348 Tri-Power: 1960 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

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I have never had an issue with someone joining the classic car fraternity by purchasing a car that has been lovingly restored. Tackling a project is not for the faint-hearted, and it takes a big person to admit that such an undertaking is beyond their capabilities. Cars like this 1960 Chevrolet Impala are a perfect example because this is a multi-award-winning vehicle that is looking for a new home. Located in Chestertown, Maryland, the owner has listed the Chevy for sale here on Craigslist. The admission price is not inconsiderable at $59,000, so we need to take a look to see if this is justified. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Jay L for referring the Impala to us.

There is no arguing the fact that the Impala is a striking-looking car. The Bubble Top styling manages to make a large and heavy car look much lighter than it is, and it is easy to see why these are a popular classic. The combination of Roman Red and Ermine White paint helps the cause. The paint is in excellent condition, with no evidence of any marks or scratches. The state of the panels is equally impressive, with no dings and dents and gaps that are tight and consistent. The owner makes no mention of rust, and there is none visible in any of the supplied shots. The trim shines as impressively as the paint, while the glass shows no flaws or faults.

The owner doesn’t specifically mention whether the Impala is numbers-matching, but it does come equipped with a tasty drivetrain combination. There is a 348ci Tri-Power V8 that is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. Point this baby at a ¼-mile, and the journey will be over in 15.7 seconds. Keeping the foot buried to the floor should see the car run out of breath at 123mph. The engine bay presents just as superbly as the exterior, and there are no signs of any long-term fluid leaks or other problems. The owner refers to the 348 as fresh, indicating that it has recently received a rebuild. One thing that surprises me is that he doesn’t indicate how well the Impala runs or drives, but if appearance counts for anything, the news should be positive.

The owner refers to the Impala’s interior as being flawless, and I’m inclined to agree with him on that generally. There is one potential issue that I will mention shortly, but what we can see in this shot looks pretty inviting. The Red and White upholstery on the seats is free from rips, wear, and stains, while the same is true of the carpet. The dash is spotlessly clean, and there is no wear or cracking on the wheel. There have also been no aftermarket additions, with the owner saying that he has restored the entire vehicle to its factory specifications.

This is the only photo that caused me any qualms because I can’t decide whether there are some marks and stains on this door trim or whether it is a trick of the light. I want to get a closer look. If it is nothing but dirty marks, it should be easy to clean. If they are stains, that will be a crying shame. That sort of issue can detract from the overall condition, so we need to cross our fingers there.

If this 1960 Impala Bubble Top is as good as the photos would tend to indicate, that makes it quite a car. If the marks in the picture are a trick of the light, this is a classic that would want for nothing. That brings us to the question of the price. It is possible to find some tidy examples for below $40,000, although it is conceivable that you could pay twice that figure for one with a drivetrain the same as we see in this car. That makes the asking price seem very fair and makes me think that it will be finding its way to a new home shortly.

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  1. Arthell64

    Beautiful car.

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    • bry593

      A numbers matching twin sold on BAT a few weeks ago for $75k if I recall correctly.

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      • David Taylor

        What about speedometer numbers?

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  2. Robert

    I love that 348 engine

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    • Pauld

      We found a 348 Chevy engine with a four barrel carb in the thrash during the 1973 gas crisis. We mounted it and got it running. Sold it to a guy that powered a dump truck with it.

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  3. Steve Clinton

    This Chevy is a beauty, but these days, $59,000 is a drop in the bucket…unfortunately.

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  4. Fred W

    Assuming this is done to a reasonable standard, it would be nearly impossible to buy a BF needing restoration and bring it to this level for $59K unless you did EVERYTHING yourself.

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  5. Jcs

    Beautiful car.

    Nice job today, Adam. Several stellar finds each with an outstanding write-up.

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  6. gbvette62

    60 has always been one of my favorite Chevy’s. When I was a kid my parents had two of them, my mother had a 60 two-tone Suntan Copper & Adobe Beige Kingswood wagon, and my father had a Shadow Gray Biscayne 4 door post (it was a “free” company car). Around 74 I picked up a very clean, black/red gut, 283 Powerglide, 60 Impala convertible (I sold it in 79 to pay to paint my 62 Corvette).

    This car is just about perfect. I love Roman Red (it’s the same color as my 62 Corvette), but if it was mine, I’d lose the skirts and find an original round black dual snorkel air cleaner for it. I’d love to have this car, and Chestertown’s not far from me, but there’s no chance I can convince my wife I need one more car.

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  7. local_sheriff

    It’s really hard to dislike anything about this X-frame but if I had to nit-pick I can’t resist thinking how even cooler it would look wearing one of the other less common ’60 Chev colors. While there’s nothing wrong with a black, white or red X-frame Chev they’re almost everywhere. Considering the seller has this ’60 redone to factory specs it most probably was Roman Red from start so I understand that.

    Personally I think it’d look even sweeter wearing Suntan Copper or Cascade Green with matching upholstery. Just my humble opinion



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  8. 200mph

    Worth it all day long! . . . My ’60 is Horizon Blue.

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  9. JP

    Beautiful Impala! Wish I knew back then what I know now….

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    • TMember

      There are a lot of us out there with a fair of amount years behind us that I am sure could say the same. Memories and maybe some pictures of cars that we once had and wished we had kept them is better than some that never experienced what we had worked on and driven.

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  10. Emilio

    For that much money it should have a supercharged LS but done in such a way it would be completely reversible cause a classic should never be irreparably changed from its original state right?

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    • Jeff

      Don’t change a perfect example of how hot rodding in the 60’s began. I like original performance. If you want to go fast, put an LSX 454 in a Pontiac Solstice!

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  11. Dennt

    Had 3 60’s in recent years ,let the white convertible get away ,but the other 2 the blue and the green hardtops still in the family.

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  12. ACZ

    How sweet it is.

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  13. its1969ok

    A little cluttered looking with the fender skirts, bumper add-ons and shark fin antennas. Takes away from the SS sportiness.

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  14. john Shields

    Was there a ‘fire engine red” paint color around this time for Impala’s ???

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      Yes, this color–Roman Red!

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  15. Gerard Frederick

    I am not a Chevrolet guy, but all things considered, this is an absolute beauty. I´d go as far as to say, it´s beyond criticism.

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    • CraigR

      what he said!!

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  16. Marvin Askins

    Iam a “Blue Oval” fan but this is sweet! I have fond memories of driving my cousin’s White 6 cylinder automatic Sport Coupe when I was 16 from Jersey to Philadelphia.

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  17. Marvin Askins

    Although I am a “Blue Oval” fan this is sweet! I have fond memories of driving my cousin’s 1960 White 6 cylinder automatic Sport Coupe from Jersey to Philadelphia in 1964.

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  18. Walt Monroe

    That 15.7 ET dictates the engine being the 280 hp version of the tri-power option. The 335 hp version was much quicker, often by as much as a second or so. I know, I ran against them often and when I bored mine 1/8 in. upped the c.r by a point,re-jetted my carbs and added headers I consistently broke 14 flat and ran high 13’s often as not. Secondly….is the reproduction air cleaner no longer available? MUST be one on this car if they are!

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  19. Walt Monroe

    That 15.7 ET indicates this is the 280hp version tri-power, The 335hp version was consistently a second or so quicker Is the reproduction air cleaner for these tri-powers no longer available

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  20. Earl Wilson

    Beautiful car Walt. I had the exact car but 283 and three on the tree. I loved that car and everyone wanted to buy it. I sold it only because I got hit be a idiot in a hurry . I still love that look.

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  21. 1Ronald

    Finally a Barn Finds that’s been washed. That’s clean to look at. But wait? Is that $59,000 I’m seeing? And the top doesn’t even move. I’ll also pass on those 3 deuces. A part of then I don’t like. And does anyone want to make a joke about that 4-in-the-floor-and-a-fifth-under-the-seat that I didn’t find funny then and don’t now?

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  22. Mike Wick

    Beautiful car, but I’m still partial to the 59. Much better taillights!!

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  23. Kenn

    “No aftermarket additions..”? Aren’t those three gauges under the dash after market? I don’t recall seeing those on these cars as they came from the factory.

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