36 Corvette Barn Finds To Be Given Away!!!

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Way back in 2014, we featured this massive stash of Corvettes that had been discovered in a Manhattan parking garage, you can read our original article here! It was a heck of a story that involved VH1, a nationwide giveaway, and the artist Peter Max. We will get into that story shortly! However, it’s just been announced that the individuals that purchased the cars from the parking garage are planning on giving them away yet again. This time, the proceeds of the giveaway will be donated to the National Guard Educational Foundation. If you’d like to enter for your chance to win, you can do so here at Corvette Heroes. Special thanks to PRA4SNW for this tip!

The cars had been collected and given away by VH1 in October of 1989. The call-in winner was a Dennis Amodeo of Long Island. Shortly after winning the cars, which includes each year of Corvette ranging from 1953 to 1989, Amodeo was contacted by Max about selling the car. Max didn’t have any interest in them as automobiles, rather as moving canvases and an easy way to promote his artwork. Soon a deal was struck for all 36 cars and they were transported to Max’s parking garage in Manhattan. And that’s where they stayed until 2014.

While quite a few people have known about this Corvette Collection pretty much since Max purchased them, they were more or less forgotten by the general public. That was until a group of Corvette fans approached Max about selling the collection. They were eventually able to work a deal with Max to buy the collection and as soon as they began transporting the cars out of the parking garage, the story went public. Since then, the story went cold. None of the cars came to market, so I for one assumed the new owners were just going to hoard them away as Peter Max did. Thankfully, I was very wrong about that!

Instead of just letting them sit, the new owners began restoring them (you can read more about there here on AutoBlog). After sitting for so long in the parking garage, they were all in various states of disrepair. Over the past 5 years, each one has been restored back to their former glory and all are said to be pristine examples of their respective year. They all do appear to be in fantastic shape in their promotional video, which gives us a bit of a hint as to how the owners are going to be recouping their money. While the sweepstakes benefit the NGEF, a deal with History channel was struck to do a show about the cars and the giveaway. It seems like a great way to pay for the collection, the restorations, and support a great organization!

Rather than give all 36 cars to one person, they will be giving each car away individually. You can find more information about each car and some of the finds’ backstory here on Corvette Heroes. So, be sure to take a look at all the great photos and try your luck at winning one of these amazing Corvettes! Which year(s) would you be happy to win?

Auctions Ending Soon



    I got my tickets!

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    • bigdoc

      What’s the promo code?

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  2. Neil G.

    “The Sweepstakes commences on July 1, 2019, at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time and ends on April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time”.

    Barn Finds might want to do a followup reminder first week of April 2020.

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  3. Neil G.

    “The Sweepstakes commences on July 1, 2019, at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time and ends on April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.”

    Barn Finds editor might want to remind us readers the first of April 2020 to get our last minute tickets.

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  4. Beaver

    I got mine I am in love with the 65-66-67 !!!

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  5. Ron

    Slightly confused, are the drawings in process now, or, does all 36 Vets get drawn on April 30,2020? I did buy tickets!

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  6. Pookie Jamie

    I’m confused. Didn’t the gentleman who did the lost corvette own these? And now they’re being given away??? I smell a scam.

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  7. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I’m also confused. If you “give away” a car, then it’s free, right? But if the new owners restored the cars, then that cost a lot of money of course. But if the “proceeds” benefit some charity, then where are the proceeds coming from if the cars are being “given away”?

    Josh, help me out here…I am assuming you don’t mean that the cars are being given away, but rather that the cars are being “raffled off”.

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  8. Andy

    When the original contest ran, I was sure I was going to win and called in to register multiple times (about a buck a call). No luck. About the same time Geraldo Rivera was hyping Al Capone’s secret vault on a TV special. Nothing there either. Kind of felt I was duped on both. Guess it’s the sign of a sore loser. I’ll pass on this contest.

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  9. On and On On and OnMember

    Sounds like everyone needs more dependable information. Josh?

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    • On and On On and OnMember

      I got 5 tickets, seems legit.

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  10. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    Yeah, I can think of several “old sayings” that might make one want to stay clear of this. So many Corvettes out there with great histories, not for free though. This seems shady all the way around. “Congratulations, you’re a winner”!!! 6 months later, still no Corvette. If I’m off base, I’m always partial to a C2.

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  11. Neil G.

    Too bad they don’r allow you to buy tickets and dedicate them to the year of your choice.

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  12. T Mel

    I’m not sure where some of you are smelling a scam. I’ve read all the rules and conditions and it seems very straight forward and very typical of this type of sweepstakes. The drawing for all cars will be on or about May 15, 2020. Donations for tickets are optional. Everyone could choose to enter without making a donation, therefore, it’s possible they theoretically may not collect any funds as part of the sweepstakes and still would legally have to “give away” the cars. I’m sure the owner(s) of the corvettes are getting paid plenty from sponsors and promotional dollars. I wouldn’t worry about them not making money on this. I’m choosing to enter with a donation. Good luck to all.

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  13. Hotroddaddy

    If the 63 is a split window I’ll take that one!

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    • Ron

      The ‘63 in the photo above is quite obviously a convertible with a hard top…

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    • Al

      Hey, we’re going to share restoration & driving this one lol!

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  14. DKW

    I would buy tickets if I could choose the year I was buying for…

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  15. Philip Hall

    The earlier the better for me, 50s or early 60s! Watch out if I enter, been lucky in the past on car drawings. Won a new Audi Q5 4 years ago at grocery store beer company contest with one entry. Thought it a scam until the night I got the keys.

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  16. Ron

    IF, you buy a hundred or two (donation) for the Vets, you can not possibly go wrong no mater what year Vet you win. Resale is always an option to make a buck.
    I received a tax deductible certificate for my “donation” plus my Ticket Numbers.
    I believe this is legit.
    My thanks to T Mel for reading the very fine print!

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    • Philip Hall

      Not sure about tax deduction on a raffle. Check with your accountant before filing.

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  17. Ken NelsonMember

    This site says enter sweepstakes, then the box asks for “promo code” – but doesn’t say exactly what the promo code is – is it the Corvette heroes, or some other name? seems wacky way to enter -WHAT IS THE PROMO CODE FELLAS??
    Is it the Corvette Heroes@sweepstake?
    Or is it the Lost Corvette Giveaway? I’m not gonna enter if I don’t know what the correct PC is – what a crock!

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    • Jeff malyan

      VJ0619C /promo code
      It’s there right in front of you in the Google search!

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  18. Steve

    I looked at some of the pictures of the cars. A couple of them look like they were “restored”. Looks as if restored means washed and got them started. The early to mid-year cars might be worth something but the later ones are not that valuable.

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  19. Dean

    You Oregon posters…well….get a trusted out-of-state relative to enter for you

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  20. lbpa18

    Quite happy to see these were taken care of, most likely going to good homes, and generating income for the NGEF.

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  21. V

    whats a promo code…

    whats the promo code…

    whats the promo code…

    is anyone able to answer this question…

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  22. PRA4SNW

    You don’t need a promo code to enter the sweepstakes. No one here knows one, but it would be nice if someone did. :-)

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Dennis, I have the promo code! It is 1800Leinenkugel. Stay cool, it is smoking hot here Bro. New ragtop yet?

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  23. PRA4SNW

    LOL! Awesome code!
    No ragtop yet, not even looking. Have the wife’s VW up on CL right now.

    Not sure when I’ll have the spare flake for another fun ragtop. The money for the VW goes right into paying for part of the vehicle it is replacing. It’ll happen, though. It’s fun looking!

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  24. Al

    More info guys if haven’t found it already! https://www.contestwingo.com/corvette-heroes-sweepstakes/

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  25. Peter

    Sucks to be Canadian sometimes, not eligible to enter.

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