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35K Mile Survivor: 1966 Pontiac GTO


The seller of this beautiful black GTO claims that it is a survivor car. They seem honest in their assessment of the car, but they are also a dealer who needs to turn a profit. There is nothing wrong with that, but don’t expect to score a bargain here. Then again, few GTOs show up in this kind of condition with such a long options list. Take a closer look here on eBay and let us know if you think it’s a legitimate survivor. The car is located in Columbus, Ohio and has a BIN price of $59,000. Thanks goes to Jeff A for the tip!


This 1966 Pontiac GTO does have a lot going for it. The black on black color scheme is nice and the 389 Tri-Power V8 under the hood is the preferred Pontiac power-plant. With three two-barrel carburetors, this puppy was good for 360 horsepower and when connected to the optional Muncie 4-speed manual transmission, it provided some real thrills. GM wasn’t supposed to shove such a large engine into their A-body line of cars at the time because of a self-imposed limit of 330 cubic inches, but the engineers found a loophole since the GTO was technically considered an option package for the Tempest. I, for one, am very glad they did!


The seller includes the long list of interior options that were checked by the original owner to make long distance trips more comfortable. See if you can spot any of them in here. The interior is in great condition and is claimed to be original. Apparently there is a hole in the headliner from a pesky rodent, but somehow the rest of the interior escaped its wrath. I would want to hunt around for any other damage though because mice usually like to explore.


We all love original paint and this car is supposedly still wearing most of its factory applied stuff, with exception to the driver’s side door. If all the claims are true here, than this is one special find. The price is at the upper spectrum of GTO Hardtop values though so everything had better check out and it had better run like a dream. The small cosmetic blemishes could be addressed or left alone for now, but either way, I’m sure all those little flaws will be forgotten once you sit in the bucket seat and turn that key…


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    what is that under the glovebox and why are the fender interliners orange? looks like glasspacks which i would replace. if interested, i think it needs a PI , then make an offer. it would be a fun car to daily drive but the price might keep it from daily use. nice find

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    • Avatar photo Carl Beck

      the item under the glovebox is a “Tissue Dispenser” – it held a low profile box of Kleenex. Don’t know if it was a Factory Option – or a Dealer Installed Accessory at the time. It looks like a very nice GTO -if it were a 64 2dr post sedan with the GTO package {lightest weight}…I’d be all over it.

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      • Avatar photo jim s

        thanks. i had forgot about them.

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  2. Avatar photo DRV

    The paint is rubbed very flat like it would be if the car went oxidized with time….I say it’s very original (except the weird red paint and exhaust….you would think a good survivor would make a great driver, but it is a big job keeping it good with no more deterioration….

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  3. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Agree with Carl that if it were a ’64—my favorite year also—it would be a lot more interesting, but it’s still a remarkable car that looks original, altho I think it’s been buffed.

    I’d want to speak to the family it came from to get the facts about its history to see whether the car fits them, assuming the family spokesman comes across as honest. And be sure to get the story about those weird red wheel wells.

    Then talk with an expert on these cars after he looks it over good. Otherwise a big part of that $59K could go up in smoke if the car isn’t what it’s claimed to be since a large part of the value is in the story about the originality.

    Whatever the story & facts turn out to be, those red ‘wells need to go, so the offer would have to take that into account. That’s assuming the red can be gotten rid of without damaging things. Otherwise it’s a deal breaker.

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  4. Avatar photo jim

    Red linings to wheelwells are (plastic) factory options. They stay regardless of personal preferences.

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    • Avatar photo Moxman

      I noticed the red fender liners too and recall that they are a legitimate (and rare) factory option. I’ve read about this option in the past, but forgot what option package it was combined with. Good call, Jim. I would have to get rid of the glass-pack mufflers in favor of Flowmasters, but the rest of the car is great.

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  5. Avatar photo Pete

    The painted red wheel housings are a period thing. I recall seeing similar Pontiacs, possibly in print advertising of the time.
    Here’s another example:

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  6. Avatar photo William Henshaw

    I’ve never seen the fender well liners on a Pontiac before but I’ve seen them on Oldsmobiles of the same vintage. Although the car does look pretty good I think it is priced too high. If I was in the market for a GTO, which I’m not, I would prefer a restored car over a survivor car. I might pay more (not much more) but I’d know exactly what I had. That tissue dispencer is unusual in a GTO, why would someone by a muscle car and have this Grandma inspired dealer accessory installed? Something about this car doesn’t seem right to me, I say let the buyer beware.

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  7. Avatar photo paul

    I do remember the red wells on Oldsmobile 442’s in the same time period as this but the front “skirts” where red in the engine compartment as well, ( top & bottom ) & the tissue dispenser was also common on cars back then, either way, don’t like the red use ” body schutz ” ( undercoat) & it’s gone , don’t like the added on tissue box, take it out. For me the price is high but you don’t find very original very often & to me it looks very straight & the bottom looks like a very original car with no fresh undercoat to hide anything.

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  8. Avatar photo Graham Lloyd

    Nice car but not worth 59 large. Less than half of that would be a stretch. Nicely optioned, but nothing really unusual. A lot of early goats are always for sale. One in similar or better condition wouldn’t be too hard to find for a lot less.

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  9. Avatar photo scott

    Those old school wheel covers (hub caps) styling dates back to the 1955 Chieftain era. Too pricey at $60.000 though.

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  10. Avatar photo David

    It is difficult to tell what options are on the car other than the kleenex holder and a clock. No air conditioning or power windows. I see a couple of switches mounted above the gauge clusters, one of them is probably a fader for rear speaker, and the other might be for a rear defogger but hard to tell. Don’t understand why they would order the red wheel well liners and then go with the poverty caps instead of nicer wheel covers or wheels. I wouldn’t pay 59K for it but the kleenex box could be removed and the caps could be replaced with something nicer without destroying the value of the car.

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  11. Avatar photo John

    Not the original air cleaners or floor mats…..never saw moon caps on a goat, may be correct don’t know for sure…. red plastic liners were rare but factory offered….

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  12. Avatar photo Alfieri

    For the sake of argument, let’s say it is as claimed- a legitimate survivor. Even then, fair market value as others have asserted is about $30K. I smell a quick flip attempt at a $30K profit, nothing illegal about that. He just isn’t getting it from me.

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  13. Avatar photo Don Barzini

    I love almost everything about this GTO except the price. I have followed these cars for years and do not remember seeing a similar car sell for this price. Also, the ad should have included a copy of the PHS documentation as most GTO sellers do.

    PS – How did a mouse get into the headliner above the visor? I’ve seen this on other cars and always wondered why rodents go for the headliner.

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  14. Avatar photo Charles

    The red wheel well liners are a factory option. So are the dog dish wheel covers and the tissue dispenser. 59K is a lot unless the car has great original documentation and PHS documentation.

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  15. Avatar photo DT

    59 thousand dollars,I know what the tissues are for

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    • Avatar photo Joe Howell

      Good one.

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  16. Avatar photo Joe Howell

    I for one am sick of seeing “Dog Dish” or “Poverty ” hubcaps on everything. Most desirable cars never wore them from the factory in the first place or if they did they were the first thing removed or replaced. Why do you think so many are around, cause everybody took them off and stuck them up in the attic or somewhere else out of sight. If you had a dog and were say a Chevy fan, you would maybe feed your dog out of a Ford or Mopar hubcap but never put your own beloved trademark on the floor to be scratched and banged up so you just stashed them away.

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  17. Avatar photo Charles

    Quite a few 60’s muscle cars came with dog dish caps and steel wheels as a base level non-option. Everyone was competing for the lowest price point, and most owners were planning on aftermarket wheels as soon as they got the car home. I have been looking for a nice set of Pontiac dog dishes to run on the trailer that I haul my Trans AM’s on. A nice set goes for $200.00 these days. In the 60’s owners would give them away…

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  18. Avatar photo Jack T

    Of course it’s a survivor — it’s been protected by orange peeled paint. (Check right rear fender photo closely.) Even GM wouldn’t let one go out the door that way.

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  19. Avatar photo Greg
  20. Avatar photo Charles

    A simple respray, good or bad, does not make a car ineligible for survivor status. I have an 86 TA that is very original except for a re-spray of the dark blue due to failure of the water based clear coat. 1986 was the first year water based paints were used, and the clear coats turned cloudy in a few years, even if the cars were stored inside which this one was. The car has 30K actual miles on it, and is still considered as a survivor, even with an obvious repaint. We have seven first place trophy’s to prove it.

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  21. Avatar photo My Info

    The red inner liners came with the ram air package. From what I know. Im betting the hood scoops are open and the ram air pan and original air cleaners are missing.

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