$3500 Tri-Power Four-Speed! 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

Though not claimed to be all-original equipment, this 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix offers a number of hot features guaranteed to increase the heart rate of Pontiac muscle freak. Wish-list equipment includes the 389 engine, Tri-Power induction, four-speed, bucket seats, console, and eight-lug wheels! Thanks to Patrick S. for spotting this Sunshine State classic. Considering the asking price of $3500, what’s not to like about this Grand Prix listed here on Tampa, Florida craigslist?

Original or not, the Tri-Power setup (a trio of two-barrel carburetors) might have been ordered on this Grand Prix with either a 389 or 421 cid V8, making 313 or 370 HP, respectively. Thanks to lov2xlr8.no for some details. Further at odds with the asking price, the car runs and drives, though the seller confesses the brakes do not work, so presumably “drives” describes a willingness to move, not an ability to traverse legal thoroughfares.

The dust and vintage aftermarket gauges render this Pontiac a veritable time capsule, suggesting its driving days ended sometime before 1990. The plastic covers are said to be original. Such protection was popular at the time and often fitted as a dealer-installed option. Why not let space-age plastic protect and entomb your favorite couch or vehicle seats, practically eliminating wear? Anyone thinking about replacing the entire interior with a credit card and “1-800-hot-rod” should seriously reconsider. You’ll see 100 forgettably perfect interiors before you see one that tells a story like this snapshot-in-time.

In addition to the desirable engine and transmission, this Grand Prix also features the upgraded aluminum eight-lug wheels, hubs, and brake drums “that dissipate heat as fast as it an build up under hard braking,” according to Pontiac. Yes it would be great if the engine and transmission came with the car, but for $3500, who cares?

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  1. Emsea

    Wow, yes it is rough but for all the neat stuff the asking price seems reasonable . Fix the brakes and drive this.

  2. Classic Steel

    What a Tri power that’s affordable ?

    That’s just crazy 😜

    Clean up the the interior,fix the drive train (brakes, engine ,tires) , stop the rust but keep patina and drive this four speed eight lug monster to car shows …..

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    what’s not to like? This could be a great cruiser with a little work. Fix it up and enjoy it, that’s what’s supposed to happen IMO.

  4. Poseur Member

    Yup. This ticks all the boxes for an affordable do it yourselffer that can be enjoyed while improving.

    Rekindles my faith in the future of the hobby.

    I’d jump on & in this Poncho if I was nearby.

  5. glen

    A lot cheaper than that toasted ’64 GTO.

  6. Jimmy

    Dang the great deals are always way too far away for me to grab them. I just wish the seller had pushed or drove the car out another 10 feet and took more pictures of the body condition.

  7. Junior

    Thanks for this post. My favorite pontiac.

  8. Karguy James

    This has been on Craigslist here for a while. I wonder why?

    • Steve R

      Why no pictures of areas that are rust prone?

      If local, it’s worth a look, I just wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. I really like these early-60’s full size Pontiac’s, hopefully this one isn’t too far gone.

      Steve R

  9. Pat

    High school friend bought a 63 convertible with same drivetrain with his summer job savings for 500$ in 1969. It was stolen the first week he had it….it was a cool car….:(

    • Dallas

      Neat to have a convertible but it would have had to been a Catalina or Bonneville for 1963 as 1967 was the only year for a factory GP.

  10. Jimmy

    I lived in Florida for a year from 1989 to summer of 1990, I was warned by a friend who had lived there for awhile to be very careful of sellers and contractors there because of northerns moving to Florida then moving back north constantly that they were easy targets by shady businesses. Nothing against the good people of Florida as I met quite a few honest ones.

  11. Joseph

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the story–best find I have seen in a long time…

    Wondering what you mean by the last sentence;” Yes it would be great if the engine and transmission came with the car, but for $3500, who cares?”

    • JamestownMike

      Funny, I was thinking the same exact thing! What I think Todd meant to say is, “Wouldn’t it be great if the engine and transmission were original to the car?”

      • Joseph

        Got it–that makes sense. Thanks.

      • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

        Sorry folks. I meant to say “came with the car on Day One” or “from the factory.” Good to know someone can make sense of my gibberish!

  12. Joseph

    Here is the same car w/o the fuzzy green photo filter, it supposedly was in Montana in April when on EBAY. Leads me to have a bunch of questions.


    • JamestownMike

      Yep, same exact car!

    • PatrickM

      Just looked at your link. Ad has ended. Thanks, anyway.

      • Joseph

        yes, has ended but if you click the photo in the upper left you get to the original EBAY ad. Worth a look if you haven’t been there already. Wonder about the Montana to Tampa FLA trip, or is the FLA ad not real?

      • Steve R

        It seems likely it’s someone trying to get out from under a mistake.

        Steve R

    • Steve R

      Thank you for posting the link.

      It sure looks like the current seller selected his camera angles so it wouldn’t show how rusty this car is. Anyone interested would be wise to price it as a parts car, to protect their interests.

      Steve R

  13. Newport Pagnell

    She’s pretty rusty in those shots.

  14. ACZ

    Had one like this years ago. Paid $25 for it in 1979.

  15. David

    What a nice car in its day. Today it needs a safe place, young developing talent, and some patience to gradually restore

  16. Michael

    Amazing that people like the price but for about another thousand dollars could have it delivered . Then claim its too much very fuzzy logic as a running classic such as this is worth much more and yet so many want it basically in 1980 price ranges … Start the coffee maker there is a lot of awakening to occur….

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