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350-Equipped: 1967 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

Like most vehicles, pickups have evolved to the point where modern offerings are pretty refined and comfortable to live with as daily drivers. Older examples will usually be less so, but this 1967 Chevrolet C10 is an exception. Its owner has performed mechanical upgrades that should offer greater refinement and a more user-friendly driving experience while retaining its original character. They feel that the time is right for it to find a new home, so they have listed it for sale here on eBay. Located in Hesperia, California, healthy bidding has pushed the price to $20,000, although this figure remains short of the reserve.

At first glance, this C10 looks like just another older pickup that has earned its keep as a genuine workhorse. When you notice the dropped ride height and wider wheels, you realize there might be more to this beast than meets the eye. Before we tackle the subject of its mechanical configuration, let’s consider its panels and paint. It wears a combination of Glenwood Green and Pure White, which would have looked attractive in 1967. It is careworn today, indicating that this C10 is anything but a trailer queen. Most pickups are destined to live a life of hard labor, and it seems that this one has been no exception. The paint has a significant collection of scratches and chips and is worn through in many places. There’s no doubt that its appearance would benefit from a repaint, although there’s a danger that the C10 may lose its character if the buyer follows that path. The bed continues this theme, although there’s no evidence of the types of damage that might signal a life of abuse. The owner has replaced the badges and emblems, providing a subtle contrast between the past and present. The biggest question with this classic revolves around the subject of rust. There might be some developing in the rockers, although it is hard to know how extensive it may be. I can also spot some in the tailgate, but simple patches might consign those problems to the pages of history. There is plenty of surface corrosion. The buyer will need to choose whether to tackle this and perform a cosmetic refresh or treat it to prevent further deterioration and leave the exterior essentially untouched. The glass looks good, while the wider wheels with narrow whitewall tires add a touch of class.

Buyers in 1967 could choose a couple of engines to slot under the hood of their new C10, and the VIN indicates that this one started life with a V8. It could have been the venerable 283ci motor producing 175hp and 275 ft/lbs of torque. However, the original owner may have found the extra cash to slot in the 327ci producing 220hp and 320 ft/lbs. Regardless of which they selected, it was backed by a manual transmission. Today, that combination is nothing but a distant memory. The seller has followed a tried-and-true path of upgrading the drivetrain to a 350ci small-block, backed by an automatic transmission. The engine’s specifications are unclear, but there’s little doubt that it would offer noticeable increases in power and torque. They added power steering and power brakes, dropped the ride height, and fitted new suspension. These upgrades should make the vehicle easier to operate, making it a viable candidate for a daily driver. The seller currently utilizes the C10 in that role, saying it runs and drives well. This Chevy looks pretty promising if a turnkey classic pickup is on your radar.

The C10’s interior hasn’t escaped the seller’s attention during the build process. There is fresh paint on the dash, combined with a new gauge bezel, glove compartment door, and dash pad. The bench seat wears a new cover, while there is a new mat on the floor and fresh kick panels. One interesting quirk is that although the C10 features an automatic transmission, the clutch pedal remains intact. The buyer will probably choose to remove this. The seller refers to the interior as “new” and mentions that there is a radio. That suggests that this photo may be slightly older because there is a hole in the dash where the factory radio should reside. The door paint is tired and scratched, while the door trims are dirty and worn. If these flaws remain, addressing them would not be difficult or expensive. The buyer could tackle the paint flaws in their workshop, and a pair of door trims will cost under $300. Therefore, the process would be affordable and extremely satisfying. Once complete, the interior would make a positive impact and a striking contrast if the C10’s exterior remains unrestored.

The owner of this 1967 Chevrolet C10 has walked a fine line, and I believe they have walked it well. Its drivetrain upgrades should provide the buyer with greater power and a more user-friendly driving experience, but they have achieved this without compromising its inherent character. I’m sure we will have some readers who will want to refresh its panels and paint, while others will feel that retaining its current appearance would do this classic justice. If I were to buy it, I would probably smooth the few remaining interior flaws but leave the exterior untouched. Do you agree, or do you see other options?


  1. Bill W,

    I love it just the way it is. Might finish the interior. Would add A/C and drive it.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    I don’t get the “lowering” thing,or the crazy asking prices either.
    To me,trucks like this should be used – as a truck.

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  3. Connecticut Mark

    Ruined a nice truck. would never be seen in any truck lowered , or lifted . I like stock and strong and I use my long beds 365 days a year.

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  4. Dave

    I think he nailed the ride height perfect and I really like the wheels, I plan something similar for mine. If you want a stock old truck to haul stuff with then go buy one, this one is too cool

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Took the words right out of my fingers Dave.

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  5. greg

    asking 10X more than the original new price! wish I had kept my 68 but life goes on.

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  6. Joe Haska

    You have to be living under a rock ,if you aren’t aware of the popularity of these C-10’s. For those of you who don’t like lowered trucks, that’s fine ,but it is not really relevant to their popularity. If you don’t like them or don’t want one, no big deal. I don’t comment on cars, I have no interest in or just don’t like.
    Whats the point? It is a value judgement and it is not going to sway any ones opinion.
    Interestingly this truck did not sell. I think that is not a bad thing, not because it is lowered, but from the description and photos, I think it was over priced. When certain vehicles get so popular, the price exceeds what is a fair market value, it is time to put on the brakes.

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  7. Robert

    I think the color of this truck indicates that it once was part of the CA forestry/park service, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve seen a whole lot over the years.

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  8. Mark P

    I had a ’68 C10 long bed with a 250CI and three speed on the floor (converted from 3 on the tree). I had it for 10yrs, never gave me much trouble. Sounded like a school bus. I wasn’t nice to it but it never stopped delivering for me. Memories of not filling the gas tank full in the summer. Tank was in the cab behind the seat and heat would boil the gas out of the filler.

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  9. Heck Dodson Member

    Optimistic pricing for a 67 C10 that needs a repaint and AC and front disc’s Imo. Another nearly $8 grand for that alone, on top of the 20k asking price.

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    • Dave

      Well, someone bought it at 20k+. Not really optimistic at all.

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      • Dale Burton

        Actually $20k was the high bid and it didn’t meet the reserve. The auction ended with a no sale. I guess they bring a lot more in California than the rest of the country.

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      • Heck Dodson Member

        Well, it looks like it didn’t sell this go around. It’s a great year C10 truck and I’m sure it will be sold soon enough. It doesn’t bother me that it’s been lowered at all. Gonna make the next owner very happy.

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  10. Dave Peterson

    For that $$$ I would expect a little more orderly engine compartment with much more power. The lowered stance and wheels are lipstick.

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  11. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    God Da*n right Connecticut Mark!

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