35,500 Miles! 1968 Ford F-100 Survivor


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This truck looks too clean to be real! The seller states that “a lot” of the two-tone paint is original and that they drive it frequently on weekends to shows and flea markets. Appleton, Wisconsin is where this truck currently resides and it’s up for sale here on craigslist for $19,500. I thought that was pretty expensive at first until I really looked the pictures over. Unusually for a craigslist ad, the pictures are pretty good.


The clean lines of the fifth-generation F-series trucks debuted one year before this model in 1967. While trucks were still seen as utilitarian, there were increasing efforts to improve driver comfort throughout this period. Cabs were getting larger and featuring more glass area, and the F-100 was no exception. Two-tone paint, chrome bumpers and body side trim were dress-up features on this particular model.


The narrow white wall tires, white painted wheels and factory stainless steel center caps really add to the look of this truck to me. Ford offered some full size wheel covers for their trucks, but they were generally modified car versions and really reduced the ruggedness of the look. The factory (thanks, Geomechs) mirrors (I think they are aftermarket?) fit the image of a quality work implement perfectly.


I challenge you to find me a better condition original interior than this one. This truck must really have been someone’s toy–either that, or this is a restoration being passed off as a survivor. I thought at first that the black dash top meant it was a replacement, but about half of the pictures I found of original dashes had black tops with other color interiors, so who knows? (Do you? If so, tell us!)


The seller says that some “light detailing” has taken place under hood. While things could still be cleaned up, I’d be pretty happy with it as is. The seller doesn’t specify if this is the 240 or 300 cubic inch version of the inline six, (thanks to Charles H., we now know it’s the 240) but either one is pretty torquey and reliable. Assuming it runs as good as it looks, I wouldn’t change a thing. One great feature of this truck is the overdrive, which makes up for only having a three speed transmission offering relatively quiet highway cruising. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but look what new trucks cost now! A 2016 F-150 XLT with the smallest engine starts at $31,905 (MSRP), and it’s pretty easy to option one up to $50,000. Now how does that price look to you?

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    Mirrors are not aftermarket; they were available as ‘Bright West Coast Mirrors.’ We had a ’67 3/4 ton 4×4 with those, and I later had a ’73 model with the same mirrors. Our ’71 and my ’75 had the ‘Bright Long-arm Mirrors,’ which stuck out an extra six inches–great for when you had a trailer in tow; not so good when a guy driving a rental body job hooked it in a truck stop parking lot. Fortunately he left enough paint that the Highway Patrol caught up with him within a couple of hours…

    This is a great example of what can be found. I’d be tempted to take this one on but it’s out of my budget so I’ll have to pass. Otherwise it would look real good at my place…

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Thanks for the info!

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  2. Charles H.

    According to the engine tag, in the craigslist ad, it is the 240 cu. engine, looks to be more restored to me, but that’s just my opinion.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Thanks, Charles, I’ll change the post appropriately!

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  3. boxdin

    On small trucks like this the mirrors are called “Jr West Coast Mirrors”. On semi trucks they are West Coast Mirrors.

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  4. Frankie

    I had a 68 f100, it had the same black top on the dash. It also had the inline six too, great engine, started right up and purred every time. Love the seats too, lots of cushion for any bumps.

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  5. Matt Tritt

    I’ve never heard of the 240 being put in any of these trucks; just the 300. This must’ve been a really low-end model to come with such a small engine.

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    • Rocco

      The 240 was standard and the 300 an option.

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  6. 63Comet

    The detailing in the engine bay is more than “light.” They’ve done some repainting, so it depends on a person’s definition of “original.” I have a 1974 F100 with 43k miles that is in MN and has never seen a winter yet and the engine bay isn’t that clean (but is original, excepting the battery and, later this summer, a carb kit). All in all, I like the truck a lot but the owner has repainted some things.

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  7. Fred

    The 300 didn’t become the base truck engine until 1978. Up until then, the 240 six was standard and the 300 an extra cost option.

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    • Matt Tritt

      Interesting. I’ve owned a 68 and a 72, both of which had the 300, but this was back in the 80’s. Best engine Ford ever put in a truck (small ones) and still being produced for use in generators and pump applications.

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  8. HoA Howard AMember

    I suppose it’s possible, someone bought this truck and never used it. Certainly doesn’t look like something from Wis. I’ve had several of this style truck and drove several more for various delivery jobs, and they took day after day of city driving. I drove a similar truck for an auto paint company only it had a 302. I have never seen the OD in one of these. That would have been a welcome feature on some of my trucks. Even the control knob on this looks like from an older vehicle. It doesn’t say where the truck came from, but the Montana Sheriff sticker would suggest it came from there, plus the OD, just wasn’t a Wis. feature. These were a dime a dozen back then. Before the foreign trucks kicked in, it was this or Chevy. While the 240/300 engine was a good motor, I’d think a little underpowered for a pickup and a 302 was a better deal. Got about the same mileage and had V-8 power when you needed it. Very cool find.

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