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$3,500 Dusty Datsun: 1963 Datsun L320

Datsun pickup fans, here’s another vintage model, this one is a 1963 Datsun L320. It’s older, slower, and in rougher shape than the ’66 L520 that we saw a couple of days ago. You know, the one with the price that didn’t sit well with most of you? This one is cheaper, but not by much: $3,500. It’s located in Redding, California and can be found on Craigslist, or here on the CL archive. Thanks to Fred H. for sending in this submission!

It’s hard to believe that there were small trucks like this Datsun at one time in our history. I guess they aren’t that small compared to the current crop of “small” pickups, it’s not like a Subaru 360 pickup or anything like that. But, the 320 was quite basic. It’s just about perfect for me, pickup-wise, but we all know that I’m.. different…

The seller isn’t giving us any interior photos, but you can see that the condition of this 320 is a little rugged from the photo of the speedometer/odometer showing just under 57,000 miles. It was obviously a red truck that was either painted for pleasure or to preserve the body a bit. It seems to have helped, this truck looks pretty solid to me despite being stored for who knows how long. That info isn’t given, either, but they say that it has “very little rust” and it’s a “complete truck”, which is great news for anyone interested in a restoration project.

You already know which engine is in this truck from the previous photo of the 1200 badge. Datsun even touted their “60 hp” engine with a special badge! This is Nissan’s E-1, 1.2L inline-four with 60 hp. They were incredibly underpowered for any big hauling duties, says Captain Obvious.  This truck will most likely go to a Datsun superfan, one who will restore this truck for its historic significance and it’s fun-factor.


  1. Coventrycat

    Wow, 60 hp deserves it own badge on the fender. Impressive.

  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    Haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid in SoCal. Hope it finds a good home.

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    SIXTY HORSE (whistles), I suppose in Japan, that was something to boast about. We chuckle, but Ford did the same thing on their pickups in the ’30’s. 85 horse isn’t much bigger. This is pure novelty, and is one step up from a Cushman Truckster. Be perfect for a city rig, or update it with a modern engine and 5 speed ( or O/D automatic) but as is, pretty limited use. For this money, I’d rather go with the old ’50’s American pickup. Cool find tho.

  4. Steve M

    I might get flamed from the purists, but this little truck is cool, this is screaming restomod to me. I would love to see a modern Nissan P/U engine in this KA24DE 5 speed, paint and interior…… would have one cool truck.

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  5. Martin Sparkes

    I bought one of those as a winter beater years ago. It suffered from a catastrophic rear main leak and I would throw oil in when I heard the death rattle. One day I was half way through a 30 minute drive when it started to clatter. I had no oil so I kept driving. Eventually it lost power and slowed right down, but I kept my teenage boot to the floor and after a while it sort of picked up steam again. It knocked terribly after that and had zero oil pressure. As it turned out the mains had spun and welded themselves to the crank and I put on quite a few miles like that before I scrapped it.

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  6. SAM61

    The original Bento box. Too bad there wasn’t a step side version of this.

  7. Bill

    So how much does he want for this $1,000 truck?

  8. tommy

    I wonder what the gas in that clear bowl smells like!

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  9. Roach Cleatus Sargum

    Wow this one should be allowed to drive on golf courses and listed as a cart with sixty ponies

  10. Metoo

    Wow! A 1963. This will be sought after. And it does seem workable as a restoration project. As a paraplegic I can only dream of vehicles that are not automatics, sadly. I peruse barn finds, wistfully thinking “if only”. We’re i well heeled I could only restore and flip sticks.

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  11. Metoo

    Wow! A 1963. This will be sought after. And it does seem workable as a restoration project. As a paraplegic I can only dream of vehicles that are not automatics, sadly. I peruse barn finds, wistfully thinking “if only”. We’re i well heeled I could only restore and flip sticks.

    But in the 70’s i used a 72 datsun to haul firewood. Put on heavy duty shocks and 8 ply tires. Picture in your mind what THAT felt like if you drive over so much as a pebble on the road. It rode like a no shocks brick. LOL. Still, it was second only to my F-100 in favorite trucks.

  12. gaspumpchas

    dam sam that’s cool…..somebody do ‘er proud!!!!

  13. Ron Trainor

    WoW is right!!! I once owned a 1959 Sedan. What memories. 4-speed on the column. Had it up to 60 once lol

  14. Sling-A-Trailer

    I think it’s too bad we’ve become so soft we don’t even remember driving these – no power steering, no power brakes and no power “go” either but we got to where we were going. So what if we had to downshift for the hills, it was all part of the experience as was building our arm muscles as we parked them. You had to think more to drive one of these, and that’s never a bad thing. It’s a shame our grand kids will only be transported in electric self driving pods that destroy our sense of adventure, spontaneity and even privacy!

    • Metoo

      And who ever thought the day would come when a stick shift would be the greatest anti-theft device you have?

  15. craftsman12

    I had one a few years ago (30+ years ago in fact !). It was a well-used plumbers truck but that engine was a delight – based, I think, on the BMC A motor but so much better – a smooth-revving little powerhouse, aided by a twin-choke carby.

  16. pat gill

    The engine is a clone of the BMC / MG B series, 1200cc was the smallest version, I would expect an MGB 1800 would slip in, although a USA spec late MGB probably had less than 60hp!

  17. Ca-Ching-A-Trailer

    Not exactly a clone, Datsun failed miserably when it came to including oil leaks, overheating and general unreliability so it was completely a different animal, didn’t leak, overheat or wear itself out quickly.

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