35K Mile 1984 Ford Mustang GT 350

This 1984 Ford Mustang GT 350 is a low-mileage example with the preferred manual transmission. It’s a one-owner car that was a big deal when Ford introduced it as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Mustang. Featuring the iconic namesake of the GT 350, it came with a variety of cosmetic upgrades unique to the model as well as the carbureted 5.0L V8 when paired with the manual transmission. You’ll find it here on eBay with a $10,500 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit a best offer.

Nostalgia is a tricky recipe when trying to figure out what will turn buyers on, and Ford encountered a mixed reaction when pairing an anniversary model with the GT 350 nomenclature. Remember, this Mustang hails from one of the darker eras for muscle cars, and Ford loyalists weren’t entirely thrilled to see how the tribute to an icon like the GT 350 turned out. You could even spec one of these anniversary models with the 2.3L four-cylinder, a real kick in the teeth.

It’s not that this is a bad car – hardly. It’s just that the GT 350 was a monster on the street and on the track, and could easily take more power and abuse. Enthusiasts may have also taken taken umbrage with the emphasis on cosmetic dress-up rather than real performance upgrades, as the only mechanical improvement took the form of the TRX handling package. The interior of this car remains quite sharp, with the package-specific dark red interior.

All GT 350s were Oxford White in color, with special body graphics/striping, fog lights, and a front air dam. This example is the most powerful iteration, with the carbureted 5.0L V8 paired to the manual gearbox, which actually offered a slight edge over automatic examples. The seller notes the automatic top and A/C work great, as does the engine and manual ‘box. No leaks are noted on the top and cruise still works. If $10.5K is too steep, there is the option to submit a best offer.


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Compared to what sellers ask for rusted pile of junk early mustangs this looks nice for the money. Turn key and drive I like it.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Looks like a pretty good four eye Fox Body. Relatively low miles. Preferred drivetrain. Convertible. White/red is a eye-catching combination. If it is nice as it appears, price isn’t out of line. Should make a nice cruiser/ show car for someone.

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  3. Grandpa Loul

    Maybe my favorite year Mustang. Really like the dash on these. This one even has the awesome wheels, too bad of the rare metric sized tires. Too bad Walmart doesn’t market these for $59.99 per tire. They would sell a bunch, and maybe we would see these nifty wheels again like we once did.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      That’s a good point Grandpa. If someone could find a way to make them and sell them cheap they could make a small fortune!

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    • 6t7gta

      I understand that someone is remaking the TRX wheel to fit standard size tires. Does anyone know anything about this?

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      • MrMustang

        Late Model Restoration. http://www.lmr.com

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      • David Fowler

        Yes they are making in Inch size. One of our Mustang club members bought a set and they look the same just inch not metric. You can get the metric tires from Coker but they are pricey. I do not recall who it is but sure a google search would find them.

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    I like this a lot and the buy it now seems reasonable. I don’t remember this anniversary model. I never liked that this era mustang used the same steering wheel and turn/wiper stalks as the Escort and Tempo. The new for 87 Mustang steering wheel also used in the Thunderbird is one of my all time favorites. Anyway nice car, GLWTS

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    Anybody ever watch “Spenser For Hire”? Robert Ulrich. Cool show..He drove a similar car in the series.

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  6. David Blinston


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    • charles Flowers

      Good for somebody!

      Prolly me, cause i was sure thinkin it might be a good add.

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  7. JCA

    That was a good deal gone.

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  8. Bob McK Member

    Good luck to the new owner. You got a good buy.

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  9. MrMustang

    It says “ended” not “sold” so that means no one bought it.

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  10. David Fowler

    I bought the 20th. Ann Mustang from out local dealer. It was a one car per dealer thing. So most actually sold above sticker price some by more than $2,000. Since I was a loyal customer they sold me the hatchback model for less than sticker. Still have the car with over 200,000 miles two teenager drivers and never had the engine out.
    Some trivia on the model. You did get an engraved dash plaque with your name on it. I believe it was 1986 or 87 I got a letter from an attorney in California with a questionnaire about the car. Things like did I know who Caroll Shelby was, did I know where the GT-350 -350 from, did the GT-350 stripes influence my purchase. So I called the attorney and convinced the receptionist to tell me what was up. Pretty much the only thing that Shelby designed on the whole car or came up with was the GT-350 name for the car. He trademarked the stripe. Since trademarks do not ever run out he sued Ford for using them with his consent. So with this info I went to my dealer and asked the parts guy to order me a set of the stripes. When he looked them up he said they were not available and were Last Chance for Return listed. That meant if you had them at the dealer you could return for credit. So I ask him to search the over 5,000 dealers and there wre 25 sets out there. I went to the owner of the dealership and ask if he would give them to me for cost and he told the parts guy to do it. So I have several sets of original NOS Ford GT-350 strip sets. I have sold some of them but still have some. The dealer also gave me the dealership display for the car that had a package of Mustang posters for the Anniversary and also display posters for the car and buttons for the sales people. The only complaint I had with the car was caused by the government 85 mph speedo. I complained to the dealer and they ordered me a Highway Patrol speedo and put in I think 120 mph on it. Our cousin got a new Z-28 same year and the Mustang would eat it alive no contest. I did find a set of the 14″ aluminum wheels that were also offered and still have the metric wheels and a couple NOS Michelin tires. They were the only mfg. for the metric tires.The car was same as the GT offered at the time but had the 1984 1/2 spoiler and different traction bars also. I paid just over $9,000 for mine with pretty much all options. I have driven the 2.3 and it is no slouch with the turbo handled much better. Ford also tossed out the SVO the same year and I have an 85 they would by far out run the V-8 GT models but cost about $10,000 more.

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  11. David Fowler

    In there info on the car they made big statement about being a power top. All Mustangs had power tops and glass rear windows starting in 1971 as far as I know. Also if you want to see a perfect 20th. Ann convertible go to Daniel Carpenter’s facility in Concord, N.C. he is a Fox Body collector. He has a room full of single digit mile cars that have never been dealer prepped. There is a 20th. Ann in there never driven. You cannot just show up and tour it has to be special invitation or be there in April next year for the Mustang celebration at the Mustang Owner’s Museum and Daniel will have his and his dad’s museum open to the public.

  12. Stevieg

    When these were new, my Mom test drove the hatchback version that a dealer had. I soooooo wanted her to get that car! She bought a new Nissan Sentra instead. Boy, was I disappointed lol.

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