some other “shine” intensive product, but this truck deserves to look like a show-piece. Bidders aren’t worried, and I’ll be this clears $10K before the auction is over. Find a nicer one!


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice unit! Got a couple of surprises under the hood: a six cylinder, which just isn’t that popular out west. And a basic truck with A-C. I sure won’t turn either one down. This would’ve been a transition period for the A-C. Probably R-134 which worked well–in a system that was designed for it. My ’92 Mercury Topaz had R-134 and it worked fine. However, my ’85 Bronco ran R-12 which blew colder than my ex-wife’s side of the bed. As for this truck, if it came my way, it would be put right to work. I might have a little fun with it on the side. After all, all work and no play makes Geo a grouchy boy…

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  2. Skorzeny

    I don’t even like Fords much but this is fantastic. Great, great motors. And a manual!!! I’m in love…

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  3. Jaydawg7 Jay

    I know of only one & it still belongs to a local volunteer fire department. The only difference between the two are that it’s an extended cab & int/ext colors are both red. It may have fewer miles though.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      I wish I had a spare $8 thousand! This is a beautiful old Ford. Hard to believe it’s 27 years old.

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  4. CapNemo CapNemo

    Nice truck! My all time favorite configuration, standard cab and a long bed. If it was four wheel drive, I’d probably bid on it!

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  5. Chris in Clover

    I’m glad they did not pollute the engine compartment with some aerosol “shine” product. like the cheeseball used car hustlers always do.
    rinse with water and wipe with a rag would be OK, but nothing more…..

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  6. Ken Carney

    Hi Geomechs! Really? Not enough fun?
    Try going 16 years without it. Think that’s why my niece put me on POF last week.
    But you’re right, this truck is awesome!
    Would really like to own it. I’m not really
    sure, but I think this truck is less than 10
    minutes from my house! If the seller is
    from Winter Haven, I’ve seen this truck
    and I can tell you that it’s the real deal,
    nice and clean throughout. He bought it
    off his boss and hardly ever drives it.
    This truck is also equipped with a factory
    4-wheel drive option. If this is the same
    truck, it wouldn’t take much for me to drop by and inspect it for a potential
    buyer. And yes, you could fly in and
    drive it home and save yourself a bundle
    on shipping costs. That’s what I’d do,
    how ’bout you?

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    • Bakyrdhero

      This does not appear to be a 4×4 truck.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Ken. Actually that was a long time ago but I still get good mileage on it. I’ve long since moved on and got something that works. Yeah, the truck and I could become good friends. Tempted as hell but we’re downsizing so we’d have to get rid of a couple of vehicles before we could buy (1) replacement. But some people have all the luck. I was at a guy’s place yesterday and he’s got no less than (3) GMC Suburban Carriers and (9) Chevy Cameos. He’s got the Cameos sown up but he’s looking for a ‘58 GMC. I’d settle for any (1) of them. And he’s got about 15 more highly desirable vehicles. He outgrew one shop so he just expanded it and also added a mezzanine. I hate this guy…

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  7. martin

    That one looks like a part of a special that Ford ran (at least up in Canada) to offer a bare bones low priced truck. They sent a bunch of them out to dealerships and blew them out for very cheap. They were all identical and many if not all were that color. One of the only times you could open a newspaper, see a truck advertised for a low price and go and buy that exact truck.

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      I recall those trucks, they also had an “Enforcer” decal on the bedsides as I recall.

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  8. Dirtymax

    Chevy guy born and raised but have to say this is an awesome bare bones truck. The 4.9 and 5 speed will last forever. I’d love to have it as a dd but already have 2 long bed chevys so guess I dont need another longbox

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  9. Eric

    Fairly certain that this is the same seller/dealer as this XJ a while back. I knew it had been repainted, so I asked the seller about that and they did admit that it had been painted. So, this thing does look amazing, but do your homework and dig if you’re interested. I’ll say there’s no denying that amazing undercarriage and interior. The Cherokee’s dead give away was the incorrect, stupid looking decals. I’m not an expert on these Fords- is that the correct tailgate decal? It doesn’t look right to me just by eye.


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  10. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Unusual to find an F150 of this vintage in such outstanding condition, it’s a beauty. While a little plain, it’s a stick with a bullet-proof engine and A/C. The interior is just stunning, too.

    I’m restoring my ’95 F150 that I’ve had since 1999. It’s an XLT short bed, 2WD, 5-speed and a 302 in Bimini Blue. While a daily driver, I kept it up both mechanically and cosmetically; it was my pride and joy. In 2007, a dope-fiend driving a new car blew a red light and hit my truck on the driver side front. No insurance on the car that hit me and I didn’t have full comprehensive insurance on my truck. The end result was that I was SOL as far as somebody paying for the damage. I had it towed home and let it sit for 12 years, always meaning to get to it but between work and life, nothing happened until I retired.

    It’s in the shop right now as it needs the fuel system cleaned up and started for the first time in 12 years. They’ll go over the mechanicals to replace/refresh whatever is needed, too. I’ve gotten just about everything needed from LMC Truck to put it all back together and a good body shop lined up. I’ve really missed that pickup and can’t wait to get behind the wheel again. Wish me luck, guys!

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    • Sal

      Good luck FordGuy.
      I have a truck like that. 2wd ’94 Ram 1500. Nothing special about mine except for the memories.
      Mine needs paint big time, but the plan is to get to it next year.

      Anyway good luck with the restoration!
      It will be worth it!

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  11. chrlsful

    no 4WD (that’s 4 a short bed anyway) & in MD not Fla.
    I like it, color (needs vinyl & auto tho I’d hafta put an ‘extension’ on this stick) long bed (rd truck). Anything B4 super duty (too big).Hope the cab has leg rm.
    Like the Heep linked too (color, auto).
    Any rig for what I need is great w/these 2 motors !

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    • Tom Van Houten

      It’s fun to see how many “Base” models are saved! I just picked up a 1994 Mustang Base Model, 6 Cylinder 5 speed. 75,000 mi. 1 owner car! Never driven in Winter. It’s was this woman’s summer car only, Base Coupe. Just a real time capsule. I bought it for a song’

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  12. Mood-O

    Has dual gas tanks I see…
    You will need then as the straight 6 is a gas gulper for sure! lol
    I had an ’88 ext cad short bed with this identical drivetrain.
    Always got me to the jobsite and back home never in a hurry though

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  13. cidevco

    I have my doubts about this truck. 33,000 miles and a very dirty engine compartment and Im betting the bed is all beat up the bedliner is too perfect. It is clean as presented but the seller has painted the wheels and rear bumper. The weights and the ball are exactly the same color red flag to me. I believe what we have here is a pig with lipstick on.

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    • KKW

      A pig with lipstick? The engine compartment is dirty? The truck is 27 years old for Lord’s sake. So the rear bumper may have been repainted, no big deal. Did you happen to notice the interior? I’m surprised it even has 33k on it. The truck is basically like new

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    • Eric

      The undercarriage is really what got me. There’s no way to fake that, it’s like new from the factory. Looks like a western truck’s undercarriage. Having said that, this dealer has a history of painting cars.

      Also, a bunch of the latest bidders have zero feedback. Hmmmm

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  14. Bob C.

    These trucks are very durable and tough. I had a 1988 with the six and the 5 speed (M50D sourced from Mazda ). Drove it from 1990 to 2001 and it still ran strong without burning or leaking a drop of oil at 150,000 when I sold it. Only reason I got rid of it? The tin worm.

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    • KKW

      I have a 95 F250, 460, 4wheel drive, 250,000 miles, and never any major issues. And no tin worms. I keep it clean.

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  15. Glenn Schwass Member

    A friend got over 200K on this with the original clutch. Just amazing. My Dad had one but he lived in NH so the winters and rust killed it. but it still ran perfect.

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  16. Wr HALL

    My X Brother in law had an 83? Ford Pu exactly like this. However it didn’t do well after he wrapped around a pole in an ice storm

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  17. Dan

    I used to to own 1991 and 1993 F-150s. The 1991 was a base truck like the featured example, and also had a long bed and the inline-six (bulletproof and loads of torque). The 1993 was a well-optioned XLT with a short bed and the 302. Both had regular cabs and 5-speed manuals. Seeing as the featured truck sold for $10,316, I’m kicking myself for parting with my 1993!

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  18. Roger Rothweiler

    Had this same exact truck except in a 1996. Same color, same interior, same everything except XL in 96 had argent grey bumpers and black plastic mirrors. Drove the hell out of it for years, high geared and got 22-24 mph. Loved it!

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