35k Miles: 1972 Detomaso Pantera

The Detomaso Pantera is a collaboration between the US and Italy. More specifically, the styling of an Italian supercar powered by a Ford V8. It’s considered by many to be the first “affordable” mid-engined exotic supercar, for what that’s worth. It’s not often that one comes on the market, but this 1972 Pantera can be found here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida, with around 3 days left before closing and the bidding already over $70,000 at the time of writing.

Approximately 7,000 Panteras were produced over a 20 year run, with about 75% being the first 4 years of production. The one for sale here is the “L” trim, which was the luxury version that was introduced halfway through the 1972 model year. In addition to a few cosmetic and performance upgrades, many of the flaws, quirks, and issues with the prior models were resolved.

The eBay listing doesn’t have any interior or engine bay photos, but there is currently a listing on Hemmings for the same car (listed for $90k) that does include a single photo of each, as well as a photo with the Pantera posed next to a Mercedes-Benz. This gives some perspective on how low these cars really were. The seller acknowledges that the photos make the car better than it actually is, and in the eBay listing there are a few images of some rust, holes, and bubbling paint. Fortunately, underneath the car looks to be in great condition.  You’ll notice the wood behind the rear tire, which tells us the parking brake probably isn’t working correctly.

The engine looks to be pretty clean, which is logical given the protection afforded by its location mid-car as well as the claimed 35k miles. Just a quick detailing should get that engine shined right up! Speaking of which, this is Ford’s Cleveland V8, which is paired with a manual 5-speed transmission. This combo produces 310 horsepower in a 3,100-lb car, meaning it can get up to 70mph in 2nd gear and eventually reach around 150mph. The owner says they have paperwork for a rebuild on the original engine, but don’t elaborate on the specifics.

The interior seems to be in pretty good shape as well, though the photo probably doesn’t do it justice. As far as we can tell, the seats, carpet, dash, and center console all appear to be free of damage. Thankfully, the seller says the A/C is working to keep you hot on the long drives you’d naturally want to take this fun car on! I wish there were more photos to justify the high asking price, but other than the potentially minor rust repair this car appears to be a quality find.


  1. alphasud Member

    Potentially small rust repair could mean extensive rust and structural repairs to the chassis which was a big issue on these. This car sits so high something looks off like the tires aspect ratio or the wheel size. What do others think?

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    • jnard90 jnard90 Member

      Love these! However your cocern about the height being off is correct. It’s too high, yet the wheel and tire specs seem normal. Possibly the suspension is off.

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      • Jeffrey

        After looking at the images of the suspension, it appears that the car still has the spring spacers that were installed on US Spec cars to meet DOT minimum bumper height.

        Remove them and it will sit just right.

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    • WayneS

      Original clearance specifications were 4.7″. This one does look like it has about 5.5″ – 6.5″ of clearance. Comparison to the very large numbers of pictures available on the net, it appears to be in the suspension adjustments if the tire sizes on the car are correct. All kind of mute as it the bidding is closed.

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  2. Gary

    Now there is a car you can’t speed in. Every cop in 10 miles is going to see it and watch it like a hawk. Speed freaks need a nondescript car that no one notices. Entry level four doors in a nice soothing poop brown color are good. Black cars with a high spoiler, are not. You might think your red Ferrari is a great high speed cross country machine, but you would be wrong. I have spoken to more then one constiple over the years . Get a few beers in those bellys and the law enforcement types will expound about how they relish nabbing a bright shiny sports car driver. Cool cars are good to look at, but try to use that performance and you stick out like a sore thumb. Back in my younger days when I wanted to make time, I had good luck in my old Valiant. They blended in well, and no one thought twice that it would be associated with speed. Now, I am not talking Kowalski type speed, but 15-20 MPH over the posted limit. I have only had one speeding ticket in over 60 years behind the wheel. Young people need to learn. Standing out from the crowd is good if you are trying to catch the eye of a pretty girl, but not so good if you are up to no good. Amazing how many people can’t get that idea.

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    • Dave

      That’s why drug runners that haven’t gotten caught drive rental vehicles. Blending in and not attracting attention are key. Equipment violations like burned out head- and tail-lights have led to more than one runner’s demise.

      But, there’s only one word that properly describes a DeTomaso Pantera: sexy!

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      • Bruce

        These are one of the most beautiful cars ever designed and I have driven a few and I absolutely HATE them for anything over 30 miles. It has one of the worst seating positions of any car I have ever been in. Your vision out is worse than my Lotus Esprit Turbo. It goes great, handles well and the brakes are excellent in every one I drove but the seating position was just horrible for me. I am not tall (5′-10″) but it twists you with the positions of the pedals, steering wheel and seat. All necessary to clear those big front wheels but not fun.

        As to RUST many of the interior panels never got any paint on them when they were made just like many other Italian cars and they became rust buckets. These then to be better than some but it is a major concern. There is a good chance the next owner will be doing some major panel replacements and structural work. I have just seen to many of these in terrible condition at the sills and the engine compartment/ interior bulkhead.

        But GOD are they beautiful to look at and and to see moving.

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    • FrankD

      I owned a Red 72 for 6 years. I had problems when I stopped. Most people think it was a Ferrari. Best part of the Pantera if it’s not a rust bucket is the 351 Cleveland engine. Parts are cheap or were cheap! The transmission not so much, worth much more than the engine. The Mangusta had the same tranny flip upside down with a 289 engine. I worked for a friend on weekends who did high end exotic car restorations. He had two customers with Mangustas. Rust was a major problem on one.

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  3. Bunky

    I love these! Especially the early ones like this. Something is fishy though. 35k miles and the engine has been rebuilt ? Hmm.
    The 2×6 behind the wheel is unbelievably tacky for a car of this stature-and price.

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    • John Vincent

      That’s a 4×4 behind the wheel, lol

  4. fran

    I would define this as a barn find: 224737005805 ebay item number.

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  5. John Vincent

    That’s a 4×4 behind the wheel, lol

    • Steve Courchesne

      Still a pile of money John. Enough Pantera’s around Kingwood anyways!

  6. Howie Mueler

    The Ebay and Hemmings ads are a little different, but i guess it sold.

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    • FrankD

      Because it was a deal!

  7. jeff51 Member

    GEE. Hope it didn’t belong to Tim Horton.

  8. t-bone BOB

    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

    Dec 12, 2021
    Starting bid:
    US $99.00
    [ 0 bids ]

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