34 Original Miles! 1992 Dodge Viper Garage Find

This 1992 Dodge Viper may be the nicest original example in existence! It was delivered new to the owner where it was subsequently stored in a climate controlled garage, seeing only 34 miles of use. It is now for sale and can be found here on eBay. Being sold by Private Collection Motors Inc. located in Costa Mesa, California, the car has an asking price of nearly $100,000! You will not believe the originality of this car! Check out more details below.

The car really cleaned up well even though it wasn’t that dirty when it was finally pulled from the garage. It still has the window sticker in the front windshield and even the original tires!

The interior of these cars is certainly not for tall people. When I was a teenager, I was invited to sit in one on a showroom floor. When I finally squeezed down into the driver’s seat, I was looking over the top of the windshield!

When Dodge was developing the Viper, a typical V8 wouldn’t do. After all, this was supposed to be an American “supercar.” The powerplant for the Viper ended up being an 8.0 liter V10 monster which propelled these cars really well with about 400 horsepower. After sitting for so many years, hopefully, the car doesn’t have any major mechanical issues. The ad does say that the gas tank has been drained, the fluids have been changed and all filters replaced.

This really cool car will be a great addition to anyone’s car collection. It could fit in a collection of sports cars, muscle cars, low-mileage cars or pretty much anywhere else. Do you think it will obtain the nearly six-figure asking price?

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  1. Chebby Member

    Looks like it was stashed in an abandoned Mexican restaurant. I’d never think to look there.

    • Dan Almashy

      It looks a little strange to me too, hood is up in from and it opens from the rear?? One close up of the top looks funny too, maybe it was wrecked and then fixed??might explain 34 miles.

      • TW

        The hood pops up in the front first, before tilting forward. This allows the hood to clear both mirrors on the sides. The top was also different specif to the 1992 cars, in addition to the one year specific headlights. I spent a lot of time and drove over 4,800 miles total in one in 1992-1994. Met my wife while driving it !!! Great memories !!!

      • Michael M.

        That’s how those hoods open.

      • Fordfan

        That’s the way they open , open the front then lift up from the windshield end
        Never opened one i have seen it on YouTube

      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        A front-crinkle is a decided possibility. Odd that the “as found” photos are so few, and from select angles only.

        For those who never drove one of this first generation, or any of them before ABS-TC-SC systems were added, the descriptor “wild beasts” is appropriate. They were/are apt to pull the leash out of a driver’s hand and go blasting off in any direction, even when the pilot thought he had a firm grip, and the taming talent to go along. I’d be curious how many Vipers were back to dealers, “requiring a little work” within a short time after delivery, due to that characteristic of the cars.

        I have a few stories…… Those were very good times, from the driver’s seat in the King Snake of the V-10 sports cars.

      • Darryl

        That’s how the Gen 1 Viper hood works

  2. Bakyrdhero Member

    Better ways to spend 100k

  3. JRHaelig

    Umm….is it me, or is the car in the garage actually wrecked??

    Really cool garage, though.

    • Tom Member

      Yes, nice garage. I don’t think it is wrecked. I believe that is how the hood opens on these. I think they, from this open position, tilt forward. Not sure what is where the windows and targa are….maybe plastic to keep the dust out?

  4. Coventrycat

    Always looked like a rolling cartoon car to me. The snakehead logo looked kinda silly compared to an old Cobra emblem.

    • Jaydawg7

      Same. But I fell hard for the 2003 version.

  5. Jamie Pawlicki

    Yep. First pic. If you blow up the pic, it is wrecked. Looks like bought, drove, broke…. that explains the 34 miles. Yes yes?

    • Greg

      No, and no.

  6. Bill Duderstadt

    The first pic is misleading…. it does appear as if there is front end damage….there is NOT!
    That generation Viper hood opened first from the front, then from the cowl(firewall) it tilts forward…. needed to do that to clear the leading edge/lights.

  7. Karen R

    Why is near the windshield painted dark green. It looks like it definitely was in an accident. No thank you. I will stick to my Corvette

    • grant

      I’ve been studying the pics for half an hour to try and figure out what you are talking about. “Area near the windshield painted dark green?” Seriously what? Are you referring to the matte textured portion of the dash? Cause that’s there from the factory to cut reflected glare.

  8. Rob

    Too bad, that was a good place for it.

  9. Natec

    I had an opportunity to drive one of these about 15 years ago, it was stupid fast and handled like it was on rails. I was going to buy this but decided to buy a house instead…..


    I love these cars…every era…just not to 100k.

  11. Jarrod Ron Widiger

    The hood is in this position for long term storage, I also believe that the doors are slightly ajar and the Targa may be loose. This is common to preserve the rubber water seals in these spots otherwise after 25+ years the rubber would get flattened and not seal at all. Whoever stored this did a good job.

  12. Bob McK Member

    Posting only to receive future comments.

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Not necessary, of course…
      There is an option to “Subscribe without commenting” offered at the bottom of each feature. Have used it numerous times when I found the subject interesting, but I personally didn’t have a good comment to make (or the time to add one).

      • Bob McK Member

        Thank you DayDreamBeliever.

  13. Walter

    Bought a lowmilage truck that was stored for 10 years. After driving a few miles front brake caliber seized a little later alternator bearings piled up . Things happen after a car sits with no use .

  14. Craig M Bryda Member

    Very nice car, very ugly wheels !

  15. Jim Benjaminson

    Engineer friend at Chrysler said the car was appropriately named – it was a snake and it could bite you without warning. Way too much vehicle for far too many of the drivers that bought them. I’ve heard some amazing figures on the number of them that were wrecked. I know of one dealer 90 miles from me that took one out of the showroom and just blocks away wrapped it around a tree – killing him.

  16. Healeymonster

    My buddy bought one new and we had some fun for awhile with it but it was not easy to live with. No AC in this early car and the wind would buffet the left side of your head at expressway speeds. Lots of attention though!

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Buying this car means that you are at the mercy of the original owners indiscretion – you can never drive it either unless you don’t care about your investment.

  18. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Just save some cash and go for a later (2006) yellow one, at auction next month with RM/Sotheby’s at Amelia Island. Less than 3000 miles.

    (this link is a maybe… the car is lot number 131, catalog page 64)


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