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34,000 Original Miles? 1976 Buick Skylark


Although it looks a lot like a Chevy Nova, this is actually a Buick Skylark. Apparently it’s been in hiding for a while, as it only has 34,000 original miles! It’s located in Lagrange, Georgia and is listed for sale here on craigslist, with the going price today being only $2,300!


As you can see, the car looks pretty clean and original. I’m hoping there’s little or no rust, since it’s not the most desirable configuration (four door, pretty plain) to most enthusiasts, as I’d like to see this car preserved as the survivor it appears to be. There is what appears to be corrosion on the rear panel right behind the rear window, though.


The chrome certainly looks nice, but there’s something funky going on with the right side of this tail light. I’d be looking for another one. You’ll also want to find the vulnerable plastic filler between the car and the bumper. If it’s not the same as the Nova, you may have to adapt one from it as the Skylark version will be difficult to come up with.


We don’t get a great interior picture, but I’m surprised to see how rippled the dash is and that a steering wheel cover and seat covers are needed considering the low mileage. Certainly not as nice as I’d like to see.


Based on what I can see, though, I don’t think it’s 134,000 miles. I’m guessing the little Buick was stored outside at some point and has suffered sun damage. I couldn’t find anyone that has original type seat covers, so that might mean finding incredibly rare NOS ones or having an upholstery shop get as close as they can. We don’t get an engine picture, unfortunately, and apart from the rear deck patch we don’t get any pictures of any vulnerable rust areas either. So, hopefully, an in person inspection will validate how nice the car is–are you interested in making that inspection?


  1. roselandpete

    I’m glad it has 34k “original” miles. I hate it when people try to sell cars with “unoriginal” miles.

  2. St. Ramone de V8

    Dash pic taken at 65 mph?

    Like 1
    • Howard A Member

      Hi St. you know, I think it could be. The key is on, it’s in drive, and looks like a tree lined road in the reflection on the hood. I wonder what the sales pitch is on that?

    • Jim

      I am always suspicious of mileage on any vehicle with 5 digit speedos, especially those with speedometer or odometer issues like this or misaligned digits.

  3. Mark S

    These were great candidates for the front frame clip to be pulled out and refitted into a custom build on a 30’s to 50’s car. The frame was a bolt on that has everything you needed to upgrade an older car. Trans rear mount, engine mount, front body mount, rad support, front steering, and suspension you could literally pull the body off leaving all mechanical parts in place and refit it into the front of your restomod project. It involves cutting the front half of your project cars frame off of course then fit and weld the clip into place. If this were my car that is exactly what I would do with it. I’d also take the rear axle and rear suspension. A good candidate for to receive these parts would be that fake Delahaye that was on here from the other day you could then sell the Delahaye chase and drive line to a true Delahaye restorer to bankroll the project.

  4. Joe

    Nice car. Missing passenger side front fender trim. Steering wheel and seat covers often used by careful, older owners for protection—don’t assume covers are “needed”! Price is too high–maybe worth $1000+.

  5. kman

    Too many two’s to it.

  6. Woodie Man

    Gimme a break guys! What self respecting geezer would drive this?

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Woodie Man, clearly a handicapped geezer.

    • DA

      Have you ever been to rural GA?

  7. Howard A Member

    This car seems to have an identity crisis. Wiki claims, only the 2 door hatchback and sedan were Skylarks, and the 4 door remained the Apollo. I believe it has original miles, as a handicapped person doesn’t drive much, but the car can show some use. 2 doors would be collectible, a 4 door, like this, would be just a good car to use. Probably has the 231 V-6 ( although, an I-6 and V-8 could be had). Another crazy fact, is these ( 4 doors only) were assembled in Iran, of all places, from ’77 to ’81, although, I doubt we saw any of those here. Just a nice older car, but a Buick in name only, and nicer Buick’s could be had.

    • Bill Owens Bill O Staff

      In 1975, the Apollo changed to Skylark for the 2 doors only; in 1976, they also changed the 4 door to Skylark. My grandfather had a 1976 Skylark 4 door like this, in white as his last car, previously he had a 1970 Skylark 4 door sedan (the larger intermediate) and a sporty looking 1966 Special Deluxe 2 door hardtop.

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why there is a discussion here on a 1976 four door Skylark? I do give the person posting the ad credit for the live speedo shot. Kudos.

    • Tom Member

      AMEN !! I was not even going to comment but I had to thank you for posting what I was thinking! 2 DOORS TOO MANY !!! Post 1971. all done.

  9. Mike D

    sorry to disagree with the group, but a 4 dr would be ideal, most likely it hasn’t been beat on , with the V/8, it still has get up n go easier to get into the back and, couldn’t a 350 be had in these? No, I would not tear it apart , back in the day, the Novas and the like were used as cop cars in an economy based standard . I think the Skylark was avail in 2 &4 dr …

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