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350 V8 Project: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

The Chevy Camaro was in its sophomore year in 1968, having been introduced to do battle with Ford’s successful Mustang. Changes would be minimal in its second outing, the most noticeable being the addition of side marker lights and the absence of vent windows. New for 1968 and exclusive to the Camaro (for the one year) was the 350 cubic inch V8, which this car has and is said to be numbers matching. This is a project that has yet to get started and will not be one for the faint of heart. Located in Manahawkin, New Jersey, this Camaro is available here on eBay and $4,000 is the current bid.

Just as the earlier Mustangs were compact Falcons under the skin, the Camaro owes much of its heritage to the Chevy II/Nova. That would be the case until the introduction of the second-gen Camaro in 1970. Until the Mustang got big and bloated from 1971 to 73, the Camaro would be #2 in sales. While more than 235,000 Camaro’s were delivered in 1968, for example, Ford would sell 317,000 Mustangs, which was also in a facelift year for ’68. The Camaro Super Sport would account for 30,700 units, of which some 12,500 had the new 350 V8 which produced 295 hp and only cost $210.65 extra.

The seller retrieved this Camaro from a barn four years ago and has done little to it besides get a title and move it around to get at other projects. While the 350 with automatic transmission and 12-bolt rear end are said to be original, most of that stuff is out of the car and presumably complete and waiting to be rebuilt. The worst part here may be the undercarriage, which appears to have largely rusted away in places. For example, there is little left of the trunk floor or the gas tank. The seller says the Camaro will need “about every panel there is” or a donor body might be in order.

If you like a project that will keep you busy for months on end and put a dent in your wallet, this one might be it. The blue Camaro looks to have once had a vinyl top, and the roof is quite rusty where that cover once was. The Chevy had factory air conditioning as the ductwork is all in place in the dashboard, but we don’t know the status of the plumbing. We’re told the full interior is there, surrounded by an assortment of parts that presumably fit the car. Would you attempt to restore this car or look for a candidate in better condition, albeit at a higher acquisition cost?


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Like the man said, “if you have the money and the time you can reincarnate anything”. Don’t see the net worth here.

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    • Avatar photo Robert

      Rust bucket P.O.S. isn’t worth $50 dollars in scrap metal. Some people have a lot of balls to put that garbage on Barn Find and Barn Find should be ashamed of themselves to allow it.

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      • Avatar photo Tyler

        And yet, someone paid $4100 for it…

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  2. Avatar photo CCFisher

    The 350 was introduced and exclusive to the Camaro SS for 1967. In 1968, it was offered in the Nova SS, and in 1969 it was available across the board.

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  3. Avatar photo Frankfurter

    Too rusty for me

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  4. Avatar photo Derek

    That’s knackered. £50.

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  5. Avatar photo Melton Mooney

    I doubt you could get it on jackstands without breaking it in half, and I darned sure wouldn’t crawl under it. Getting a title for this one was a waste of time.

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    • Avatar photo bone

      You dont have to crawl under it, just open the door and look down ! lol

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  6. Avatar photo Tom

    Not worth the effort . No return in the end…

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  7. Avatar photo Big C

    If this was in a barn? They parked it in the one with no roof.

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  8. Avatar photo al8apex

    As already stated above …

    Author states: “New for 1968 and exclusive to the Camaro (for the one year) was the 350 cubic inch V8, which this car has and is said to be numbers matching”
    uhhhh, Russ, old pal, one year off, 1967 was the “Camaro only” debut for the 350 …

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  9. Avatar photo DON

    Someone paid 4Gs for a vin # and matching title

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    • Avatar photo Melton Mooney

      Unfortunately SS is not coded on the cowl tag or in the VIN in ’68, so the tags and title aren’t worth anything…unless you have a stolen car to ‘fix’.

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  10. Avatar photo Mike

    It’s a parts car at best, too far gone for restoration

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  11. Avatar photo bruce baker

    Rusty Can Maro. If you live where salt is used on roads, then paint the under side of your new car with 90 weight gear oil as a rust protection every five years. Steer clear of the brake pads, & rotors if you want to stop the car.

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